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What Anime Streaming Services Do You Currently Subscribe To? (as of July 2018)

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  • [Streaming] What Anime Streaming Services Do You Currently Subscribe To? (as of July 2018)

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    A year has passed since I asked this question about streaming service subscriptions, and it's time I ask the question again. This year, the streaming business has seen quite a huge shift from this time last year. Among the notable changes:
    • Anime Strike is no more, and as such all of Amazon's exclusive content is once again included with a Prime subscription just like how it is for the rest of the world. Sentai licenses that used to be exclusive on Anime Strike in the US are now on HIDIVE.
    • Daisuki is no more, and as such no more membership out of them.
    • Netflix has significantly increased their catalog. They still are not doing simulcasts, and for some illogical reason they had the chance to do it with Violet Evergarden but shut the US out of it during the season while the rest of the world got it.
    • TubiTV and go90 have begun streaming some stuff exclusively, but both services are free.
    There are not as many changes between last year and this as the last time, and most of it is for the better seeing just how poorly thought out Anime Strike was, all while Sentai is finally giving us an incentive to sign up for HIDIVE. In any case, I'm answering this question through the poll asking which of these services you are currently subscribed to.

    Before anybody is conflicted as to whether or not they are to choose that option or not, here are a few of things:
    • For each option you select, you have an active membership to that service as of now.
    • If you are not paying for the membership, but a friend or family member has a subscription that you have access to, do check that box as that counts as you subscribing to it.
    • These are only for services in the US since that's where most of the forum users are from. There might be other services out there that I'm not aware of that carry anime and as such, this poll does not cover for that. If you do subscribe to one of these services that is not listed, select Other (please specify) and let us know what it is in a post.
    Poll Question: Which of these anime streaming services do you currently subscribe to?
    Crunchyroll Premium
    Crunchyroll Premium+
    Funimation Now
    Amazon Prime
    Hulu (Limited ads)
    Hulu (No ads)
    Other (please specify)
    None of these
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  • #2
    Crunchyroll Premium+, Funimation Now, HIDIVE, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. Possibly more than ever before. I re-subscribed to Funimation Now last season for the SimulDubs of Steins;Gate 0 and Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Kaikou as well as the simulcast of Tokyo Ghoul:re. I tried replacing Crunchyroll and Funimation with VRV at the beginning, but then I realized that it didn't actually include everything that Funimation had, or allow you to link to your Funimation account.
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    • #3
      Crunchyroll Premium. (Their regular Premium member status.) That's it.


      • #4
        I have Hidive, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu that I subscribe to. I also have VRV, as it was included for free with my new cell phone plan.


        • #5
          I am currently subscribed to Crunchyroll, Funimation, HIDIVE, and Amazon.

          I have been subscribe to Crunchyroll since 2011 and will continue to be subscribed to it for the foreseeable future. I don't have any need for the premium+ perks, so I have been at the premium level ever since. I am subscribed to Funimation as I decided to keep it at least through 2018 as I had been watching the One Piece dub and I wanted to get through the Fishman Island arc with the dub. It's a good thing I did keep it as I needed it to watch Tokyo Ghoul:re. I'm not sure about keeping it after 2018, but chances are I will keep it for another year at least to watch through to the end of Fairy Tail. I subscribed to HIDIVE back in January now that all of Sentai's simulcasts are there, as well as to take advantage of the locked rate (which it turns out could be had if you purchase an annual subscription) for the next two years. And my family subscribes to Prime, so I had been using that to watch stuff on Amazon.

          As for the other stuff, I don't use the other services for VRV, so I'm good with just having separate Crunchyroll and Funimation memberships. I subscribe off-and-on with Netflix as long as they refuse to do simulcasts, and I'm planning to rejoin Netflix in October as there will be lots of shows coming then to make subscribing worthwhile, more so than in the past month. And until Hulu does a simulcast exclusive to subscribers, there is no need to subscribe to them.
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          • #6
            Crunchy premium, Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix.

            might I note that go90 was recently shut down/recently shut down, so they are gone too. Crackle is free and still has anime on it, though.


            • #7
              Crunchyroll Premium, Funimation Now, Amazon Prime (only because of the Prime shipping), Netflix and just recently Hidive (since they finally have a FireTv app - still waiting on my roku app)

              Now, if VRV actually had a decent layout I would use that, instead of crunchyroll and funimation separately, but they don't and they don't seem to have everything.


              • #8
                I'm just subscribed to Crunchyroll Premium and Netflix (which for that second case I perhaps watch more non-anime than anime on). I am a little curious about some of Amazon Prime's exclusives, but their not supporting Chromecast and apparently not letting you see what's on the service without a membership makes it easier to just sort of let things slide; I admit I've reduced my Amazon purchases of late. I have the vague hope Hidive's older mecha series will eventually be available on home video (although that didn't work out with Legend of the Galactic Heroes, at least for me...)


                • #9
                  I still proceed on the path of subscription-free status as far as streaming goes. Over the past year though, I have began supporting certain artists monthly via Pixiv Fanbox, so I'm no longer entirely subscription free anymore. Maybe the time will be soon when I finally breakdown and give in to a Crunchyroll Premium subscription, with the follow up being Hidive. I have no desire to support the other services at this time.
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                  • #10
                    I currently use VRV since it includes Funi, CR, and Drama Fever.

                    Anyone care to mention some of those missing shows? The only ones I've noticed are the Dragon Ball shows besides Super.

                    I would like to subscribe to HIDIVE whenever they add PS4 support, or I get a FireTV thingy, whichever comes first.
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                    • #11
                      As of this month, I subscribe to HiDive and Netflix. The former I don?t use often because it?s inconvenient to watch on my iPad and I?m waiting for the Roku app. It?s basically throwing away $4 a month (I got in at the $3.99/mo price point) but I don?t mind because when they do get an app for Roku, I?ll get to jump on my enormous queue I?ve already lined up. The latter I use regardless of anime but that?s always a wonderful bonus when there?s one to watch there. I?m pretty happy with my streaming arrangements thus far.

                      On occasion, friends will give me guest passes to Crunchyroll and that?s how I watch stuff there. It?s too expensive to pile these one on top of the other. I?ve got a Prime subscription right now but that?s for binge watching all their exclusives and isn?t a regular thing. Hulu, Funimation and VRV hold no real interest to me.
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                      • #12

                        For me.
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                        • #13
                          In order of usage: Hulu (no ads), VRV (for Crunchyroll and Funimation), Netflix and Hidive

                          Hulu is mostly for regular TV watching. Netfilx is sorta in the same boat, though they do have anime exclusives. I do have a few anime on my list, but for all I know they could drop them tomorrow and I probably wouldn't notice. Decided to try out VRV when my year Crunchyroll Premium membership ended a few months ago. For the most part I've just been using the Crunchyroll app itself, rather than the VRV app. I did find a few shows of interest on some of the other channels and a couple Funimation shows that aren't on Hulu or Crunchyroll (FWIW, I've never subbed to Funimation). Though it's probably not enough to keep me on VRV much longer. Subbed to Hidive about the same time as VRV, though I think I've only watched one show with it. Like others, I'm waiting on that Roku app.

                          I do have an interest in some of the anime Amazon has, but I don't really need another service.
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                          • #14
                            I have Crunchyroll, Funimation, HIDIVE, Amazon Prime (mostly for the free shipping) and Netflix (but rarely watch anime there).


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