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Pied Piper, Inc. licenses Skip Beat! (dub crowdfunding via Kickstarter)

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  • https://www.kickstarter.com/projects.../posts/1903388

    Update #34 For backers only.

    Jun 5 2017

    Eyewitness Report of QC Hell, Authoring is FINISHED!

    Dear All,

    There's a lot in this update. Distilled:

    Authoring is finished!!!

    - DVD/BD manufacturer has tentatively committed to shipping the products to the Righstuf warehouse by July 28th, so aiming to ship to you in August.
    - Jackets, t-shirts, and most of the Swag Set (all items except for the bookmarks) are at the Rightstuf warehouse; I will be shipping everything when the DVD/BDs are ready!
    - For those of you who upgraded on Backerkit, the plan is to process the credit card charges in July. I'll give - you a heads up beforehand!

    Juicy stuff below:

    Justin Sevakis Rocks!

    Justin Sevakis Rocks!

    The two lynchpins to this project are Mela Lee heading the dub team, and Justin Sevakis executing the DVD and BD authoring.

    Justin has knocked the disc authoring out of the park. He gave us a top-notch HD upscale, spent countless hours taming the subtitle files, worked with designer Gary Swarer to create GORGEOUS menu designs (especially for the BD!), and patiently answered any and all questions about numerous "what if" scenarios.

    Menu highlights!

    ::: see post :::

    Manufacturing: The Devil is in the Details

    I wrote at the top that manufacturer has tentatively committed to shipping the DVD/BD products to the Righstuf warehouse on July 28th. However, the manufacturer has been VERY SLOW in getting the ball moving. I know from the Time of EVE manufacturing that there are certain steps we need to go through to actually move into production:

    - Final pricing -- not received yet
    - Manufacturer checks the artwork files -- not done yet
    - Invoice for the deposit on the manufacturing -- not received yet

    I sent the final artwork files 3 weeks ago, and have been following up with polite, and most recently hardball emails. If necessary I will take more extreme steps to get this project executed. But those extreme steps would impact the production schedule. I will keep you updated.

    ::: see post :::


    • From yesterday...


      August 1st Credit card charges for Backerkit Add-ons/Upgrades!


      Manufacturing process underway!

      The manufacturer CD Video Mfg had to rebuild and reprice the entire DVD/BD package, which was time-consuming and nerve-wracking. See the mockups below (not pictured - 2.5" sticker, Special Thanks insert, Backer Certificate insert). After much negotiation I paid the 50% deposit on Friday July 14th, and we are officially in the manufacturing stage!

      *If* all goes smoothly, we will be able to ship the rewards in August! I will continue posting micro-updates on the comments section, and I will do another official update before we ship.

      Question for you!

      We have some opportunities to screen "Skip Beat!" at conventions in August, which would be great to promote Skip Beat!

      What if we screen 1 or 2 episodes before you get your DVD/BDs?

      YOU deserve the first viewing, but I need to ask because promotion is critical for getting this release to more fans. As you are probably aware, I set the Kickstarter goal as low as possible so we could get our basic funding goal, and then I committed most of the additional funds toward improving the release (marathon mode, bonus features, and most importantly the English dubs of the music). We created a world-class dub, but this only works as a business enterprise if I can get the DVD/BD packages to more fans. And that requires promotion, and I want to grab every opportunity.

      So that's my pitch to you, but what do you think? Please leave your comments.

      Thank you all!!!!



      • https://www.kickstarter.com/projects.../posts/1961640
        • The printer had to revised 3 of the templates, which set back the production schedule. I've approved all of the artwork except for the chipboard box, which requires 10 days to manufacture. We are now aiming to get the DVD/BD sets to the Righstuf warehouse by the end of this month, and to you ASAP after that.
        • 95% of the upgrade/add-on/slacker backer credit card charges have been successful, so Pied Piper has $28,350 (minus 9-10% fees) additional funds towards remaining manufacturing and shipping/fulfillment costs! Thank you!
        • Thank you everyone for your blessing to do con screenings before you get your discs!!! After discussing further with the dub team, we decided to try doing the premiere screening with one of the main cast members or dub producers. I'll keep you posted on what we are able to arrange!


