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Pied Piper, Inc. licenses Skip Beat! (dub crowdfunding via Kickstarter)

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  • Re: Pied Piper, Inc. licenses Skip Beat! (dub crowdfunding via Kickstarter)

    Originally posted by IamBoogiepop View Post
    So how do you upgrade your current pledge via Backerkit?
    Everybody who pledged should have gotten a Backerkit survey e-mail. One of the questions is about add-ons.
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    • Re: Pied Piper, Inc. licenses Skip Beat! (dub crowdfunding via Kickstarter)


      November 15th Tuesday - Addon/Upgrade Deadline!

      Four days left until the Backerkit lockdown date! (For address changes after November 15th, contact me via Kickstarter or [email protected] and I'll update your record manually). This is your deadline for Kickstarter/Backerkit-exclusive addons/upgrades:

      - Skip Beat Official Satin Jacket - hot pink or midnight blue
      - Skip Beat Official Love Me T-shirt - hot pink or gray
      - Official Posters signed by the cast and crew
      - $150 Kyoko's Revenge DVD/Blu-ray deluxe package in chipbox case
      The above items will NOT be available for retail purchase.

      Plus, you can still pre-order the $60 DVD set, $80 BD set and $100 Kyoko's Classic DVD/BD combo on Backerkit!

      Can we get to $30K on Backerkit? We are currently at $16.5K, with $5.5K from 46 newcomers on Backerkit and the remaining $11K from YOU -- THANK YOU!!! Additional funding will support the dub team, who have not asked for a cent beyond the original budget and have absorbed all dub overages (through donating their time, and cold hard cash). The dub team deserves our support!!! AND, I have a few more VERY COOL perks in the approval process. With additional funding, I can give these new perks the top-class treatment they deserve! Please know that your support goes directly to improving this release!

      Lost Your Backerkit Survey?

      No worries! Enter your email address in this link and get it resent!


      Package Design Inspiration

      I want your input on the package design. But first, a little background on the designs.

      The $100 Kyoko's Classic and $150 Kyoko's Revenge package designs are inspired by the Japanese DVDs, which featured casewraps designed like magazine covers.

      ::: see update URL :::

      The mockups in this update are from Gary Swarer, who is doing our package design and DVD/BD menu design.

      I want your input on the 5 questions below. Please give your feedback in the Kickstarter comments or email me: [email protected]

      Important note: These mockups haven't gone through the approval process yet. So, I'll be making additional changes as needed, based on feedback from the Skip Beat! production committee.

      Q1: Chipboard Case

      The chipboard case is exclusive to the $150 Kyoko's Revenge package and is ONLY available through Kickstarter and Backerkit. I am only manufacturing the quantity to fulfill the orders (plus 10% add'l in case of damaged items, etc.) This item will NOT be available for retail sale to the general public.

      The chipboard case specs: Aqueous coating on 80# Litho label stock, which wraps and glues to book board stock. Approximate finished size is 6.75” high, 5.5” deep and 1.125” wide.

      I have three chipboard case mockups. I love all three. I want your guidance. Which design do you want to see on your shelf?

      ::: see update URL :::

      Q2: Slipcover

      The slipcover will hold the DVD amaray and BD amaray, and will be included in the $100 Kyoko's Classic and $150 Kyoko's Revenge packages.

      I only have 1 slipcover mockup to show you. In particular, I want your feedback on the cover.

      - Do you love seeing the main characters together in this magazine-style layout?
      - Or, is it too crowded, unforgivably busy? Back to the drawing board?

      ::: see update URL :::

      Q3: Reversible Casewraps

      The $100 and $150 packages have two amaray cases -- for the DVD and BD sets -- and both will have reversible casewraps.

      Right now, the reversible casewraps are unrelated: character ensemble for the BD, and grudge ensemble for the DVD.

      - Do you like it the reversible casewraps as they are?
      - Or, does it drive you crazy to have totally unrelated designs? Possible alternative -- nix the grudge ensemble (possibly use it in the 20-page artbook), and instead use a character ensemble with Maria and Lory Takarada.

      ::: see update URL :::

      Q4: Spine color

      The Chipboard and Slipcover spines are purple, as you can see in the mockups above. Right now, the DVD and BD casewrap spines are in yellow -- see mockups below.

      - Do you like having yellow for the casewraps and purple for the Chipboard case and Slipcover?
      - Or, do you want all of spines to be purple?

