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  • [Streaming] 1 & Only Anime Network Thread

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    I figured it's a good time for a dedicated thread for Anime Network (Online and onDemand)


    An email blast was sent out earlier today (see below)...it will be interesting to see if this big service change will have impact on summer simulcasts.

    BIG BIG Changes Coming Soon to Anime Network!

    Anime Network Online will be experiencing some big service changes over the coming weeks.

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    They've apparently had new apps in the work for sometime, so I wonder if that could be part of it. I could also see them adding an add supported stream, as well as their current membership system. They've been lacking one since the changes at Hulu. Beyond that, I really have no idea. However, having a more competent competitor to the CR/Funi duopoly, that doesn't require a double subscription would be nice.

    I just hope they don't ditch their online forums, or change them around again. There and here are really the only civil anime forums left, and I'd really hate to lose one.

    I doubt this will have any impact on Sentai's relationship with Amazon and Anime Strike though. They are probably offering too much cash for them to completely switch services.
    Not to mention, I don't think they can afford to alienate one of, if not their largest retail customer.
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      Section23 Films also confirmed with ANN that the Anime Network Online streaming service will discontinue. The Anime Network will continue to operate as a Video-on-Demand provider. Anime Network Online announced on Monday that it "will be experiencing some big service changes over the coming weeks."
      Anime Network, Inc. announced on Tuesday that it has acquired the "www.theanimenetwork.com" domain name from Anime Network Online (ANO). The website hosts ANO's online streaming service, which consists of content licensed by The Anime Network. Going forward, the domain will focus solely on Anime Network's cable television and subscription video on demand (SVOD) services.

      A new anime streaming service titled HIDIVE also launched on Tuesday. It has not claimed affiliation with Anime Network. HIDIVE will stream some of the same titles that are currently streaming on ANO, including the ongoing simulcast Frame Arms Girl. The anime was previously exclusive to ANO but is now listed as a HIDIVE exclusive.
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        Big changes are underway at Anime Network Online, and we want you to be among the first to know.

        Anime Network Online will cease streaming content at www.theanimenetwork.com effective August 19, 2017 at 11:59 PM CT.

        Is that your sad face?

        Never fear-- our friends and family at HIDIVE.com are taking up the torch so you won?t miss a thing. Plus they?ve got some seriously super surprises in store for you. HIDIVE is a new anime and pop culture streaming service that offers a better video player, live chat, and customizable viewing features just for you! Be one of the first to join the HIDIVE party by clicking here: JOIN HIDIVE!

        Your current ANO subscription will be expiring 30 days after your most recent billing period. However, if you have a yearly ANO subscription, you can claim for a limited time, a generous HIDIVE subscription credit.

        The changes to Anime Network Online do not affect our friends at Anime Network TV. We are leaving them a gift. From August 20, 2017, www.theanimenetwork.com will be relaunched solely in support of the Anime Network television and cable VOD service. There you will find schedule and programming information for local providers.

        So long and thanks for your support. Anime Network Online signing off.


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          Per email blast:

          Dear Anime Network Subscriber

          A Message from HIDIVE!

          You ready to keep the anime party going with HIDIVE? Your pro-rated HIDIVE Premium Membership awaits!

          Register for a new HIDIVE account with your existing ANO login information to take advantage of this offer, and get more value (and more anime!) for your dollar. Once your credit expires, you'll be able to take advantage of HIDIVE's limited-time $3.99 premium membership,

          The HIDIVE beta has everything you love about Anime Network Online and more! With your Premium HIDIVE Membership, get HD streaming, customizable subtitles, and new content added weekly: including simulcasts, dubs, classic anime, and live action. You can even apply your credit towards upgrading your streaming player to 1080P for only a dollar more.

          Activate Your Account
          You already have a HIDIVE Membership waiting: you just have to activate it!

          Click the magic button to apply your remaining Anime Network Online credit to your HIDIVE account.

          *You MUST claim your credit by 8/19/2017 @ 11:59 PM CT to take advantage of this offer.


          If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Anime Network's customer service ([email protected])


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