        • https://twitter.com/piedinc/status/912829577457790976
          A peek at some of the samples of the Skip Beat! DVD/Blu-ray release from our manufacturer. We're inching closer to the finish line! https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DKsFqFDXUAA_Qdo.jpg:orig


          • ^ Oooh!! Cool!


            • Ann sent out an update indicating the DVD/BD sets will be shipped to Rightstuf this week. I guess fulfillment for backer rewards could happen by next week with backers seeing rewards in a couple of weeks. Feels good that this is finally coming to conclusion.


              • Sweet can't wait to get my set and finally check this series out. Heard good things about it.
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                • https://www.kickstarter.com/projects.../posts/2017865

                  IMPORTANT UPDATE: Shipping Delay
                  Dear Backers,

                  I am writing with an important update. CD Video manufacturing promised me that the DVD and BD sets would be shipped from their warehouse on October 6th, but they missed that deadline AND they failed to keep me updated on the problems.

                  Here is the status:
                  • After promising to ship on October 6th, our project manager Barinder realized that our amaray stock was used for another project. The amaray cases (flip trays to hold 3 discs) were special ordered for our project months ago, and it took a week to get replacements. Apparently they are still waiting for 180 additional amaray cases to complete our order.
                  • The original plan was to assemble during the daytime and nighttime shifts, but they decided to use daytime only for better supervision b/c of the complexity of our project. Again, this decision was made AFTER the October 6th delivery date had been promised and compounded the delay.

                  I just got these two photos of our products on the assembly line. This assembly is literally happening right now at their plant in southern California.

                  I will send another update when I have confirmation from Righstuf that the products have been received in their warehouse. I don't want to keep giving you the runaround.


                  • Update #39: Skip Beat rewards - shipping underway NOW!!!

                    Dear Backers, The Skip Beat rewards are shipping NOW from the Righstuf warehouse!!

                    • Give Righstuf a few days to get the rewards shipped. I have all of the tracking info.
                    • The DVD/BD manufacturer still needs to send additional units of "Kyoko's Classic" ($100 tier) - they are waiting to get another box of Amaray cases for us. This shortage will hold up rewards for 40 backers. I am pushing hard to get this resolved ASAP.
                    • 107 backers opted to have their signed poster folded; I just sent you all a direct email asking if you want to have your poster shipped in a mailing tube ($15 add'l cost to pay for postage, mailing tube, and daffodil bulbs for my mom who is packing up the posters). If I don't hear from you by November 3rd Friday noon, I (or rather, my mom) will fold your poster - creased (gasp!!!) forever!!!
                    • Please email me at [email removed] or via Kickstarter with questions.

                    Our mission from Day 1 has been to rescue Skip Beat in style - with a world-class dub and the awesome release it deserves.

                    Did we achieve our goal?

                    Awaiting your judgment,

                    m( . . )m Ann

                    Thank you Shawne Kleckner and the amazing Righstuf crew!!!!
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                    • Originally posted by Mc-Taz View Post
                      Update #39: Skip Beat rewards - shipping underway NOW!!!
                      Got my email invoice. It's on it's way!


                      • Originally posted by Rev. Doc View Post

                        Got my email invoice. It's on it's way!
                        Same, can't wait to finally watch this show. Also received a 5% off coupon from Rightstuf for backing the Kickstarter which I thought was a nice little Halloween treat.
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                        • screencaps


                          • via Naka-Kon: retail Blu-ray release pre-order coming to TRSI (release date: 6/26)

                            via TRSI:

                            Skip Beat!: Complete Collection (Blu-ray) - $59.95 - 6/26/18
                            Skip Beat! contains episodes 1-25 and is based on the best-selling shojo manga by Yoshiki Nakamura. Skip Beat! Blu-ray is exclusive to Right Stuf Anime.

                            Special Features: Dub cast and crew interviews, ?Behind the Scenes? dub photos & video, ?Behind the Beats? dub music recording photos & video, clean opening, clean ending, previews, Honorifics presentation, Localization credits.
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                            • Skip Beat! Blu-ray
                              No Longer Available


                              • https://twitter.com/piedinc/status/1428374938684112900
                                Skip Beat! Blu-ray sets are OOP, and we have *very limited* stock of the Kyoko’s Revenge and Kyoko’s classic sets available on our web store.

                                USA: http://piedinc.com/store-usa-only/
                                CAN: http://piedinc.com/store-canada-only/


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