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    Re: What's your set-up like?

    OK, thanks for the explanation. I'll probably just use H1. All my components go through my AVR. I don't have anything directly hooked to the TV other than the AVR monitor out, plus with my eyesight, I don't know if I could tell the difference anyway.
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      Re: What's your set-up like?

      Originally posted by chronoclast View Post
      Panasonic 60" ST30 1080p Plasma
      Playstation 3 Slim 120GB
      Denon AVR-X1000 5.1 Receiver
      Polk Monitor Series II 70 (2) Front Speakers
      Polk Monitor Series II CS2 Center Speaker
      Polk Monitor Series II 30 (2) Surround Speakers
      BIC America F12 Subwoofer
      Panasonic 60" ST30 1080p Plasma
      Ideal-Lume Bias Light
      Lumagen Radiance 2020 Video Processor
      Oppo BDP-103 Blu-ray Player
      Playstation 3 Slim 120GB
      Marantz CD5004 CD Player
      Marantz SR7008 9.2 AV Receiver
      Polk Monitor Series II 70 (2) Front Speakers
      Polk Monitor Series II CS2 Center Speaker
      Polk Monitor Series II 30 (4) Surround/Rear Speakers
      BIC America F12 Dual Subwoofers

      729 point calibration on the Lumagen done by myself using Chromapure 2.5.5 with Advanced Auto Calibration and i1 Display 3 Pro Colorimeter. I had calibrated the TV before but it's controls are very limited (just 2 point white balance and gamma presets) so the Lumagen made a big improvement there, particularly in smoothing out the gamma and of course the CMS.

      The Lumagen's learning curve is kinda ridiculous but it was so worth it. It's improved the PQ for everything I've thrown at it.
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        Re: What's your set-up like?

        My old Pioneer receiver (VSX-818V) finally died last week and that gave me the excuse to pick up a new receiver.

        My setup:

        LCD TV: 46" 1080p Toshiba REGZA 46RV530U
        BD/DVD: Playstation 3 (250GB)
        Receiver: Onkyo TX-SR333
        5.1 Speakers: JBL SCS500.5
        Subwoofer: JBL SUB500
        VCR: Sharp VC-A410


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          Time to update my system set-up once again!

          After working flawlessly for over ten years, the DLP unit in my old 61" Samsung rear projection TV finally started to fail and I ended up with sooooo many white spots on the TV it looked like it had terminal dandruff! So I've now joined the rest of humanity with a modern 4K flat screen buying the second best 65" TV of 2016. A 65" Samsung UN65KS8000 along with a new modern TV stand and full 14 AWG oxygen free cabling while I was at it.
          So here's the new set-up:

          Samsung, 65" UN65KS8000 4K TV
          LG BD620C Blu Ray Player
          Sony BDPS350 Blu Ray Player
          Sony DVPNS67 DVD Player
          Sony SLVN99 VCR
          Sony SLV975 VCR

          Denon AVR 789 7.1 Dolby True HD, DTS HD Master Receiver
          Paradigm Mini-Monitor (2) Main L/R Speakers
          Paradigm CC-350 Center Channel Speaker
          Paradigm ADP-170 Dipole Surround (2) Side Speakers
          Paradigm ADP-190 Monopole Surround Rear Speaker
          Paradigm PS-1000 Sub-Woofer

          It's a wonderful home theatre system that does everything that I presently need it to do. The new 65" Samsung is super bright and super sharp and if or when I graduate to full 4K HDR I have a set that can actually handle and process the metadata. Unlike a lot of cheaper 4K sets that can accept HDR but are unable to really do anything with it!

          As for my receiver it's old and can't pass through HDMI 2.0 but otherwise it's still superb at doing a very good job of processing lossless 7.1 high definition audio which is all I need at the present moment. And the Paradigm speakers are still exceptionally smooth and neutral sounding while the sub woofer still rattles the front door handles which is what counts.

          Until the advent of affordable 4K players and discs not to mention either 9.2 or 11.2 affordable receivers with a new generation of add on speakers to go with them? I have everything I currently need for at least the next couple of years.

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