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AnimEigo licenses Gunsmith Cats [Kickstarter]

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    HAHAHAHA! When I realized the OVA title was "April Fool" I thought, "OH! GOOD ONE!!"


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      $213,656 pledged of $75,000 goal
      2,285 backers
      18 days to go

      Currently Active Stretch Goals
      • $225,000 - Sticker sheet added to each set.
      • $250,000 - English commentary track for Episode 3 featuring [to be determined].

      "On-Deck" Stretch Goals
      • Completely re-edited and expanded ?Making Of? featurette.
      Additional Stretch Goals

      In previous campaigns, some of our best stretch goals have been suggested by backers during the campaign. If you have a good idea, post it in a comment. The most practical stretch goals are those that add content for a fixed production cost - for more information, see this project update.

      Some of our favorite suggestions so far:
      • Commentary by voice actors Kimberly Yates and Amanda Winn Lee.


      Apr 4 2018

      Sketchy Questions
      Dear Backers,

      Once again you have created more work for us by smashing through another stretch goal!

      Strict Tutor

      Since the campaign has passed $210k, Mr. Sonoda will be creating a tutorial on how he draws one of the Gunsmith Cats characters.

      You can help him improve the tutorial by giving us suggestions (in the comments) about what topics he should address. For example, if you are an fan artist, what things give you particular trouble?

      We'll summarize your suggestions and pass them on to Mr. Sonoda.

      In related news, tomorrow at 5pm ET I will add a "Sketchy Materials" reward that will deliver all the artwork that Mr. Sonoda creates while making the tutorial.

      Sticky Questions

      Our next stretch goal will add a sheet of stickers to the Basic and Premium sets. Our current thinking is to do a transparent vinyl sticker sheet with individual super-deformed versions of Rally and May as the main elements -- that way they'll look good on laptops and car windows. But if you have alternate suggestions, let us know.


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        $225,105 pledged of $75,000 goal
        2,407 backers
        15 days to go

        $225,000 - Sticker sheet added to each set.

        "Under Development" Stretch Goals
        • Completely re-edited and expanded "Making Of" featurette.
        • English commentary track for Episode 3 featuring [to be determined].
        We are working out the details of these stretch goals and will announce the next one as soon as possible.

        Additional Stretch Goals

        In previous campaigns, some of our best stretch goals have been suggested by backers during the campaign. If you have a good idea, post it in a comment. The most practical stretch goals are those that add content for a fixed production cost - for more information, see this project update.

        Some of our favorite suggestions so far:
        • Commentary by voice actors Kimberly Yates and Amanda Winn Lee.



        Apr 8 2018

        Sketchy Results

        Hello everyone!

        First off, thanks to all the new backers who pushed us over $225k and unlocked another stretch goal! We are currently working on the details of some new stretch goals and will have them posted as soon as possible.

        At the start of the campaign, I asked for backers to vote on which package art sketches they liked the best. Here were the candidates:


        As of this afternoon, 650 of you have voted, and the ranking is as follows:
        • "B" -- 44% of first place votes.
        • "E" -- 18% of first place votes.
        • "C" -- 15% of first place votes.
        • "A" -- 13% of first place votes.
        • "D" -- 10% of first place votes.
        The order did not change when run through a Wright-STV preference election.

        Based on this, we'll probably use "B" on the A-side of the Amaray case slip (the back side is a "full-graphics" variant without product information; for that we'll use some of the original '90s artwork). Similarly, "E" will get used for the 9-panel poster that gets inserted into the Amaray.

        Decisions about the Premium chipboard case cannot be made until the end of the campaign, as if someone snaps up the Supervillain reward, they'll have input into the final bit of art Mr. Sonoda creates -- and may decide to sadistically keep it for themselves!


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          Apr 12 2018

          About the Commentary

          Dear Backers,

          As many of you know, one of my goals in doing these projects is to give you a "Backstage Pass" to the production process, so you can see the sausage being made (not to mention, help choose the ingredients). With that in mind, I'd like to explain what happened over the past few days regarding the potential Amanda Winn Lee / Kimberly Yates commentary & stretch goal.

          Amanda, Kimberly and I started going back and forth on email discussing the costs & logistics issues, but things slowly got more contentious; this was not helped by a "what I actually wrote ended up being very different from what I meant" mistake on my part.

          At its core, the problem was that I didn't understand a couple of key things about their situation and the constraints they were working under, and they didn't understand how different the Kickstarter / Limited Edition model is from a traditional product release.

          At this point (Wednesday morning), Kimberly and I did something that, in retrospect, should have happened days earlier -- we moved the discussion from email to phone in an attempt to salvage the situation. After a long conversation, we finally came to understand the real underlying issues and came up with a compromise that we thought would address everyone's concerns.

          Unfortunately, Kimberly wasn't able to relay all of this to Amanda until late in the afternoon. And meanwhile, on Twitter... : )

          What Happens Next

          Once we address a few remaining minor details, we should be able to announce a commentary stretch goal in the next day or two.

          Amanda and Kimberly want to do something special, they deserve to be compensated for their work, and there are also expenses for travel, research, preparation, studio time and post-production that will be incurred.

