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  • AX 2018 Winners, Losers and Thoughts

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    The biggest winner, old anime. Maiden Japan and Funimation have decided to pickup some older titles. I can't believe Maiden Japan have picked Maria Watches Over Us and Yumeiro Patissiere. I'm wondering if Maiden Japan will reveal a Rose of Versailles license at Otakon. I'll assume BASQUASH and Human Crossing were part of a package deal. The biggest prize is Armored Trooper Votoms.

    Funimation picking up Zillon is unexpected. Could this be part of a package deal? Perhaps there will be a Zillion remake?

    Biggest winner - non anime/manga category - Arby's. There's no competing against that!

    Biggest loser - Pony Canon US.
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    Only found 1 tweet about the Pony Canyon panel...


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    I totally agree with the older anime sentiment. Maiden Japan won for me by a landslide with Votoms, Maria-sama, Hatakari Man, and Human Crossing. Funi with Zillion and a street date for Witch Hunter Robin was nice and for new stuff, Viz with Megalobox.

    Sentai and Rightstuf were both disappointing for me. Speaking of Sentai, it's a month shy of 5 years now since the Sunrise licenses were announced at AX 2013 and all we've gotten from them is just Big O and silence. So are they ever going to release the rest of theirs? Funi has only a few left to release at this point.
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      Maiden Japan and Funimation were the big winners for me, and Nozomi/Sunrise for Gundam stuff. We got some great announcements and dates from all of them, particularly about the old Seed dub, Zillion, and dates for Witch Hunter Robin/Dragon Ball Super. Only rotten thing about Funi's was no new One Piece news.

      Viz had a decent showing anime-wise, mostly just because of Megalobox. Where are the dates for the next HxH, Bleach, and Jojo sets? Hopefully at Otakon, lest we're waiting even longer.

      Biggest losers were Ponycan (obviously) and Aniplex. Aniplex needs to solicit more box sets. They're sitting on several goldmines that deserve LEs, particularly Sword Art Online (where is Season 2 box set?), FMA Brotherhood (never had a R1 full box set as far as I know), Kill La Kill (ditto, and now there's a new videogame coming out), and others.

      This one also kind of goes without saying at this point, but Sentai needs to tell us what's going on with their Sunrise licenses. This is getting ludicrous.
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