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Name Ten Comic Book Superheroes You Know

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  • Name Ten Comic Book Superheroes You Know

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    Non-comic book fans - can you name ten superhero or comic book characters that you know? And I mean people who simply don't/have not ever read comics. We want to know what's reached outside the "niche" industry itself over the years.

    This is in this forum since it doesn't require registration and we're asking outside the forum as well.
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    Re: Name Ten Comic Book Superheroes You Know

    I know about comic book superheroes from movies and TV series so:
    Batman (from Batman the Brave and the Bold, and Dark Knight Trilogy)
    Superman (from TV series that I don't remember)
    Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl (from Justice League animated series)
    Teen Titans members (from the anime-esque animated series)


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      Re: Name Ten Comic Book Superheroes You Know

      I'm not a comic book fan (never read them growing up), but it's probably not too hard to name 10, with all of the comic book movie adaptations of recent years.

      Spiderman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin, Captain America, The Green Lantern, Iron Man, The Flash, Aquaman.
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        Re: Name Ten Comic Book Superheroes You Know

        I guess I'll play, seeing as my knowledge of American comics is bare-bones at best. And I haven't seen many movies based on American comics either.

        Ten comic book heroes, as I can recall them:
        • Batman
        • Superman
        • Spiderman
        • Wolverine
        • Jean Grey
        • Hal Jordan/The Green Lantern
        • Wonder Woman
        • The Incredible Hulk
        • Captain America
        • Starfire

        After the first five, I had to really think about it, and those were the first ones I could dig up from my memory.
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          Re: Name Ten Comic Book Superheroes You Know

          I think I may have read a few select issues years ago, but never really got into comics. I think things like starting universes over, stories being spread across multiple series, and just the fact I already split my money far enough doesn't help. Although I have been watching cartoons based on Super Heroes and have seen some review shows based on comic books. In any case, ten super heroes that come to mind?

          Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Starfire, Raven, Wonderman, Hulk, Wolverine, Jubilee, Robin, and others. I tried to stick with people I've experienced through cartoons. Could probably throw in people from Young Justice, Justice League, Teen Titans, and so forth. Hmm, I wonder if the Wonder Twins were in the comics.
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            Re: Name Ten Comic Book Superheroes You Know

            Some of my favourites, in no particular order:

            The Flash
            Green Arrow
            Black Canary
            The Question
            The Spectre
            Dr. Fate

            I think these days you can be quite the fan of Super-heroics without reading comics, its just like being an anime fan that doesn't read manga.
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              Re: Name Ten Comic Book Superheroes You Know

              I'm pretty sure anything that has had a movie falls outside of the niche at this point. Heck most of the characters in the Marvel vs. Capcom video game series would also fall outside of the normal niche.
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                Re: Name Ten Comic Book Superheroes You Know

                So this only applies to non-comic book fans? Darn I'll post anyway plus I only got back into them not too long ago. At least ten I like.

                Blue Beetle
                Power Girl
                Nico Minoru
                Molly Hayes
                Static Shock

                I mention Darkwing Duck, but he didn't start out as a comic book superhero. Plus his series sadly canceled recently.


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                  Re: Name Ten Comic Book Superheroes You Know

                  As someone who's read things like Archie and Richie Rich when I was young, I can probably take a stab at this. Numbers are only for my counting, not for any sort of preference:

                  1. Superman
                  2. Spiderman
                  3. Batman
                  4. Robin
                  5. The Hulk (And it's already starting to get tougher for me.)
                  6. Wolverine
                  7. Umm... uhh... Wonder Woman
                  8. ....I'm done. Can't get any more; sorry.
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                    Re: Name Ten Comic Book Superheroes You Know

                    I've never read comic books, but I bet I can name 10:

                    1) Batman
                    2) Spiderman
                    3) Captain America
                    4) The Green Lantern
                    5) Iron Man
                    6) Wolverine
                    7) The Incredible Hulk
                    8) Wonder Woman
                    9) Superman
                    10) ...okay, I'm drawing a blank for a #10

                    So I could only come up with 9 overall. Still not too bad considering that I don't have an interest in comics, and haven't really followed things like that. I've seen a few of the Hollywood movies, though, and some of them weren't too bad.
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                      Re: Name Ten Comic Book Superheroes You Know

                      The last comic book I read was when I was 12 so I think I may qualify.

                      So without reading any previous posts (and ignoring variations), here are, in order, the first ones that come to mind:

                      Superman, Batman, Archie, Wonder Woman, the Punisher, Beast, Aquaman, Rogue, Professor X, & Spiderman.

                      I confess I did watch the first X-Man movie, the first Spiderman, a couple of the earlier Batman films (plus episodes of the original TV series), and the Superman movies with Christopher Reed (and the B&W TV series). A fact that no doubt made me aware of certain superheroes. And maybe some other older stuff as a child, but I don't remember.
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                        Re: Name Ten Comic Book Superheroes You Know

                        I've read comics before but was never a hardcore fan. I've read a bit of Marvel but steadily lost interest. Pretty much the only comics I've read in the later years before I stopped were Archie comics and The Punisher, the latter mainly because I couldn't find it anymore. I haven't read all of the ones from the following list but it was pretty easy coming up with 10 characters especially with all the superhero movies that have come out. I know some of the more obscure characters but this is a list that's probably closer to what I'd come up with if I'd never read a comic.

                        1. Batman
                        2. Superman
                        3. Wolverine
                        4. Frank Castle
                        5. Archie
                        6. Spiderman
                        7. Iron Man
                        8. Thor
                        9. Hulk
                        10. Ghost Rider
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