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  • Loki Season 1 Episode 4 Review

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    https://www.fandompost.com/wp-conten...69-240x273.jpgThere's a lot going on in this episode though it's more loaded in the back half than the front.

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    Re: Loki Season 1, Episode 4

    Hi there, Clifford Hanger back agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn......

    Oops, sorry about that, but that guy should stay away from high places.

    The little Loki (if that is who she is; only the TVA has called her a "Loki", she hasn't) is just adorable, but seeing her go through exactly what Loki did, but as a child, is absolutely horrifying, and fully explains Sylvie's intense desire to blow up the TVA, which is something that surely now resonates with the audience, as the vast majority of us are hardwired to protect children, and to see the TVA abuse her like that stirs up that primal instinct.

    So much happens here: It's great to see Jamie Alexander back as Sif, with it being hysterical that Loki's in a time loop to relive an instant where an outraged Sif punches and kicks Loki in the nuts.

    Owen Wilson just shines here as the "detective" who just can't let it go because he knows somethings off; we have Hunter B-15 shaking off her fanaticism as she realizes the truth. We have Ravonna finally coming out as the bad guy, with both Mobius and Loki getting zapped (!!!!!!!!!), The Timekeepers revealed as nothing more than extras who couldn't make it into Disney's Hall of the Presidents' animatronic lineup, leaving the mystery of who is behind the TVA? Oh, and Loki gets better, as it turns out the zappy thingie actually is a transporter device, as we get the mid-credits scene we've been waiting for, with "Boastful" Loki, "Kid" Loki, Alligator Loki (WTF???) and, awesomely, Richard E. Grant as Classic Loki, looking like he stepped straight out of the 1960s comics.

    Of course, we have mystery after mystery here.

    The big one: Why does the TVA look like a cool sci-fi dream from the 1960s?

    Okay, maybe not. Though there's a REASON for that specific look, that I suspect will be explained at least in part by the question: Who's REALLY running the TVA?

    It's not Ravonna. At least, she didn't start it, as we see that when Sylvie was grabbed, she was simply a Hunter herself. Also, she's lying about forgetting the Nexus Event. There is NO way she forgot it, if she knew it, because we know that allowing her Temp Pad to be stolen would've been a huge, and I mean HUGE, deal. So, the next big question is how much does Ravona know? Did she know the Time Keepers were a fraud show? Or anything else?

    I'm very much enjoying this show, and we've got a lot of fun stuff coming ahead, as we now have the possibility that Mobius (and everyone else zapped) is also alive, as we now have 5 Lokis together in a dystopian, destroyed New York City.
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