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  • [DVD/BD] Funimation licenses HUMAN LOST

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    NEWS | Director of Afro Samurai Will Reveal New Sci Fi Film with Funimation at C2E2

    We're joining the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo again this year! And we couldn't wait to give you a peek into all the cool stuff happening at this convention, which will run for three days on March 22-24, 2019.

    Funimation will be hosting an exciting panel on Friday, March 22 in which Fuminori Kizaki (Director of Afro Samurai), Toshiaki Obata (Marketing Producer of PSYCHO-PASS), and Shuzo John Shiota (President of Polygon Pictures) will reveal a new sci-fi, cyberpunk film project with Funimation that explores the role of humanity in Tokyo, Japan of year 2036. Join us on 3/22 from 2:45 PM to 3:45 PM CT and be the first to know all about this new film produced by a dream team of world-renowned Japanese creators!

    Learn more about our guests below:

    Fuminori Kizaki - Anime Director

    After graduating from Tokyo Animator College, Fuminori Kizaki worked as an animator for Studio Giants. Then he went on to establish a new studio called Hercules with some friends that shared the same ambitions. Later, Kizaki directed Afro Samurai series and Afro Samurai: Resurrection film, which was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program. His most notable works are Afro Samurai, Basilisk, and Bayonetta: Bloody Fate.

    Toshiaki Obata - CEO and Producer of SlowCurve

    Toshiaki Obata joined Gonzo in 2004, and he was in charge of marketing and licensing on many of Gonzo's titles. In 2011, he co-founded the company, SlowCurve, and worked as Chief Marketing/Advertising Producer for PSYCHO-PASS. He has expanded his career beyond PSYCHO-PASS as an Executive Producer of revisions, a new series on Fuji TV?s +Ultra animation TV block, while collaborating with Netflix.

    Shuzo John Shiota - President of Polygon Pictures

    Shuzo John Shiota was raised in the US and is a graduate of Sophia University Faculty of Law, Department of International Legal Studies. After joining the Nippon Steel Corporation in 1991, Shiota went on to participate in the launch of Dream Pictures Studio in 1997. He moved to Polygon Pictures two years later, and in 2003, assumed the position of President and CEO. As studio head, Shiota has spearheaded efforts to cultivate Polygon's overseas presence, helping the studio to become a leading developer of TV series and content targeted at the foreign market. Shiota has also served as a judge at major Japanese and international film festivals, including Prix Ars Electronica in Australia and SIGGRAPH in the US. In 2008, he was selected as one of the ?25 Toon Titans of Asia? by popular industry publication Animation Magazine. He also presided as a judge at the 2016 Annecy International Animated Film Festival. His hobbies include playing in a band.

    See you there!
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    Untitled film is Human Lost. Coming 2019 to theaters via Funimation Films. Teaser trailer is scheduled to release later today (was shown @ C2E2).


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      March 22,2019


      "HUMAN LOST"
      COMING FALL 2019

      WHEN: Moments ago at a special Funimation C2E2 announcement panel, Japanese guests Fuminori Kizaki (director of "Afro Samurai"), Toshiaki Obata (marketing producer of "PSYCHO-PASS" and Shuzo John Shiota (President of Polygon Pictures) revealed plans for their new sci-fi feature film "Human Lost." Osamu Dazai's "No Longer Human," a masterpiece of Japanese literature, is re-imagined in this new film that will take audiences on a hyper-kinetic deep dive into human consciousness and emotion.

      "Human Lost" will be distributed in the U.S. by Funimation Films in select theatres this fall.

      From the chief director of "PSYCHO-PASS," director of "Afro Samurai," and the studio that brought you "Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters."

      The year is 2036. A revolution in medical treatment has conquered death by means of internal nanomachines and the "Shell System", yet only the richest can afford to partake.

      Yozo Oba isn't the richest. Troubled by strange dreams, he flippantly joins his friend's biker gang on an ill-fated incursion to "The Inside", where society's elite lives. This instigates a journey of terrifying discovery that will change Yozo's life forever.

      Executive Director Katsuyuki Motohiro
      Director Fuminori Kizaki
      Screenplay Tow Ubukata
      Character Designer Yusuke Kozaki
      Concept Artist Kenichiro Tomiyasu
      Production Company POLYGON PICTURES

      WHEN: U.S. theatrical release Fall 2019

      WHERE: Select U.S. theaters. To be announced.
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        https://twitter.com/FUNimation/statu...58461739651072 (teaser trailer)
        Osamu Dazai's masterpiece of Japanese literature is re-imagined in this hyper-kinetic deep dive into human consciousness and emotion.

        Human Lost is coming to theaters 2019. #HumanLost
        EDIT (via TOHO animation): https://youtu.be/Ixff5qlLCCQ

        EDIT 2 (via Funimation): https://youtu.be/Jz3PZpHZCyo + https://www.funimationfilms.com/movie/humanlost
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          Have to admit I never saw this one coming. For anyone interested the original story already exists as the first 4 episodes of the Aoi Bungaku (Blue Literature) series. I found it interesting and LOVED that much like an Oshii film was almost non-anime and real-life in it's art and presentation. Ending fizzled as it didnt build up to where I was anticipating but it was an autobiographical work so I can see why it ended the way it did.

          This is a rather intriguing take on the story though completely different and unless you are familiar with the book or the original animation you won't see any of the similarities in this trailer.

          I highly recommend anyone who likes more sophisticated anime to seek out aoi Bungaku and see the original animated version though it is not the tech-action-monster film this new version has been turned into.


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            Youzou Oba Character Trailer | Human Lost https://youtu.be/u5neqvbcAo0


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              Yoshiko Character Trailer | Human Lost https://youtu.be/NsSP3QLoubU


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                Takeichi Character Trailer | Human Lost https://youtu.be/_N0Rsk8l02I


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                  Madam & Tsuneko Character Trailer | Human Lost


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                    Atsugi and Shibuta Character Trailer | Human Lost


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                      Funimation is excited to announce today the Human Lost Sub Premiere Screening at Anime Expo this year! Human Lost is a gripping sci-fi film based on Osamu Dazai's No Longer Human novel and it's from the chief director of PSYCHO-PASS, director of Afro Samurai, and the studio that brought you Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters.

                      Come meet voice actor Mamoru Miyano, director Fuminori Kizaki, and marketing producer Toshiaki Obata! Plus, all attendees who come to the premiere will receive an exclusive giveaway item!

                      Kizaki and Obata will also hold an autograph session (schedule info TBA).

                      Screening Details
                      • Panel Name: Funimation Presents: Human Lost Sub Premiere Screening
                      • Date: Friday, July 5
                      • Time: 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM
                      • Room: Live Programming 2 / JW Marriott Platinum Ballroom
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                        The staff of the Human Lost 3D CG anime film revealed at Anime Expo on Friday that the anime will open in North America before Japan. The anime is slated for global release in October and November. Funimation previously revealed that it will screen the film in theaters in the United States this fall.

                        Staff also announced that m-flo and J Balvin are performing the theme song "Human Lost feat. J Balvin." The song marks Balvin's first collaboration with a Japanese artist. The official YouTube channel for m-flo began streaming an English-subtitled trailer that features the song.


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                          via TOHO animation:

                          「HUMAN LOST 人間失格」Official Teaser Trailer② Theme Song:m-flo「HUMAN LOST feat. J. Balvin」



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                            Human Lost | Teaser Trailer 2


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                              'Human Lost' placeholder listing @ AMC Theatres (October 22) https://www.amctheatres.com/movies/human-lost-61101


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