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  • Twitter "quote box"?

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    In the Twitter bar off to the side, is there a way to include the tweet that Chris Beveridge is replying to? Or somehow link to it? Just scrolling through, its often hard to follow what he's talking about, when he's tweeting to someone in particular. And if they're a prolific poster, its not always practical to just jump over to their Twitter account.

    For example, earlier today he was replying to Belphegor86, and just from his tweets, I have no idea what he's talking about:

    Originally posted by @ChrisBeveridge

    @Belphegor86 We had access to the BD import set. There was a LE DVD set as well that's out of print.

    @Belphegor86 There's no US BD release either for that.

    @Belphegor86 Always best to vote with your wallet.

    @Belphegor86 Oh, I agree. It just becomes a bit of a waiting game. But times continue to change and it is slowly getting better with it.

    @Belphegor86 BD rights for it until they got the second season and acquired it with that. Kadokawa is just a pain in the ass licensor

    @Belphegor86 Usually Kadokawa titles get a BD release a year later. FUN released this back in 2012, which makes me believe they didn't have

    @Belphegor86 At the time, they didn't have BD rights. Kadokawa titles are difficult licenses.
    I'm not on Twitter myself, so I have no idea if that's a practical request or not. But, if it is, having the other correspondents' tweets would be helpful
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    Re: Twitter "quote box"?

    Originally posted by One Vorlon View Post
    I'm not on Twitter myself
    You don't need to be to read Twitter. Just click his name in that box to go to his feed. If you want to see his replies to other users and not just his own tweets, select "Tweets & Replies" on top of the list. If you want to see the other users' tweets that he is replying to, etc., select the "View Conversation" link on the bottom right of the relevant tweets.
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