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    Hey everyone,

    I recently moved across country and need to take many more long plane trips than before. I have a laptop with a 2.75 hour battery life or so, however it tends to die rather quick while watching movies. It's also a slightly bulky but useful machine.

    I definitely would like a portable DVD player that has a long batter life of 6-8 hours. A dual headphone jack would be nice, but I could do just fine with a splitter separately.

    This is the model I was looking at:

    I seem to gravitate towards the dual player vs. something like an iPad because I have so much physical media, and don't mind throwing a 30 cd wallet in my bag as I tend to travel light.

    Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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    Most wanted anime licenses: Kodomo No Omocha, Pumpkin Wine, Maison Ikkoku Movie/OVA, Tokimeki Tonight, Nurse Angel Ririka SOS, Windaria, End of Summer
    Most wanted live action Blu-Ray releases: Blood Beach (1980), Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977), Malibu Bikini Shop (1986), Streets of Fire (1984), Dead of Night (1945)

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    Re: Portable DVD player

    I've recently received this very player as a gift, but as a region free model (Google the model with the words "region free" or "codefree" added), and it is very nice. It has a dual headphone jack, as you want, is not too bulky to hold yet still has a decent screen size, and seems to play for quite a while on its charge; it also comes with cables, chargers, and a remote. I haven't yet tested its time limit through its charge, but it easily played throughout a 2.5 hour car ride, and after being put aside for a few weeks, readily played a half-hour episode (on a disk that was sketchy on another player). I don't know how much longer it might have continued because I charged it then in preparation for a cross-country flight by a family member (she hasn't returned yet with a report), but it seems like it might fit your needs well. The region free model seems to retail for about double the price Amazon listed for the region 1 model, at least according to Google, but for me it was a gift specifically as a region free player; I don't know if that feature is something you want, but you should know it's available.
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