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  • [Streaming] 1 & Only Viewster General News Thread

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    I figure a new thread for Viewster general news may be good. With this latest news, it will be interesting to see how the operates hereon for North America. Their website for anime and other media contents is: http://www.viewster.com/.

    SVOD Service Viewster Opens L.A. Office
    6/18/2015 1:43am PDT

    Swiss-based streaming service Viewster has opened an office in Los Angeles to further its push into the North American market.

    The group, which offers ad-supported streaming of film and television series, with a strong focus on foreign titles, has hired Rob Pereyda, an executive with experience in the Japanese entertainment industry, to head up the L.A. office. He will serve as Viewster’s Chief Strategy Officer and CEO of the company's U.S. subsidiary, Viewster Inc.

    Viewster declined to give details of its new U.S. operation, expect to say that Pereyda will focus on developing new revenue and product offerings for the group, with a focus on genre content, including horror, sci-fi, anime and gaming. The company said it would also launch a premium offer of its ad-supported service in North America.

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    Re: 1 & Only Viewster General News Thread

    I am new to Viewster. Is it supported by Roku or Chromecast?
    Blu-ray/DVD Collection / MAL / IMDB
    Most wanted anime licenses: Kodomo No Omocha, Pumpkin Wine, Maison Ikkoku Movie/OVA, Tokimeki Tonight, Nurse Angel Ririka SOS, Windaria, End of Summer
    Most wanted live action Blu-Ray releases: Blood Beach (1980), Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977), Malibu Bikini Shop (1986), Streets of Fire (1984), Dead of Night (1945)


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      Re: 1 & Only Viewster General News Thread

      Originally posted by Steve_the_Talking_Pie View Post
      I am new to Viewster. Is it supported by Roku or Chromecast?
      Roku is listed.



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        Re: 1 & Only Viewster General News Thread

        Originally posted by Rob Pereyda
        Excited to announce that I've joined @Viewster full time as CSO of global org and CEO of US subsidiary Viewster Inc! http://www.corp.viewster.com/viewste...ue-initiatives
        Viewster Opens Los Angeles Office to Drive Revenue Initiatives

        Video streaming service expands operation’s footprint and appoints industry veteran Rob Pereyda to lead global strategy and develop North American market

        Zurich, Switzerland and Los Angeles, CA – June 18, 2015 -
        Viewster, the worldwide video streaming service, announced today the opening of its new office in Los Angeles to drive its strategic growth and revenue initiatives, including a premium offering. Japanese entertainment industry veteran Rob Pereyda will lead the development of new revenue and product offerings and work to drive Viewster’s position in North America in genre content, including anime, sci-fi, horror and gaming.
        Since Pereyda started working with Viewster as a strategic advisor in 2014, the company has become a leading player in anime streaming across Europe and begun to rapidly grow in North America. Prior to Viewster, Pereyda served at the Tokyo headquarters of BANDAI NAMCO Games in corporate planning, network strategy and producing. He has also previously worked in licensing at Crunchyroll and Capcom.
        “Los Angeles is not only the heart of the global entertainment industry, it is the entry point for anime and related genre content into America,” said Kai Henniges, CEO and Co-Founder of Viewster. “Our new team, led by Rob, will be central to Viewster’s innovation, both crafting and driving our new products and services.”
        Specific details on Viewster’s strategic initiatives being run out of the Los Angeles office will be announced at a later date on a rolling basis. Pereyda will serve Viewster globally as its Chief Strategy Officer and in the United States as the CEO of its American subsidiary, Viewster Inc.


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          Re: 1 & Only Viewster General News Thread

          Exclusive: Viewster Inc. to Open Premium Video, Merchandise Service 'OMAKASE'
          posted on 2015-07-22 16:30 EDT

          U.S.-based subsidiary plans HD video with simulcasts, more obscure titles

          Viewster Inc., the worldwide video streaming service Viewster's new Los Angeles-based subsidiary, told ANN on Wednesday that it is launching a multi-faceted subscription service called OMAKASE.

          Part of the service will be ad-free HD video, including both anime simulcasts and more obscure titles. Shows Viewster already streams will become available in HD for subscribers, while the new additions will usually also be available for free SD streaming with ads.

          "In terms of video, we see a combination of 'never before released' and 'license rescue'—both have appeal if it's the right title," said Viewster Inc. CEO Rob Pereyda regarding video selection.

          The service will also distribute a merchandise box once every two months, and will offer a third area of content the company has not yet revealed. The merchandise boxes will include items such as a gold-foil hardcover manga and a figure that the company worked with a partner to create.

