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Right Stuf to distribute select ELEVEN ARTS titles on home video

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  • [US BD] Right Stuf to distribute select ELEVEN ARTS titles on home video

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    - Haikara-San: Here Comes Miss Modern
    - Laughing Under the Clouds: Gaiden

    Not confirmed:
    - A Silent Voice
    - Liz and the Blue Bird
    - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Reflection
    - Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms

    Right Stuf Anime & ELEVEN ARTS!

    Right Stuf, Inc. is pleased to announce a new, exclusive distribution agreement with ELEVEN ARTS Anime Studios for release of their licensed Japanese Animation programming on home video.

    The first programs to be released under this arrangement include the recent theatrical releases of "Haikara-San: Here Comes Miss Modern," based on Waki Yamato's popular manga, and the "Laughing Under the Clouds: Gaiden" feature films, Parts 1, 2, and 3.

    "We're truly excited to assist ELEVEN ARTS with getting their programs into the hands of audiences in our marketplace," stated Shawne Kleckner, President of Right Stuf. "These high quality titles will definitely be a welcome addition to fans' collections."

    "ELEVEN ARTS is thrilled to be partnering with Right Stuf to make anime films even more accessible in North America. We have heard from our fans loud and clear, and remain dedicated to providing the best possible experience for them." -Ko Mori, President and CEO of ELEVEN ARTS.

    These programs will be coming to Blu-ray soon under ELEVEN ARTS' production label, and will be exclusively sold through the RightStufAnime.com website.

    On Rightstuf x Eleven Arts, Haikara-San and Laughing Under the Clouds are the only two confirmed things / things that can be talked about. Anything else that predates these releases is TBA / TBD.
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    I really hope A Silent Voice eventually comes out of this.


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      Originally posted by EmperorBrandon View Post
      I really hope A Silent Voice eventually comes out of this.
      Best chance of U.S. release. I also updated list of what's not confirmed from them. The other curious title (for me) is Liz and the Blue Bird.


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        Originally posted by WTK View Post
        The other curious title (for me) is Liz and the Blue Bird.
        Yeah, I would really love to see that too, if Pony Canyon US doesn't have first dibs on it.


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          I'm wondering how they're going to price these since they are going to be exclusive to Rightstuf's store. I'm interested in Haikara-San so far.
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            Assuming this finally gets us our North American home video release of A Silent Voice, this will likely be the biggest news of the weekend for me. It's too bad that wasn't one of their initial announcements, but it's definitely good news all around. More theatrical anime releases without fear of them staying exclusive to the big screen.
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              I knew that this was coming as soon as I was told that the Right Stuf panel replaced the Eleven Arts panel, and now they have their movie line mostly for stand-alone stuff. So they have Nozomi, Lucky Penny, 5 Points, Critical Mass, Sunrise (for all the Gundam stuff only), and now Eleven Arts as divisions, either as their own or through partnerships with an external company. So far, it's just Haikara-san and the Laughing Under the Clouds movie, and I'm hoping they can release Maquia, Nanoha Reflection, Silent Voice, and Liz and the Blue Bird. I'm hoping that they have a distribution arrangement similar to what Pony Canyon has with Sentai for Cutie Honey Universe for Silent Voice and Liz and the Blue Bird seeing that Pony Canyon isn't exactly in the mood to release stuff themselves. In any case, this leads to several possibilities, and I'm thinking that should they eventually release Nanoha Reflection, it could possibly lead to them rescuing the TV series as nothing was ever released from that franchise ever since Geneon went out of business (of course, dealing with Aniplex is never easy, but anything can happen).
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