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AnimEigo's new Kickstarter Project: Metal Skin Panic: MADOX-01

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    UPDATE #16

    Merry Mechamas!

    Dear Backers,

    We've had a very busy couple of weeks finalizing the assets for MADOX. Earlier this month we got the first test disc and ran it through a QC assessment. We found some nits to pick at, and are currently finalizing the assets for the V2 test disc. We expect that the disc will be ready to send off for mastering by the end of the month.

    Over the weekend we sent out an email to all the backers asking them to reconfirm their "name on disc". Longtime backers know this is something we do just before finalizing the disc, and thus is a sign that things are getting real. If you didn't get an email, check your spam folder! And if it still can't be found, please get in touch with us ASAP so we can resend it.

    Last month we attended AnimeNYC and showed the restored version of MADOX for the first time. The showing was well attended, and Director Aramaki showed up to observe the crowd reaction and say a few words.

    Director Aramaki has also told us that after thinking about it, he would prefer not to include the 16x9 edit of MADOX on the Blu-ray. He feels that the restored 4x3 version is the best representation of the film. So we will not be including a 16x9 version. However, at the last minute we received permission to include a bare M&E audio to the disc, so if you want to create a fandub, have at it. Since this is a late addition to the disk, you'll have to access it using your BD remote.

    Once we got back to Wilmington, it was back to work in the sausage factory, grinding out the final links in the project. One of them was the covers for the artbooks. We decided to go with a "Read the F&#*# Manual" theme for both of them, and this is what Sasha came up with...

    ::: see post :::

    The small artbook that comes with the Premium set

    ::: see post :::

    Large Artbook Cover

    Next, the printing files for the MADOX posters will be finalized this week, so we've closed off ordering for them. As usual, we're making some extras as insurance against loss or damage during mailing, so if you missed out, then we might be able to help you out post-campaign.

    And finally, as a special Mechamas Holiday surprise, we're doing a digital delivery experiment for MADOX backers. Over the next day or so, each of you will get an email with a special Vimeo VIP ticket that lets you stream one of the MADOX commentaries in full HD. You can watch it on a browser, or on a TV using the Vimeo app on a streaming platform like Roku.

    We look forward to your feedback on this experiment; we are considering using digital delivery for certain aspects of future projects (such as providing convenient access to 4K materials).

    Best, Robert & Natsumi


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      UPDATE #17

      Production Update

      Hello everyone,

      Just a quick update to let you know how production is proceeding.

      Packaging and Replication

      Here are proofs of the final packaging.

      ::: see post :::

      “Traditional” Amaray Wrap

      ::: see post :::

      “Full Graphics” wrap on the opposite side

      ::: see post :::

      Disc Label

      ::: see post :::

      Chipboard Box

      The disc replicator is working on getting us the final production check discs and final sizing on the chipboard box. This latter has been complicated by a supply-chain issue at the printer which forced them to swap to a different paper supplier; this should not cause any size difference in the final product but paranoia reigns supreme and we want to double-check.

      The Name's The Thing…

      We also finalized the poster with the backer names on it a couple of days ago...


      The Long-Awaited Patch

      The embroidered patch turned out to be a lot more complicated than we expected. Sasha and I went back and forth for months on potential designs, and in the end decided that a patch featuring the MADOX itself wasn't going to work to our satisfaction. So instead we went with a patch featuring our favorite software engineer, Ms. Kusumoto.

      The patches are in production now and while the lead-times are longer than in the past, they should not delay shipping.


      The posters/wall scrolls have been manufactured and are shipping out this week. They are going to be shipped separately so any shipping delays won't affect other parts of the project.

      Large Artbooks

      The Large Artbooks were printed before the Small Artbooks because it was a smaller order and the printer had the materials available. They arrived a few days ago and look great!

      ::: see post :::

      Expect updates more frequently now that we are in the home-stretch.


      Robert & Natsumi


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        UPDATE #18

        Just a quick note to let you know that the MADOX set is in production! We received the check discs last week, sent them to our Patron Inspectors for final paranoia checking, and authorized replication yesterday.

        :::: see post ::::

        We have received a shipping estimate of March 21st, which means that we should receive them about a week after that. Then the Hell of Perpetual Shipping begins.

        In other news, the posters are now on the proverbial slow boat from China. We should receive them about the same time. Some of them were shipped to Japan for signature, of course; we may get those a little earlier. The patches should be shipped to us anytime.


        Robert & Natsumi


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          UPDATE #19

          Last Orders, please!

          Just a quick note to remind everyone that as soon as the product arrives, we close off ordering so we can concentrate on the Hell of Perpetual Shipping. We'll post an update when we have a definite ETA, but if you want to add to your order, sooner is better than later.

          We have also added a MADOX - Other Blu-rays item to the MADOX order page that lets international customers add non-MADOX Blu-rays to their orders to save on shipping costs. It is towards the bottom of the page.



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            UPDATE Movie News, Discussions and Reviews

            We've entered the Gates of the Hell of Perpetual Shipping!

