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Sometimes I wish I was a moderator...

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  • Sometimes I wish I was a moderator...

    Widgets Magazine
    On THAT forum.
    So I could kick the piece of (bleep) poster off of THAT forum.
    Seriously...I can't stand him.
    All he does is spam,spam,spam,spam,spam,spam,spam,spam,
    He adds nothing to any kind of thread that goes on,
    He never follows any kind of rules,
    Thinks that if he throws tech talk people will think he knows what he's talking about when he clearly doesn't,
    He's nothing more than a friggin attention (bleep).
    I want to kick off THAT forum SO BAD!

    But you guys... you rock...you keep jerks like him off of this forum.
    Keep up the good work.

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    Re: Sometimes I wish I was a moderator...

    And here I thought this was going to be a rant in the other direction! Heh, thanks for the compliment! (And yes, there are a few people we've taken pleasure in removing...)
    -Here, kity, kitty, kitty...
    -Moderator for US region, General anime, Off-topic, Gaming, Manga, and Site news forums


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