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AnimEigo's next Kickstart project

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  • [US BD] AnimEigo's next Kickstart project

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    AnimEigo - Still Not Bankrupt Despite Our Best Efforts!

    May 28th, 2022
    12:30 pm -> 1:30 pm

    We can neither confirm nor deny the confirmation or denial of whether or not AnimEigo may or may not announce a new Blu-ray project at this panel, but there are rumors to that effect. So we've heard. But don't quote us.

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    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...Y4MDM2OQ%3D%3D (May 19)
    Thank you for the update professional as always. Any chance of letting us know what the next project will be.

    We do have another project lined up but can't announce it until we've finalized a few details. Might be a month or so before that's possible.


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      A new project is also in the works. Robert can't reveal the title yet but the release is getting a brand new transfer that's never been done before. Should be reveled by next month.
      Two more projects also in the pipeline that are still early in development. Robert says one will be very unexpected.
      The second project is ready to go but they are waiting on logistics issues with the licensor.

      Someone asking about Gall Force being a possibility. Robert says he'd love to work on it but he can't confirm or deny anything of course. The Animeigo way
      Question about a VHS only Animiego title called Super Deformed Double Feature. He no longer has the right because one of the two titles from it went out of print and that kept it from coming out again.
      Says if they could ever license Gaiarth they'd love to release Scramble Wars along with it, but does not believe there are film elements for it.
      Robert is apparently surprised that he gets a lot of questions and emails about Baoh.
      Says the title is definitely on their radar.
      Someone asking about the Vampire Princess Miyu ovas. Robert says he'd love to of course, but as usual "we can neither confirm or deny"
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        The Next Project...

        Will be announced very soon. We're just waiting for the HD transfers to be completed so we can confirm there are no problems with the film masters. And we have another project in the works as well!


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          I'm guessing Bubblegum Crash, possibly in the 'vault' so must be in the running.
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            Blaize Could Be right .....


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              While Crash was pretty bad compared to the original series, at least it would be worthwhile bringing it back.
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                Will probably announce our next Kickstarter on Monday. Checking the film transfer now.

                It isn't #MacrossII... : )


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                  thats from the Con so Separate...


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                    Couple extra t's that need to be dotted and i's that need to be crossed. Announcement later this week.

                    Yes, this is not Macross-related.


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                      i wonder if Rob is saving it for Otakon ?


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                        Originally posted by mikezilla2 View Post
                        i wonder if Rob is saving it for Otakon ?
                        Sometimes it takes longer than you think for the "ink to dry." I'm sure Rob will announce the next project as soon as he can. If that happens to be Otakon, cool. Sooner? Even better.


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                          What about the new Kickstarter Project that was teased Weeks ago?

                          Still ironing out a few wrinkles. Annoying, I know. Was actually ready to announce it today, but then there was a new twist in the knickers that needs untwisting.


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                            Any news on this?

                            Taking much longer than we expected to iron out a couple of kinks. We don't want to make an announcement until we're 100% sure we can deliver.


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                              I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.


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