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AnimEigo's next Kickstarter project: Megazone 23

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    Hey, it's picking up steam again. I hope it can raise another 8.5k over the next 42 hours.


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      Originally posted by Zhou View Post
      Hey, it's picking up steam again. I hope it can raise another 8.5k over the next 42 hours.
      People are starting to get reminders in their email so there's always some sort of jump at the end. (Usually...)

      Hopefully we get to 150K at least. (But I would have liked it to be closer to 200K by now. )


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        $145,556 pledged of $100,000 goal
        1,320 backers
        19 hours to go


        One day to go!

        Dear backers,

        With one day to go, we are just over $5k from the next stretch goal. Hopefully we will make it before the campaign completes!

        As with our other campaigns, a few days after the campaign ends, we'll open up ordering on our website; same price and rewards as the kickstarter campaign. Those signups will count towards the announced stretch goals unless something unusual happens (like reaching a goal too late to actually implement it without delaying the project); in such an instance, we'll try and come up with something comparably cool.

        We still have not gotten final approval to expand the campaign outside the USA, though we are hopeful this will happen relatively soon (hopefully before our trip to Japan in October, because it costs a fortune in excess baggage fees when Natsumi has to bring her ridiculously large ClueMallet). If (she says "when") that happens, international signups will be handled on the website.

        Some potential international backers are backing the project at the $5 ("Bahamut Backup") level so they'll get project updates. If so, you'll be able to credit this towards upgrading if ("when, damnit!") we get expanded rights.

        Natsumi and I are currently in New York visiting family, and I will be flying back home about the time the campaign completes, so expect a post-campaign update on Tuesday.

        As always, thanks for your generous support of this project.

        Best, Robert


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          Second stretch goal reached, and I hope no one drops out over the next four hours.


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            Dang, forgot this thing was running. Seeing as I won't get home till after 2pm, I guess I'll have to do this by the website. I didn't see any sort reminder about this thing.
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              Funded with over 154k. Whew, we'll get that sweet Mikimoto cover illustration after all.


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                $154,031 pledged of $100,000 goal
                1,451 backers



                Where Backers Come From

                United States 1,289 backers
                United Kingdom 40 backers
                Canada 28 backers
                Australia 21 backers
                Sweden 8 backers
                Norway 6 backers
                Germany 5 backers
                Netherlands 5 backers
                Switzerland 5 backers
                Japan 4 backers


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                  ^ Would love to know how this compares to previous campaigns. I'm pleased the project got funded and hopefully if this gets International clearance then the project can clear 200,000.

                  I'm one of the 40 Brits and I backed the Premium tier like I have for the other sets.
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                    Campaign Wrapup

                    Thanks to everyone who helped make the campaign a success. Now comes the hard part (for us) -- doing all the work of producing the set. We're already working on this and will of course keep you updated.

                    We've totaled up the social media goals and we got most of the way to the first goal but didn't make it, so no sticker -- yet. But if we get international rights, we'll just assume we would have made the goal with the help of non-US fans. After all, we love stickers -- although if you've been following our Gunsmith Cats updates, you'll know that some people probably don't right now.

                    Regarding expanding the rights to cover more than just the USA, we are still hopeful this will happen. Worst-case, we are going to Japan next month and will be able to get a definitive answer then. Have faith – Natsumi can be... persuasive... very persuasive...

                    Sometime next week we will open up ordering on our website for late orders and addons. We already know we're going to do an Embroidered Patch, Challenge Coin / Keychain, Pin, and 24x18" canvas giclée print, but we're also considering doing a wall scroll using Mr. Mikimoto's art. And of course, we're always open to suggestions from you, so let us know what you'd like us to do.

                    Robert & Natsumi


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                      Originally posted by BlaizeV View Post
                      ^ Would love to know how this compares to previous campaigns. I'm pleased the project got funded and hopefully if this gets International clearance then the project can clear 200,000.

                      I'm one of the 40 Brits and I backed the Premium tier like I have for the other sets.

                      Bubblegum Crisis | 2,174

                      United States 1,505 backers
                      United Kingdom 154 backers
                      Canada 130 backers
                      Australia 103 backers
                      Germany 48 backers
                      Sweden 26 backers
                      Norway 15 backers
                      Japan 13 backers
                      France 12 backers
                      Netherlands 12 backers


                      Otaku no Video | 1,508

                      United States 1,037 backers
                      United Kingdom 127 backers
                      Canada 89 backers
                      Australia 56 backers
                      Germany 19 backers
                      France 16 backers
                      Sweden 15 backers
                      Netherlands 10 backers
                      Norway 10 backers
                      Finland 9 backers


                      Riding Bean | 1,751

                      United States 1,280 backers
                      United Kingdom 131 backers
                      Canada 94 backers
                      Australia 65 backers
                      Germany 30 backers
                      Sweden 18 backers
                      Netherlands 12 backers
                      Norway 9 backers
                      France 8 backers
                      Denmark 7 backers


                      Gunsmith Cats | 4,248

                      United States 3,218 backers
                      United Kingdom 280 backers
                      Canada 204 backers
                      Australia 125 backers
                      Germany 33 backers
                      Sweden 33 backers
                      Netherlands 25 backers
                      Norway 25 backers
                      France 21 backers
                      Finland 19 backers


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                        If AnimEigo ever decides to include the Harmony Gold dub of Part II, I can confirm the original laserdisc release is mostly uncut and can be matched to a Japanese video stream. It was only the later DVD version included with a PS3 game that removed the violence and sexual content.


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                          They Harmony Gold dub for Part II is already guaranteed for inclusion, as it's the "International Dub". The only unknowns are the Streamline dub for Part I & the Manga UK dub for Part III, because we know we are not going to get Robotech the Movie.
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                            October Update

                            Just a quick update to let you know about several important developments.

                            First, we've opened up late ordering on our website for US customers who missed the Kickstarter. Details and order buttons can be found at https://animeigo.com/mz23

                            Second, and more important, we've received word that we are going to be able to expand our license outside of the USA! We are headed off to Japan on the 14th and will be finalizing the details during the trip.

                            As previously mentioned, post-kickstarter orders will count towards achieving stretch goals, so the new manga is very likely to happen.

                            Finally, during our trip we will be recording the Japanese commentary. So if you have questions about the show you'd like answered, or have other suggestions for discussion topics, please let us know! We'll pass them on.


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                              Sorry WTK, I beat you to it


                              October 27 Update

                              Hello everyone,

                              I'm just back from Japan and still a complete zombie from jetlag, but wanted to let you know that we managed to get the Megazone 23 license expanded to include Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe (excluding Italy). However, we probably won't be able to get additional rights, such as for AU/NZ.

                              While we were in Japan, we also had some great meetings with Mr. Mikimoto and Mr. Miyao, and we are looking forward to their contributions to the project. With the addition of the new territories, we're pretty sure that we'll hit the $200k funding point, which will unlock both the Miyao manga and new Mikimoto artwork stretch goals.

                              The order buttons on https://animeigo.com/mz23 have been updated to include international ordering options. Have at it!

                              Natsumi stayed in Japan to visit family, and she also supervised the recording of the commentary track on Friday. According to her, Mr. Miyao and Mr. Sato had a great time chatting about the film and all the people who made it come to life. They also dug up a bunch of production materials which we'll be using to improve the contents of the set, and Mr. Miyao even drew a shikishi for me!

                              More news soon!

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                                Keen to Hit that 225 goal

                                So guess im getting it shipped to the US ........


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