      ::: see update URL :::

      Q5: Keychain or magnet?

      I've kept you in suspense long enough about the exclusive merchandise add-on for the $100+ tiers. You gave me a TON of brilliant ideas. Thank you.

      I made a unilateral and arbitrary decision to feature Bo the Chicken. I hope you like Bo as much as I do, but if not, please indulge me in this one.

      I spent quite literally months searching for manufacturers, and I found two items that give decent value without breaking the budget. (Note: I'll be adding the copyright info to the final design.)

      - Which do you prefer, magnet or keychain?
      - And, I'll be picking just 2 of the 3 poses. I'm thinking of the 2 poses used for the magnets, but let me know what you think!

      ::: see update URL :::

      More $150 Kyoko's Revenge Highlights!

      - The 20-page artbook will feature profiles of the dub VAs and their characters, and the artwork from the Japanese DVD covers.

      ::: see update URL :::

      - And, the $150 package includes the 11" x 17" folded poster (note: if you also ordered the signed poster in a mailing tube, I will include this poster as well -- rolled, not folded)


      Package Design - Update #25 response!

      Thank you for the detailed feedback on the DVD and BD set package design in Update #25. In response:

      - Spine: Thank you everyone for your ideas about the color! In the end, I made my peace with the yellow; unless you decide to go entirely with purple (Q4 above). I flipped the Skip Beat logo 180 degrees - thank you!
      - Back product info: I'm adding the Pied Piper logo - thank you! I'll also be adding a barcode.
      - Back text: Thanks for catching the typos! I will fix those! FYI, I'm only planning to do retail sales online (mostly Rightstuf and Amazon), so the package design/text isn't geared for brick-and-mortar situations (i.e. where someone will pick up the package and decide whether to buy it based on the blurb).
      - Back design: Some of you commented that the design feels to crowded for the BD, especially b/c Sho's guitar extends so far over the screencaps. When I do the final round of design tweaks w/ Gary, I'll ask if he can try adjusting Sho's position (off with his legs!) and maybe making his image a little smaller. For the DVD, some of you commented that it's too bad that the screencaps get cut off on either end. I'll also consult with Gary on this point.
      - Front: For the DVD, I know it feels crowded w/ Kyoko and Sho's heads overlapping the Skip Beat logo quite a bit. I'll see if it works better to make Kyoko and Sho a little smaller.
      - Disc faces: Thank you for the comments on the colors - some positive, some critical. I'm going to go w/ the current colors. I'll make the episode numbers larger, but I'm not going to add episode names (I think that will make the disc faces too cluttered)
      - Amaray cases: Some of you asked about getting a clear case, instead of blue. As I wrote in the comments, unfortunately the manufacturer, CD Video, can't source clear cases for us.
      - Artwork: I'm working with the high-res artwork that TV Tokyo was able to provide, so options are limited!
      I haven't covered everything here, but please know that I read all of the comments, and your nuanced feedback is always eye opening!


      • Re: Pied Piper, Inc. licenses Skip Beat! (dub crowdfunding via Kickstarter)


        Update #29

        Nov 17 2016

        Backerkit Extended until December 15th, Package Design Picks, Dangerously Funny Video!

        Fabulous Backers,

        Backerkit Extended until Dec. 15th!

        As I wrote in the last update, my plan was to lockdown Backerkit on Tuesday Nov. 15th. But, on Monday I had a conversation with TV Tokyo, and they are working on approvals for one more element to add to the dub. TV Tokyo and I have agreed on December 15th as the cutoff date for the approval process.

        If the approval comes through, it'll be another chance to get Skip Beat! into the spotlight and potentially bring more folks on board. So, I've decided to extend Backerkit until December 15th.

        We are now at just over $21K on Backerkit, with 60 newcomers -- YEAH!!! THANK YOU!! This additional funding goes directly to improving the release and supporting our phenomenal dub team!

        Backerkit Credit Card Charges in early 2017!

        Backerkit has advised me to charge credit cards when we are closer to the shipping date. So, if you've done add-ons and upgrades in Backerkit, I won't be charging your card until early 2017, when we've set the shipping date for rewards.

        Some of you have written that you want to do the payment now, so you don't have to worry about when the charge will take place. Here's what you can do:
        - Find the total that you owe in your Backerkit profile - click here if you need your profile info emailed to you
        - Send your payment via Paypal, and you're done!

