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    Long time, no see. I was pretty active with this group a decade ago when it was under another forum, starting with AnimeOnDVD, but had only been occasionally lurking for half a decade or more.

    I'm not getting out of the hobby, but I do need to slim down my possessions. Also, a lot of what I want to sell was for sale at a local annual anime convention, which is why I have a lot of sealed items.

    I don't have prices set yet. I will consider reasonable offers. I take PayPal. I can accept a credit card payment outside of PayPal, and I can accept a money order or cashier's check payable in US dollars.

    I am in the US. I can ship USPS or UPS. I am willing to ship outside the US but the buyer would need to pay any customs fees, duties and taxes may be charged. I'll charge at-cost for shipping, and I pack well.

    Please note that this is a trial balloon, this listing might represent a tenth of what I might eventually try to sell. I may end up shifting these to eBay as time permits.

    Here's a picture gallery of a lot of what I do hope to sell, what's left of my convention sale stock:
    Most of these are in their original retail sealed wrapping.

    Initial VERY incomplete list:

    Most Blu-Ray and DVDs are in great condition. For most box sets, I only cut the wrapper on the open face, leaving the rest of the wrapper to protect the box.

    Genshiken Second Generation Premium Edition w/ chipboard box. NISA, watched

    Ah! My Goddess The Movie DTS, Geneon, NEW SEALED
    Cowboy Bebob Remix, Bandai Anime Legends, NEW SEALED
    Daphne in the Briliant Blue Collection 1 Sentai, NEW SEALED
    Daphne in the Briliant Blue Collection 2 Sentai, NEW SEALED
    Daphne in the Briliant Blue, 1-7, Geneon, no box, watched
    Daphne in the Briliant Blue 2, Geneon, NEW SEALED
    Genshiken 2, 3 disk box, Animeworks, paperstock box, watched
    Kujibiki Unbalance + Genshiken OVA 1, 3 disk box set, Animeworks in thick paperstock box, watched
    Listen To Me Girls, I Am Your Father, Sentai, watched
    Maria Watches Over Us Season One, Chipboard Box 4 disks, Thinpak, Nozomi/Right Stuf, NEW SEALED
    Planetes Complete Collection, Bandai NEW SEALED
    Sola, Bandai Anime Legends, NEW SEALED
    Wolf's Rain, Bandai Anime Legends, NEW SEALED
    Witch Hunter Robin, Bandai Anime Legends, NEW SEALED

    I take good care of my manga, most are in good condition, I don't "break" the spine, don't store in sunlight and don't let covers or pages get warped. The paper may still exhibit yellowing due to age.
    Accel World 1, read, Yen Press good condition
    Ani-Imo 1, read, good condition
    Ani-Imo 2, read, some scratches on the back cover, otherwise good
    Dance in the Vampire Bund 10, Seven Seas accidental duplicate purchase, good condition
    Great Teacher Onizuka 1, 4, 13, 15, 18, 22 TOKOYPOP, read, most good condition, #1 has some damage to the bottom end of the spine.
    My Neighbor Seki 1, Vertical, good condition
    My Neighbor Seki 2, Vertical, good condition
    Oreimo Kuroneko Complete Set (1-6) Dark Horse, read, good condition

    Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi capsule figure set, Yujin, all in boxes that were bundled with the individual DVD volumes. DVDs not included. Aoi, Chika, Tina, Taeko, Mayu are represented in the set. The standing figures are about 3" or so tall. (see imgur gallery)

    Hellboy Capsule Toy Sets, Tomy Yujin, 2004, tie-in with 2004 movie. A set represents Hellboy, Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman, Rasputin & Kroenen. Each figure stands about 1" tall. (see imgur gallery)
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