            The Blu-rays are still in manufacturing, but the posters and wall scrolls just arrived. Since they are shipped separately, we'll get them sent out to US backers who ordered them over the next few days. Then we'll work on figuring out the best method for sending to the International backers.

            It's not a big job, but it's a taste of the Hell that is to come. An appetizer of suffering, if you will.


            Robert & Natsumi


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              i guess the posters are all off limts Now ?


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                I think they were just trying to make them to order so you had to kind of participate as it happened.. I got my wall scroll in the mail the other day and the print quality is superb. Well worth the 60$.
                Not sure if they have extras they will sell once they finish mailing out everything else.


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                  Originally posted by mikezilla2 View Post
                  i guess the posters are all off limts Now ?
                  I can still add them to my cart on their website.

                  For anyone that has received their poster, did they give a tracking number?


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                    Yeah I did get a tracking number in my email that notified me that he had sent it out.


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                      UPDATE 21

                      April Production Update

                      Our replicator has informed us that they expect to be receiving the chipboard boxes the first week in May (several weeks later than originally scheduled -- boo!!). It will take a couple of weeks for the blu-rays to be packaged up and shipped to us, so we now expect shipping to start sometime after May 20th.

                      As soon as we know everything is en-route to us, we'll do the usual final address-correction emailing.

                      In other news, we are finalizing the licensing on our next project and hopefully will be able to announce it around the time MADOX is shipping.


                      Robert & Natsumi


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                        UPDATE # 22

                        Production Status Update

                        We've just been informed by our replicator that they now expect to receive the chipboard cases on 5/27, and hope to ship MADOX to us around 6/3. So hopefully we will be able to start shipping by 6/8-10.

                        Hopefully this will be the last delay.

                        As soon as we hear that the cases have in fact arrived and assembly is underway, we'll send out emails to everyone so you can recheck your address information.


                        Robert & Natsumi


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                          Via Email:

                          Dear Backer!

                          We've just been notified that MADOX will be arriving at our offices on Monday afternoon, at which point we will officially enter The Hell of Perpetual Shipping.

                          Please take a moment to check that we've got everything correct with your preorder (in particular the shipping address); if any corrections are needed, just reply to this email with the details.

                          You can also make last-minute additions to your order using the order buttons on https://animeigo.com/madox

                          Thank you for your patience with the unexpected delays on this project. We will be announcing the next one within a few weeks!

                          Robert & Natsumi


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                            Update # 23

                            :::: see post ::::

                            MADOX has finally arrived, and we're shipping it out as fast as we can -- which means it's time to explain how we navigate the Hell of Perpetual Shipping, aka "why your copy will get shipped last, while that smug guy on twitter is humblebragging about his being in the mail."

                            Packaging Priority

                            What with basic and premium sets, patches, large artbooks and posters, there are a lot of different individual order configurations -- well over 100, in fact. However, most of the orders fit into about a dozen categories, so we split our staff into two teams.

                            The A-Team works on the common order configurations, builds a small stock of each configuration so we have a ready inventory, and then concentrates on each configuration in rough order of popularity. Meanwhile, the Z-Team (aka Robert) focuses on processing the complicated orders. Eventually, they meet in the middle, and everyone emerges from the Hell of Perpetual Shipping.

                            While all of this is going on, the Z-Team also prioritizes the bulk shipments that are going to our fulfillment agents in the UK and Canada. This is because these orders have the longest lead time, so we want to get them on their way as soon as possible.

                            :::: see post ::::

                            The CA and UK shipments should be going out in a day or so...

                            These orders are already packed, so now the Z-Team is going to be concentrating on getting the International direct orders shipped out. They should all go out before the end of the week, and the domestic shipping should wrap up early next week.
                            What the "Shipped" status email means
                            • UK / EU / Canada - your order has been packaged up, and is going to be sent to our fulfillment partners in the UK or Canada (as appropriate) in a single big shipment. It can take a while to get to them, so please be patient. Once it arrives, it'll be shipped to you as quickly as possible. We'll be posting updates on Kickstarter and Twitter to keep you apprised of the progress. Customs duty / VAT on these items will be prepaid.
                            • Other International - your order has been packaged, labelled, and sent to you directly via GlobalPost. The initial tracking number you got via separate email when we printed your label will show it going to their US dispatch center, so don't worry. They should email you a new tracking number when it gets handed over to your local post office. You will be responsible for paying customs duty or fees on these shipments. If you got charged VAT by our shopping cart, we will refund this to you after the dust has settled and our broken bodies have at least partially healed from the rigors of the Hell of Perpetual Shipping.
                            • US - your order has been packaged, labeled, and is in a sack awaiting USPS pickup. It may take a day or two before you see the tracking status start to update.
                            Thanks again for your patience -- and the announcement for the next project should be very soon.


                            Robert & Natsumi


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                              So looks like my poster is in shipped status but I still haven't seen it even though it shipped supposedly by the 3rd. The rest of my stuff still is apparently unshipped. I have tons of stuff to watch still so it's no big, but I'm super excited to get this.


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