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Holy Crap! It’s Our 20th Anniversary Today!

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  • Holy Crap! It’s Our 20th Anniversary Today!

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    Twenty years ago this week I set up my first HTML pages on the meager space given to users on Netcom and started talking about the DVD format and what few releases had come out at that point. Which was almost nothing as the early days of DVD was limited to hardware being sold in […]

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    Congrats on 20 years Chris!
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      I'm pretty sure I was first pointed to Anime on DVD by the "Last Exit Before Toll" column on the Anime Web Turnpike (and as I mention that, I wonder how many other people will get anything from it...) At the time, I was in university, going to the once-a-month showings of the anime club there (they expanded from Friday nights to include Saturdays in the four years of the 1990s I was there), and not thinking that much about being able to afford anime of my own, much less manga. As much as I'll admit the first few years of looking at this site's first incarnation had me half-convinced it was simply impossible to encode animation onto a DVD and have it turn out all right (save for whatever the considerable prices of "R2 discs" apparently managed to do), I've long appreciated the general positivity of the community here towards many series themselves.

      I made the transition from Anime on DVD to the "Mania" years and from there to the apparent broadening of scope of "The Fandom Post" (even as I have to admit to staying focused on anime on manga), aware that if I want "more" opinions I'd have to look elsewhere and maybe sign up for more online services. Still, I am hoping that however many of us are here can continue on for a while yet.


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        20 years? Damn, it doesn't feel like it, congrats! (Now I'm wondering how many of those 20 years I've been here...) I admit that I've been in-and-out with anime as of late, but it's not from burnout, just video games forcing their way back in. (Collecting things like Saturn games really eats up spare finances.) I keep my Crunchyroll membership, but my Got Anime lapsed. (Nothing against Shawne or tRSi, it's just my finances.) Games may have taken me over for now, but my love is still there. I've seen lots of friends myself here come and go, and it's kinda sad thinking about it. But I do also remember things like the Anipike...
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          Congrats! That's about the same time as I got into anime. But I was 6... I've been part of your world for pretty much the latter half of its history, and it has long been home. I hope it sticks around for many more.
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            I didn't realize that this community existed for this long, but nevertheless congrats on making it 20 years. While I had been around since it was Anime on DVD, I had since forgotten that it existed before the forums came online in 2003. And then I first joined in 2007, so that means I have been around for 11 years and counting. This site has lost its prominence to places like ANN, MAL, and Crunchyroll, this is a place that will always remain a big part of in my anime fandom.
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              Nice, congrats. :D I've always been an infrequent poster, but I've been a member of the site/forums since 2001 or thereabouts, IIRC. From AoD to Mania and now to TFP, and with even more board resets along the way.

              I remember buying DVDs at full retail price at Media Play (ADV's original Evangelion release ftw), but then found this site and RightStuf, etc., to help better guide my buying habits. When hunting down ancient DVD releases on eBay, I still check Wayback Machine's archive of Mania's review repository, to see which versions of shows are the best or which offer the extras I want. Shame all the old forums couldn't be archived as well, as so much information has been lost there. Ah well.

              Long story short, thanks so much for this site and community, Chris. I doubt my fandom would be the same had it never existed.


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                Congratulations! I found AoD because I kept seeing reference to this other, "really cool" and edgy anime forum when I was on another, less than satisfying, "major" forum. Checking out AoD, I discovered it was such a breath of fresh air in terms of an anime forum. Been around ever since. Thank you for all the years of great content!
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