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Discotek Media licenses Area 88 (OVA)

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  • [R1 DVD] Discotek Media licenses Area 88 (OVA)

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    Area 88 is heading to DVD!
    Our Area 88 trailer is here! Check it out! It's coming to DVD!
    Discotek's panel opens with a trailer for Area 88! Looks like they'll be reprinting the OVA. ADV dub + Central Park Media dub of the first episode as a bonus. Liner notes by Mike Toole.

    EDIT: trailer via https://www.facebook.com/Discotekmed...68140983514881
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    Really excited for this. Area 88 is a masterpiece, a 10/10 OVA all day long. Very excited about getting the uncut OVA out for the first time since VHS/LD. Also pleased to see two of the dubs. Seems Justin and Mike weren't able to find that last dub on VHS they were looking for on twitter.

    Hopefully this gets a Blu Ray one day but for now this will more than suffice. The ADV films DVD I have looks very nice and I expect this to look similar.
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      First: Area88. I don't author DT's DVDs, but I help occasionally. In this case, the OVAs were old nasty video transfers, and good masters couldn't be found. The movie cuts looked great, but there's about 10 min of footage cut from them. Soooo...
      We found a PAL master of the OVAs, converted back to NTSC, and restored them. We replaced the footage with movie footage where possible, and color corrected the remaining PAL footage to match it. Not perfect but looks a lot better.

      EDIT: https://twitter.com/worldofcrap/stat...52872565055488
      In the end, @MichaelToole and I were never able to find the CPM dub for Area88 Act II. We can't even prove it was ever released. The series was such a poor seller for CPM that it could be Act II dub VHS was solicited, but then withdrawn. Ah well.
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        via TRSI:
        - Area 88 (OVA) - 195 minutes - $24.95 - 10/30/18

        October 30th 2018, Area 88 original OVA series on DVD! Includes the ADV dubs for the series and the CPM dub for episode 1.

        Rightstuf pre-order link:

        Includes these extra features:

        Area 88 Combat Report by Mike Toole
        Original OVA cuts for Act I and Act II
        CPM English dub for Act I
        Interview with Kaoru Shintani

        All 3 original video animations have been combined into two feature length films, full of dizzying dogfights and heart wrenching drama! This includes the original Japanese language with English subtitles, and the English dub!
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