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Discotek Media licenses Space Warrior Baldios (TV series & Movie)

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  • [DVD/BD] Discotek Media licenses Space Warrior Baldios (TV series & Movie)

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    Releases on April 24th on Bluray. From their Facebook post just now:

    Instead of cleaning up their own nuclear waste, Planet S-1 brings their dirty work to Earth. Their military rulers want to knock us all off so their dying world can relocate here. Flying against fate, an S-1 rebel tries to defect to our side. But can a desperate and divided World Federation welcome him with open arms? Is this young Marine Leigan an ally or a spy? Can his robot ship Baldios and our Blue Strike Force unite to defeat The Red Fighters? And will it even matter if the impending doom arrives ahead of schedule? It?s space war fought on the environmental front. The ultimate battle for survival. Contains both the original Japanese language with English subtitles, and the English dubbed version.

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    ^ https://www.facebook.com/Discotekmed...728877/?type=3

    Likely another title from Production Reed. Probably bodes well for a future TV series release (BD or not).


    I painstakingly recut the International Version of this movie for inclusion on this disc, and restored the audio. Should look and sound
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      Inconceivable! My wish came true!! Would gladly buy this film on DVD, but BD is even better.


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        This is really cool though I'm disappointed at the moment we don't have the TV series too as the film from what I understand is the end of the series isn't it? Like it's meant to cover the stuff that didn't make it onto TV after the show was cancelled or something.

        I will definitely buy this though I would love to get the TV series too so I can get the whole thing. The TV series isn't subbed in any form in English.
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          via TRSI:
          - Baldios the Movie (Blu-ray) - 117 minutes - $24.99 - 5/1/18


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            DVD versions of the Baldios movie, Like the Clouds, Like the Wind, and the Lupin the 3rd: The Italian Adventure English dubbed edition will be out June 26th 2018.
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              via TRSI:
              - Baldios the Movie - 117 minutes - $24.95 - 6/26/18


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                Space Warrior Baldios: The TV Series is coming to Blu-Ray! All episodes in Japanese with subtitles!
                New Discotek license: Space Warrior Baldios! On Blu-ray. This is the abruptly ended TV show that the movie tried to properly end, already released by Discotek
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                  Wait...what?! I didn't realize there was a TV series too. COOL!


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                    Masami Obari, the legendary anime director & mech designer whose artwork for Baldios is currently being used for Discotek's release of the TV series, has been informed about the new BD release, and is now asking to be allowed to draw new cover art for Discotek. Just a heads up, in case the cover art gets updated at some point.
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                      via TRSI:
                      - Space Warrior Baldios (TV): Complete Collection (Blu-ray) - 800 minutes - $69.95 - 10/30/18

                      Coming October 30th 2018, Space Warrior Baldios TV series on Blu Ray!

                      Rightstuf pre-order link:

                      1080p high definition, Japanese with English subtitles, Region A.

                      This set features the broadcast ending that shocked audiences at the time, as well as three additional unaired episodes. Japanese with English subtitles.
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                        https://www.facebook.com/Discotekmed...93075153&reply _comment_id=2502919689737110&comment_tracking=%7B% 22tn%22%3A%22R%2313%22%7D
                        Thank you. Discotek Media Please, I need an info about the BALDIOS blu-ray set, which comes from the original Japanese masters. Someone told me that the last 5 episodes of the series are "upscales" and not proper HD, because the original film masters were not available (lost or destroyed). Is it true? Thank you so much, really.

                        We used the Japanese BD masters so ours would be the same. No idea if they upscaled.


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