          Paying for this will require a significant stretch goal, but we're working on making it a realistic one. All funds collected since the previous stretch goal ($225k) will count towards it.

          So that's where we are at. Hopefully this story will end up being a comedy and not a tragedy.


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            In all honesty, I see the commentaries as a "bonus." I backed Gunsmith Cats because I loved the show. As much as I prefer Japanese commentaries (and there will be some), I'm all for English commentaries to get more people on board to a show. But I wouldn't back something I hated in the first place just to get the bonuses.


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              Originally posted by Robert J Woodhead
              ...As for the soundtrack, it's been discussed but the licensing issues make it out of scope for this project. We are toying around with doing a kickstarter for some soundtracks at a later date.


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                Apr 14 2018

                One (Quarter) Million Dollars!

                First of all, thank you for your enthusiastic support. When I launched the kickstarter, I thought we probably would make it to $125k. You've just doubled that. Wow!

                Back when the project launched, Michael and Jon of Did You Know Anime? got in touch and asked if there was anything they could do to help. We talked about it for a while and hit upon the idea of revising, updating and expanding the production documentary that originally appeared on the Gunsmith Cats DVD.

                So to celebrate hitting the $250k milestone, we're going to do it. This isn't a stretch goal, it's just a thank-you to you for your support of the project.

                The new production documentary will use the original documentary materials as its core (upconverted and using our new HD materials where possible), but it will also include significant amounts new material, including new interviews with some of the original production staff.

                And like anything else in this project, your feedback is essential. So if there are aspects of the production of Gunsmith Cats that you would like to see addressed in the documentary, sound off in the comments!


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                  Apr 17 2018

                  Commentary Stretch Goal is Live!

                  Natsumi and I are pleased to be able to report that we've worked out the details with Amanda Winn Lee and Kimberly Yates regarding a new english commentary track for Episode 3 of Gunsmith Cats!

                  The stretch goal will unlock the commentary when the campaign passes $300k, and with 6 days to go in the campaign, we're already almost 2/3 of the way there!

                  If you have suggestions about topics you would like to see discussed, questions you'd like answered, etc., please post them below in the comments.

                  Subtitle Improvements

                  Based on your feedback in a previous update, I've done some experiments and come up with some revised subtitle colors. Here's a 1080p demo of the 3 subtitle styles we will be providing on the disc - regular colored, SDH colored, and SDH captions.

                  I'd like to thank the many people who took the time to give me some input about subtitle colors, particularly those with non-standard vision.



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                    $273,077 pledged of $75,000 goal
                    3,126 backers
                    6 days to go

                    Active Stretch Goals

                    $300,000 - English commentary track for Episode 3 featuring voice actors Amanda Winn Lee and Kimberly Yates!


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                      $296,849 pledged of $75,000 goal
                      3,395 backers
                      67 hours to go


                      Apr 20 2018

                      3 Days to Go!

                      Dear backers,

                      Well, with just 3 days to go we are less than $5,000 from reaching the next stretch goal. If people keep signing up at the current rate we will make it with room to spare.

                      Traditionally, this is where project creators ask backers to help out with a final push on social media, by posting a link to the campaign, and who are we to argue with tradition? We've also got a media kit of graphics and videos you can use should you so desire.

                      Of course, we're very grateful to anyone who does this, but today we also want to talk about what you shouldn't do. We've noticed some people considering upping their pledge in order to ensure we make the next stretch goal. Please don't do this!

                      We don't ever want anyone to regret backing any of our projects. So please only support the project at a level that is comfortable for you, and where you would still be satisfied even if the next stretch goal was not achieved. Or to put it another way, whenever you make or change your pledge, do it based on what the project looks like at that moment, not what it might be tomorrow.

                      Vocal Patrons

                      Based on a suggestion from several backers, we've added a new $300 Vocal Patron reward level that provides one of the hardcover artbooks signed by Amanda Winn Lee and Kimberly Yates. It works just like the Signature patron reward.


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                        We Have to Make that Goal !


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                          $300,582 pledged of $75,000 goal
                          3,456 backers
                          48 hours to go


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                            Apr 21 2018

                            Backer's Choice

                            Dear backers,

                            We just passed the $300k mark. Wow. Extra style points to the backer who adjusted their pledge to hit $300k exactly...

                            This means that the Amanda / Kimberly commentary stretch goal has been unlocked!

                            The Final Goal - "Backer's Choice"

                            We've decided to let you, the backers, decide what our final stretch goal will be. What we're going to do is total up all the funds collected over $300k (both during the Kickstarter campaign and for several months afterwards -- some people prefer to sign up later) and use that to determine the budget for the final goal.

                            Then we're going to work up several possible stretch goals (including some based on your suggestions) and submit them to you for a vote. We feel that's the optimal way to handle things given the uncertainty of the final budget, and it also provides time for good ideas to percolate in everyone's heads.

                            Once again, thank you for your support.

                            Robert & Natsumi


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                              From earlier today...


                              $350,879 pledged of $75,000 goal (467%)
                              4,249 backers


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                                Just Waiting on that Paypal Option Now

                                this is going to be Good !


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