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"Mahoshonen" PILOT FILM PROJECT (Kickstarter)

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  • [US BD] "Mahoshonen" PILOT FILM PROJECT (Kickstarter)

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    $3,905 pledged of $35,809 goal
    28 backers
    24 days to go

    "The Royal Tutor" anime film duo, director Katsuya Kikuchi and character designer Suzuna Okuyama engage Kaie Tada as a designer - new power trio creates a musical animation "Mahoshonen"!

    Project outline

    While various "Maho shojo(Magical girls)" titles have been made, we could see another but high demand of the story which contains boys' gorgeous transformation, their friendship, and decisive battle.

    One more thing - we also aim to make a musical. We already know "idols and musicals" genre, but there is almost no successful cases of pure musical style ANIME.

    We want to realize this dream. We want to create a musical ANIME!

    So we plan to start a crowdfunding to make a pilot film, and appeal to the public.

    In the world of this film, those who have the red eyes are considered anathema. The protagonist will get into a painful situation by his scarlet eyes. To express the drastic change and release from a severe and harsh situation - we choose the songs!

    We want to create the characters expressing mental conflicts and teen anxieties by their songs!Please give us a chance! We would greatly appreciate your support!
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    $10,182 pledged of $35,831 goal
    65 backers
    4 days to go
    This one bombed.


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      ^ Yup.

      $10,357 pledged of $35,850 goal
      67 backers
      43 hours to go



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        Didn't think this one would succeed. Maho Shojo, it might have stood a chance. But Maho Shonen, not a chance, especially with the amount of advertising that went on, and not to mention the artwork just wasn't appealing.
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