        Chipboard Case Design!

        ::: see post link :::


        ::: see post link :::

        Casewrap reverse sides!

        ::: see post link :::

        Spine Colors!

        ::: see post link :::


        ::: see post link :::



        • Re: Pied Piper, Inc. licenses Skip Beat! (dub crowdfunding via Kickstarter)


          Dear Backers,

          I am proud to announce that we are adding English versions of "Namida" and "Eien" -- this means we are dubbing all of the songs in the anime!

          Namida - Ending Song Ep. 1-19 // Performed by Robbie Daymond & Raj Jain // Produced by Dan Antunovich // Guitar – Michael ‘Fish’ Herring // Drums/ Bass/ Keyboards/ Programming – Dan Antunovich

          Eien - Ending Song Ep. 20-25 // Performed by Vic Mignogna // Produced by Dan Antunovich // Guitar – Michael ‘Fish’ Herring // Drums – Neal Daniels // Bass/Keyboards/Programming – Dan Antunovich

          Bios below to introduce you to our extraordinary musicians!

          Skip Beat Teaser featuring Caitlin Glass, Mela Lee and Cristina Vee


          • Re: Pied Piper, Inc. licenses Skip Beat! (dub crowdfunding via Kickstarter)

            I'm really impressed with how the dub production is coming along, and can feel all the passion in the updates about it. I'm looking forward to seeing the release, and hopefully any successes from this will just mean even more potential for Pied Piper and other overlooked titles. Just great to finally get a R1 release for this show itself, though.


            • Re: Pied Piper, Inc. licenses Skip Beat! (dub crowdfunding via Kickstarter)

              I received a test shipment from Ann yesterday of the Skip Beat! Kickstarter posters rolled in a poster tube. She wanted to see how the package would fare in shipping before sending the rest of the posters out to all the other backers who requested rolled posters. It passed with flying colors! A big thumbs up to Ann - Funimation could really learn something from the way these were shipped compared to their sub-par efforts with shipping the Escaflowne Kickstarter posters.... Now I need to purchase a couple of 11x17 frames to mount these in, asap!

              The Skip Beat! poster version with the English dub main cast signatures:

              The unsigned poster version - different image than the signed version:
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              • Re: Pied Piper, Inc. licenses Skip Beat! (dub crowdfunding via Kickstarter)

                Nice! Those are looking great. Will certainly top the folded poster that comes with the box set. I wonder if that one will be a different design, or if it will be the same as the unsigned poster.
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                • Re: Pied Piper, Inc. licenses Skip Beat! (dub crowdfunding via Kickstarter)

                  I believe the folded poster is the same image as the unsigned one...


                  • Re: Pied Piper, Inc. licenses Skip Beat! (dub crowdfunding via Kickstarter)


                    Update #31

                    Dec 14 2016

                    Backerkit Closes in 30 Hours!

                    Dear Fabulous Backers!

                    Backerkit Closes December 15th 11:59PM PST

                    You have 30 more hours to do upgrades and add-ons! Remember, the $150 Kyoko's Revenge package is pre-order ONLY. I will manufacture 10% add'l quantity (in case of damaged items), but that's it.

                    View your pledge status here:


                    Important: I will close Backerkit to upgrades/new orders on December 15th 11:59PM PST, but your credit card won't be charged until we are closer to the shipping date. If you want to pay now, you can use Paypal!


                    • Re: Pied Piper, Inc. licenses Skip Beat! (dub crowdfunding via Kickstarter)

                      If you had swag, check your email!

                      Searching for a Solution!

                      Dear Skip Beat Supporters,

                      This is Ann from the Skip Beat campaign. I'm sending this email to everyone who has ordered the Swag Set. First, thank you for your support!!!

                      I promised you an Official Skip Beat notebook as part of the Swag Set. But, I've come up against a hard reality: I can't manufacture the notebook without losing money. I've searched far and wide (including Alibaba, promotional items manufacturers, and the printer in Korea from the Time of EVE project), but the minimum quantity (200 items) makes the manufacturing costs prohibitively high.

                      I considered just biting the bullet and producing the notebook at a loss. But, TBH, if I take that route, I will be giving up on Pied Piper's future, and I don't want to do that. I want to stay in this game, and I want to have a shot at working with you again on the next rescue mission.

