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  • [Theatrical] The Laws of the Universe Part 0

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    http://www.elevenarts.net/th_gallery...niverse-part-0 (Screening Schedule)

    The Laws of the Universe - Part0 [Official Teaser Trailer]
    Published on Sep 18, 2015
    The Laws of the Universe - Part0

    Executive Producer / draft - Ryuho Okawa
    Director - Isamu Imakake
    Writer - "The Laws of the Universe – Part 0" scenario projects
    Music - Mizusawa Yuichi
    Animation - HS PICTURES STUDIO

    ■ "The Laws of the Universe – Part 0" Official Site
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    Re: The Laws of the Universe Part 0

    Oh god, is that the infamous series of movies done by that cult Happy Science guy?
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      Re: The Laws of the Universe Part 0

      So I’ve seen the Laws of the Universe Part 0 movie. I was one of two people who saw it during my showing. As I’ve seen a bunch of their other movies, I had a slightly more knowledgeable mindset on what I was getting into. I’m not sure how much news/review coverage this will get since it’s a weird movie, but here is some of my thoughts on it, without going into any plot details.

      Like all of the other movies, it hits the same marks. About 45 minutes in it will start hitting you with some of the religious beliefs. But none of them were in-your-face like some of the earlier movies. Political commentary was kept to a minimum. There was really only 2 lines that jump out at you. In ways this is the most accessible movie of all them.
      Pacing-wise, it’s a bit slower in the beginning. The last 30 minutes go into the “bad guys are bad." But it’s fine, it works for what it wants to do.

      Localization-wise it was probably alright. I’m pretty sure they were referring to “anime” in the Japanese version, but the character called it “cartoons” and “comics” a lot. Until that one point when a character referred to it as “Japanese Anime,” then back to “cartoons” again. When they were making the movie, they probably had an international release in mind, so there wasn’t very much Japanese text on screen. Where there was, it was shown with subtitles for the first time.
      Also, there is a short scene after a minute into the credits role. I think it’s there to help tie this back into the “Laws of the Universe” movie (since this is a prequel). Otherwise, it’s pretty much detached from the other movies.

      Background music and foley was serviceable. Nothing really to comment on. There was an insert song to push through a montage as well. The Japanese subtitles were on the right-hand side, which based on the song, was probably pretty close to an exact translations.
      The voice acting was done by Bang Zoom, as the movie was dubbed for an English release. This was done as well as you expect any anime to be. I will say that voice of the “Bee Alien” was my favorite. I didn’t catch his name… I wished he had more lines since he was great. The previous movies were quite laughable for a dub, but this one is fine.

      Backgrounds: Great. But it’s a school setting, so it’s not that hard to screwup.

      Foregrounds: Great. Anytime you had close-ups of characters they stayed on model, and looked how you would expect. The level of detail would be what you expect based on the art style.

      Middle-grounds (or the “wonky window”): Ugh. This movie could not handle characters looking good in that “standing behind the main character talking” location. If those characters were way in the background, that would be one thing. But they sometimes just looked off. Anna was the worse. Her eyes just always looked off. It was bad, almost to the point of distracting. The other characters weren’t as bad, but for some reason she just couldn’t get her expressions to look right. If the characters were farther in the background then it’s forgiving if you lose a lot of the details. But it was still close enough to the front that you just took notice.
      The animation was clearly broken up into 3 different studios. And you can tell the frames for each studio. It was that noticeable. So if you’re watching at home it could turn into a fun game of guess the studio! Here’s how I broke it down:

      Studio A: Did all of the key frames, and anytime you were looking at one character. It was all consistent. This was probably done by Brain’s Base as it’s solid.

      Studio B: Did the CG for backgrounds and some of the harder, free floating camera shots that needed it. It’s noticeable, but wasn’t used that often. It looked more like “Knights of Sidonia” stepped into the movie in terms of how those characters looked. Also the ending action scenes of the movie were much better than the other movies.

      Studio C: For all of the non-important, and transitioning scenes…. This just all looked bad. If you are watching on a TV or Computer screen, maybe it won’t look bad. But man, it just didn’t look good on the big screen. You can tell that the animation was done as cheaply as possible and was just off putting. It’s mostly the faces that looked off (as noted above). If they don’t clean some of it up for the DVD/Blu-Ray releases, I’m sure someone is going to take some not so glamorous screenshots. If this was a “rush to the TV” for broadcast, I would give it a pass. It’s not the “worst animation for 2015” or anything like that but for a full movie… I think they could have done better, even when you compare it to other scenes in the same movie that shows it could do better.

      I think this movie will do well in Japan. They always seem to. It’s such a middle of the road movie, that there isn’t a lot to hold onto. So it’s going to be passed by for most of the anime fans, unless they toss it up on Netflix or something. And you aren’t missing much but this is probably the most accessible without being too overly heavy on any religious/political themes. And the themes they do touch on are so neutral, it’s not likely to offend anyone. But if you like the other movies, you should know what you are getting into, since once you see it, then you know where it’s coming from. I enjoyed it for what it is, but it’s hard to recommend. I’m glad that Eleven Arts was picked up a distributor for this film, since it’s good for these types of movies to get some exposure they wouldn’t normally have.


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        Re: The Laws of the Universe Part 0

        - The Laws of the Universe - Part0 Official Theatrical Trailer [HD] (dubbed)
        - The Laws of the Universe ‐ Part0 CAST & VOICE DIRECTOR


        - The Laws of the Universe ‐ Part0 [Field Making video and VOICE DIRECTOR & CAST talks the movie]
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