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Kodansha Comics / Vertical '14 panels

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  • Kodansha Comics / Vertical '14 panels

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    Friday, October 10, 2014
    - Yen Press Industry Panel | 1:15pm - 2:00pm

    Saturday, October 11, 2014
    - Vertical Manga 2014 | 5:15pm - 6:00pm

    Sunday, October 12, 2014
    - Kodansha Comics | 2:00pm - 2:45pm
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    Re: Kodansha Comics / Vertical / Yen Press '14 panels

    From yesterday <goofed up on thread title - didn't include Yen Press>.

    @yenpress is republishing EMMA by Kaoru Mori!!! #NYCC14 - long out of print, Emma returns as 2-vol hardcover omnibuses in 2015
    [email protected] at #NYCC14 - "is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?" manga - "hilarious fantasy farce"
    [email protected] at #NYCC14 - "a certain magical index" manga - "science & magic explode!"
    [email protected] at #NYCC14 - trinity seven - "high school romcom meets high stakes magical drama"
    [email protected] at #NYCC14 - Chaika the Coffin Princess - a coffin-wielding sorceress leaves peacetime in pieces"
    [email protected] at #NYCC14 - First Love Monster - a teen girl confesses her love to a boy that she finds is a 5th grader
    [email protected] at #NYCC14 "Prison School" by Akira Hiramoto (me & the devil blues) wicked high school comedy
    [email protected] at #NYCC14 "Alice in Murderland" by Kaori Yuki (Godchild) murderous mayhem at a rich family's tea party


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      Re: Kodansha Comics / Vertical / Yen Press '14 panels

      Vertical Inc. Debuts New Comics Line at New York Comic Con 2014

      Oct 11, 2014

      Vertical Inc., a New York City publisher specializing in Japanese prose works and manga, announced plans to launch Vertical Comics, a new imprint focused solely on manga and anime-related titles, at New York Comic Con. The new imprint will allow the Vertical Inc. imprint to focus on contemporary genre fiction and nonfiction prose works.

      Vertical marketing director Ed Chavez said beginning in the fall Vertical Comics will publish about 20 new manga titles over the next year, including seven new properties. The line will eventually expand to 30 to 40 manga and anime-oriented titles a year. Chavez said that the Vertical Inc. main corporate brand will “revert its focus back to prose works in crime fiction, fantasy and science fiction.”

      Chavez said, “we published a lot of manga the last few years.” While the expansion of manga publishing “has done well,” the company believes it has also confused the marketplace and changed the overall perception of Vertical Inc. While Vertical has continued to publish critically acclaimed Japanese prose works, Chavez said “there’s been a shift in the image of the company. It’s not a negative image but the growth of our manga publishing has diluted the company’s brand. It’s getting tougher to get the word out about our prose fiction.”

      Chavez said, “We want to make sure our readers from the past can come back and see that Vertical isn’t entirely devoted to comics.” The new imprint will be announced today at the Vertical Inc. panel at New York Comic Con.

      Although most of Vertical’s manga titles are available in digital formats, they are not necessarily released via Vertical. Chavez explained that most of its manga is available via digital licenses from other U.S. publishers. The Tezuka estate has given digital licenses to Digital Manga Publishing and other houses, while Square Enix, a major licensor of Japanese manga, has a digital deal with Yen Press. Even Kodansha, Vertical's parent company, offers many of the manga Vertical publishes via Crunchyroll, the online streaming service for anime and manga titles.

      “We license from a wide variety of Japanese publishers and some of them already have digital deals in the U.S.," he said. All of Vertical Comics manga titles will be available in digital, Chavez said, “but that's determined on a title by title basis.”

      Vertical Inc was launched in 2003 as an independent publisher focused on edgy contemporary Japanese prose literature in English translations. The house published such authors as mystery novelist Keigo Higashino (Naoko) and horror master Koji Suzuki, author of the popular Ring trilogy. Shortly afterwards the house began publishing classic manga titles including works by such legendary manga authors as Osamu Tezuka and Keiko Takemiya. Beginning around 2007 they began focusing on contemporary manga. In 2011 the giant Japanese manga house Kodansha and the giant printer Dai Nippon, each acquired equal stakes in the independent publishing house.

      In addition to launching Vertical Comics, Vertical inc. will also step up its publishing of Light Novels, short, fast-paced inexpensive prose works that are often used as the basis for creating anime. The books are hugely popular in Japan and are beginning to pick up more fans in North America.


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        Re: Kodansha Comics / Vertical / Yen Press '14 panels

        [email protected]_Ed at #NYCC14 - light novel: attack on Titan: Before the Fall Kyklo - new prequel arc 2-in-1 vol sum 2015
        [email protected]_Ed at #NYCC14 - Light novel Attack on Titan: Harsh Mistress of the City ryo Kawakami, illust. Range Murata
        [email protected]_Ed at #NYCC14 Attack on Titan: Harsh Mistress of the City light novel will be out in fall 2015.
        [email protected]_Ed at #NYCC14 - new imprint: Vertical Comics, to separate vertical's comics & prose publishing efforts


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          Re: Kodansha Comics / Vertical / Yen Press '14 panels

          [email protected] at #NYCC14 - inuyashiki by Hiroya Oku (GANTZ) - "mind-bending sci-fi" "2015
          [email protected] at #NYCC14 - FAIRY TAIL: Blue Mistral by Rui Watanabe -new Fairy Tail spinoff, serialized in shojo mag Nakayoshi - 2015
          [email protected] at #NYCC14 - Tsubasa: WoRLD CHRoNiCLE by CLAMP - new stories tie into xxxHolic Rei storyline too. 2015 debut
          @KodanshaUSA at #NYCC14 - L♥DK by Ayu Watanabe: new romance, an 'ice prince' type who turns down all girls ends up moving in w/ his neighbor


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