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    Not much usually happens at Crunchyroll panels, and that continues here as pretty much the only time they made any meaningful announcements was back at AX when they first got into the home video business that ended up being handled by Funimation. Nevertheless I was hoping they would give some more details about how they are going to move forward now that the partnership with Funimation has ended.
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      Saturday recap:

      Arc System Works
      - https://twitter.com/ArcSystemWorksU/...06411627905024
      - https://twitter.com/ArcSystemWorksU/...22471945015296

      Kodansha Comics + Vertical
      - https://kodanshacomics.com/2018/11/0...-animenyc-2018

      DENPA Books
      - https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&...c=typd&lang=en

      Viz Media
      - Hunter x Hunter The Last Mission | coming to theaters in January (tickets go sale in December)
      - https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&...c=typd&lang=en

      Yen Press
      - https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&...c=typd&lang=en


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        Stage on! Sailor Moon Sailor Stars coming is coming Spring 2019.

        EDIT: May 2019 per https://twitter.com/BeckNaja/status/1064228679134453761


        very late EDIT: HIDIVE announcements: https://www.hidive.com/news#cbp=/new...me-nyc-edition
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          Thank you for coming to Anime NYC 2018!

          A year ago, we started an event to celebrate the best of Japanese pop culture in the biggest city in America. He hoped a few friends would show up. We couldn't believe all the love and support we received, and we're amazed now by all the new friends we've made this second year.

          We welcomed 36,000 attendees from all 50 states and over 15 countries including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates.

          We featured 220 exhibitors, 240 artists, and 60 guests. And we presented global premieres including Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 and the final K: Seven Stories film, sneak previews of Gundam NT and Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki, a showstopping Fate Special Event featuring Aimer, and the biggest Japanese concert series in the history of NYC - Anisong World Matsuri.

          And all this was possible thanks to the strong support of Crunchyroll, Anime News Network, Aniplex, Arc System Works, Bluefin, Bandai Namco, Denpa, Funimation, GKIDS, HIDIVE, Inti Creates, Japan Foundation, Japan Society, Kodansha, Kinokuniya, Noir Caesar, Sentai Filmworks, Tokyo Otaku Mode, Vertical, VIZ Media, VRV, Yen Press, and many, many more.

          I'm proud of everything that was achieved this year, but I also know there were challenges. Our queue plan on Friday didn't work, and we built a new plan for both Saturday and Sunday. And, overall, Anime NYC welcomed a lot more people, meaning it was a lot more crowded. Looking to next year, we're adding a whole new Hall - 3B - which will double our exhibit space and offer a lot more room. As we grow, the Anime NYC experience has to remain positive and fun.

          The Anime NYC team is going to pass out now for about a week, and when we wake up, please look for our show survey. This is your best way to tell us what you liked, what you didn't, and what you want more of. We'll very quickly start crafting our plan for 2019, and we want to make sure next year's show is directed by you.

          We've grown real big, real fast, but the heart of Anime NYC remains you. This is an event made by fans for their fellow fans to celebrate what they love, make new friends, and create memories. This is New York City's anime convention. This show belongs to you.

          Thank you, and I'll see you again Nov 15-17, 2019 at the one and only Anime NYC!

          Peter Tatara
          Founder, Anime NYC
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            Report: AniBiz: Anime Business Conference at Japan Society



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              Hello, this is Peter Tatara, founder of Anime NYC. I hope you had a restful holiday, and I and the whole Anime NYC team wish you only the best of luck, success, and anime in the new year! In between binging on Zombie Land Saga, we spent the past month poring over the results of our 2018 Show Survey, and we want to now share the results.

              Anime NYC had an amazing second year in 2018. We brought together awesome guests, global premieres, record-breaking concerts, and over 36,000 fans from across NYC and over 15 countries. It was a very good year and a very big year - and with growth comes new challenges.

              Now that the new year's begun, I want to share some of the goals for this year's Anime NYC. We started with the mission of making an anime con for NYC's fans, and that mission remains. We're your show, and to kick off 2019, we want to share your major requests from our Show Survey.

              We want to talk about what worked and what we can do better. Some of the things below are pretty awesome. Others are things that weren't great. But we want to own up to each and talk about what we're planning.

              I'm so proud to create Anime NYC for you, and I look forward to growing Anime NYC further together. Let's begin!

              More Queue Space - It's gonna happen. We messed up on Friday of Anime NYC 2018. We didn't expect as many fans to come as early as everyone did, and we didn't have enough queue space. We fixed this on Saturday and Sunday, and we're making sure we have ample queue space all three days this November. There won't be any lines snaking around the Javits ever again.