                      I've come up with two alternatives that work within the budget. I can only produce one of these options. Which do you prefer?
                      Option #1: Bookmarks

                      Two 4-color bookmarks printed on both sides with Skip Beat logo
                      Printed on glossy cardstock
                      If you want (and only if you really want this) I can sign one of the bookmarks; I feel really embarrassed offering this as an option, but some people asked if I could sign the poster along with the dub cast, so I'm just putting this out there.

                      Option #2: Sticky Notepad

                      3" square post-it style notepad, 50 sheets in total
                      4-color printing with Skip Beat logo

                      FYI, here are the other items in the Swag Set:

                      Love Me Section embroidered iron-on patch
                      Skip Beat pen
                      Two can badges

                      Which item would you prefer - bookmarks, or sticky notebook?

                      I need to make a final decision by the end of this week - Friday, December 30th. Please reply via email: [redacted]

                      This campaign is all about transforming our passion for Skip Beat into the best possible North American release. Please know that your funding has gone directly to support the dub team, and has enabled artists to do the work they love.

                      !!!Thank you!!!
                      Personally, I find bookmarks more practical, but I also do a lot of reading, so that's what I chose. Kinda sucks the notebooks won't happen, but I don't want her to go bankrupt either. I'll be curious to see what people want. I'm glad Ann has been so proactive. It makes setbacks not as annoying/frustrating when there's communication. *Looks at Funimation*


                      • Re: Pied Piper, Inc. licenses Skip Beat! (dub crowdfunding via Kickstarter)


                        Update #33 For backers only.

                        Feb 25 2017

                        DVD/BD Production Credits Feb 28th deadline + Production update + Dub previews!

                        Production Update!

                        Bad news first:

                        - We are not going to ship the rewards in Q1 - please see updated schedule below!

                        - After lengthy discussions with TV Tokyo, I had to remove the Dub Audio Commentary and Blooper Reel from the BD/DVDs. I'll make the Dub Audio Commentary available via password-protected streaming when the rewards are shipped. Unfortunately, I can't release the Blooper Reel at all. (Backstory: The Blooper Reel was part of the original proposal and didn't raise any red flags with TV Tokyo. However, when I submitted the Blooper Reel for approval, I found out that it is considered to be "re-editing" of the original footage, which requires approval from the TV series director. They couldn't get the approval because this series is so old. I tried to re-edit the Blooper Reel with still images, but couldn't get officially approved stills for all of the scenes. I learned a lot of painful lessons, and I'm very, very sorry that I can't get the Bloopers to you.)

                        Good news:

                        - Package, merchandise and menu designs have been 100% approved by the production committee - bless their souls!!!

                        - I hired a professional timer and editor to complete the remaining subtitles (Episodes 11-25), deadline the end of February

                        - The next steps are DVD/BD authoring, manufacturing and shipping/fulfillment.

                        I'm aiming for this production schedule:

                        - March - authoring
                        - April - DVD/BD manufacturing, printing of package components
                        - May - assembly of package components
                        - June - DVD/BD shipping

                        Merchandise (Swag Sets, T-shirts, Jackets) will be ready to ship by May at the latest, and I will do my best to get those items out the door at an earlier date.

                        Credit cards for Backer Kit upgrades/addons won't be charged until we are closer to the shipping date.



                        • Re: Pied Piper, Inc. licenses Skip Beat! (dub crowdfunding via Kickstarter)

                          It's really unfortunate about the bloopers. That may explain why you don't see them these days. (Which is SO annoying, but you have to do what Japan says if you want to stick around.)


                          • Re: Pied Piper, Inc. licenses Skip Beat! (dub crowdfunding via Kickstarter)

                            Man the amount of bureaucracy (yeah for spellcheck) involved on the Japanese side always seems like such a nightmare to deal with for both parties.
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                            • Re: Pied Piper, Inc. licenses Skip Beat! (dub crowdfunding via Kickstarter)

                              I feel like TV Tokyo's stance towards bloopers are a bit extreme. It's like they believe the existence of bloopers only stand to taint the entire product, which is far from the truth. It sucks we can't get those anymore despite TV Tokyo's initial permission but if that's the only thing we lose out on in this release, it'll still be fine with me.


                              • Re: Pied Piper, Inc. licenses Skip Beat! (dub crowdfunding via Kickstarter)

                                Thanks to @worldofcrap for getting the check discs out so quickly. Here's a sneak peek at the menu https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C8iN1yjXgAAzF4K.jpg:orig


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