              More Panel Rooms - It's also gonna happen. We added more panel space in 2018, and we'll be adding more in 2019. We need to balance panel room numbers, panel room size, and panel rooms queues, but there'll be more overall this year. Further, a lot of our focus will be putting fan panels in these new rooms. Almost all our panels in 2018 were from publishers, and we can't thank the industry enough for its support, but we know we didn't provide a platform for fans as much as we could and should. We look to reserve much of our new panel space for fan panels in 2019. We'll be adding in more screening space, which was also requested, too.

              Earlier Friday Start - Can we make Friday a full day just like Saturday and Sunday? Because of some complexity with exhibit hall load-in, we can't open the exhibit hall at 10 AM. This said, we're working to expand everything else, and our goal is to offer panels, screenings, games, and other activities starting earlier on Friday so it feels much more like a full day even if booths aren't open until the afternoon.

              Games - Speaking of games, we had a lot of questions about them. Can we open the arcade game area longer? Yes. Can we add console games? Yes. Can we add tabletop games? Yes. We've got the space to do a lot more with games this year.

              Cosplay - Our Cosplay Photo Op plan from 2018 looked great on paper, but there were struggles with its execution. Likewise, there were significant delays with the Masquerade. We're going back to zero to rebuild Cosplay Photo Ops and our Masquerade. We also now have the space to build out a bigger, better Cosplay Changing Room and, for the first time, Cosplay Repair area.

              Autographs - There was a lot of positive response to the new paid autograph area where American guests signed for multiple hours each day. There was a lot of mixed response to how we distribute tickets to any limited Japanese guest signing. We're listening. Our goal for 2019 is to do away with early morning autograph ticket pick ups. No matter what, autographs for our biggest guests will always be limited, but we want to find a better way to make them available… and we want to hear your thoughts. We'll be posting our ideas for new autograph ticket systems in the next month or so, as before we make a change, we want to get your opinions on these draft plans. Meeting a Japanese guest is a once in a lifetime experience, and we want to work with you to create as many of these moments as we can.

              VIP Tickets - We heard a lot of comments from people who had Mega tickets in 2018 wanting a way to guarantee specific autographs instead of the general head starts offered. This will be possible in 2019. There won't be a general Mega or VIP ticket this year. Instead, starting this summer, we'll provide a limited number of Premium Packages that offer guaranteed autographs and/or front row seats for certain guests. Think of them as expanded versions of the Fate S Tickets from 2018. You'll need a Day or Weekend Pass to attend, and you can then select one or multiple add-ons for specific guests. Look for full details coming in a few months.

              Security - We heard from you around both the number of security checkpoints and the attitude of the security team. We're working with our security team on their demeanor, as we only want to work with team members who respect all our fans. As for the number of checkpoints, this one is more tricky. The most common comment was recommending we do security like New York Comic Con, which only has one checkpoint when you enter. The difficulty is NYCC is able to do this because they rent the whole building. Because Anime NYC is only in part of the Javits Center, we can't control entrance the same way. This said, we hear you want to see a change, and we're working with the building on solutions. Our job is to make Anime NYC safe and fun, and we're seeking ways to improve your experience.

              Food - Can there be Japanese food vendors at Anime NYC? Out of everything, this is the most difficult. We agree with you 100% and the issue here is 100% with the Javits Center's catering company. There are dozens of Japanese food vendors who want to take part in Anime NYC, but the Javits Center's catering company won't allow them. We spent a lot of time last year on this, and we're working on it early for this year's show. We don't know if we can find a solution, but know that we absolutely agree there should be Japanese food vendors at Anime NYC, too.

              Customer Service - We try to be prompt when replying to emails or on Facebook or Twitter, but a lot of emails that came to our customer service account went unanswered onsite during Anime NYC 2018. That was unacceptable. If you reach out, we should respond. If you have a question, we should provide you an answer - even if the answer is that we don't know. We've started to make changes to make sure no matter when you write us, you'll hear back promptly.

              Next Steps - And that's about it. These ten things are the main areas of feedback we received in our 2018 Show Survey, and we're already at work moving them forward. Some things are easy. Some things are hard. I can promise stuff like more panel rooms and a different autograph ticket system right now, but items like security and Japanese food are going to take more effort. What I can say across the board is we look to continue to be transparent as Anime NYC grows.

              This is your show. This is New York City's anime convention. And I couldn't be more proud to build it with you.

              Peter Tatara
              Founder, Anime NYC


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