          The video service, as well as the third area of content, will be available on mobile apps. The company is also planning to offer video on devices such as Xbox 360 and Roku.

          Viewster Inc. plans to launch OMAKASE in the fourth quarter of 2015. The company has not yet announced pricing for the service, but the billing cycle will be bimonthly, like the merchandise boxes.

          The company will have a few hundred "beta" boxes available to win at its booth at Otakon this weekend.

          The name "OMAKASE" is a Japanese word that means "trusting the decision to someone." The term is used in restaurants to describe a meal arranged by the chef.

          Vewster's head office is in Zurich, Switzerland, but it also has a branch office in Germany. The company was founded in 2007. The free streaming site is supported by advertising and has more than 10,000 titles in its catalog across anime, thriller, sci-fi, and fantasy.

          Viewster has offered simulcasts—such as Charlotte, Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, and Plastic Memories—in North America as well as other countries and territories. Viewster exclusives include Sushi and Beyond, Vampire Holmes, Welcome to Irabu's Office, and NieA_7.

          Viewster launched a new mobile app for iOS and Android in May.
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            Re: 1 & Only Viewster General News Thread

            Viewster have started promoting their Omakase service (via Referral Program), you'll need to be an existing user to sign up but it's free. Presumably to help spread interest. Some people have experienced issues with their links, possibly due to accidental region locks. It's currently only for the UK, US & Canada though.
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              Re: 1 & Only Viewster General News Thread

              In case anyone is interested, I've just noticed that our Sam is now Vice President of Viewster, Inc (he was Viewster's Director of Operations).


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                Re: 1 & Only Viewster General News Thread


                An all-new experience for anime fans, bringing you a curated package of artfully selected merchandise alongside a premium anime streaming service with digital exclusives.

                SUBSCRIBE $29/2 months (+ Shipping & Handling)


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                  Re: 1 & Only Viewster General News Thread

                  Some important info on when they will ship out the box. So you have time to subscribe to receive the first box.
                  The first OMAKASE ships end of November. Subscribe before 11/23 to get yours!

                  So i can still save up money to subscribe! :D


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                    Re: 1 & Only Viewster General News Thread

                    https://twitter.com/ukanime/status/658264800032591872 (from Viewster's MCM London panel)

                    January 2016's Omakase box will be Naruto themed


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                      Re: 1 & Only Viewster General News Thread

                      March 2016 Omakase box is Hatsune Miku themed.


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                        Re: 1 & Only Viewster General News Thread

                        VIEWSTER SHUTTING DOWN OMAKASE
                        Subscription Box/Streaming Service

                        Posted by Milton Griepp on March 15, 2016 @ 7:06 pm CT

                        Barring a sale, online video service Viewster is shutting down its Omakase subscription box/streaming service at the end of March. The shutdown will occur after the company’s third box, themed around Hatsune Miku, ships, with all orders filled and commitments met, according to the announcement. Viewster will continue its free ad-supported streaming service.

                        The service had “created billing relationships” with over 10,000 fans, but “the numbers were not scaling at the level or on the timeline that Viewster AG had hoped for,” the announcement by Omakase CEO Rob Pereyda said.

                        There’s still hope that a buyer may be found, however. “Omakase is a genuinely exciting business that appeals to the best kind of fans in the world, and would fit nicely into many kinds of media and entertainment organizations,” Pereyda said.

                        The service had a unique concept and high value proposition, but it entered a market crowded on both fronts, with plenty of competition for anime streaming and for anime-based subscription boxes.
                        Originally posted by samuelp
                        Viewster no longer has any content acquisitions people anywhere in its organization, so I doubt there will be any new content acquired at all.
                        FYI I left Viewster end of 2015 and didn't sign any NDA, so invite me on for a tell all ANNCast sometime!


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                          Re: 1 & Only Viewster General News Thread

                          The Future of Viewster

                          Following the news of OMAKASE’s discontinuation, countless fans reached out to us on social media with words of encouragement. We were amazed by the loyalty and support we received and we appreciate the dedication our viewership has shown. We also received many questions concerning the future of Viewster. Have no fear, we are still here.

                          Going forward, Viewster will continue to offer an unprecedented viewing experience of specially curated titles-from anime, to sci-fi, and everything in between. Our catalog will continue to expand as we work to provide a more-encompassing experience for our growing fan base across the world.

                          In addition to our dedication to the online Viewster experience, our attendance at conventions and events all over the globe will continue. We are committed to connecting with our fan base both in person and through social media. Our presence across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more will continue to provide users with a direct way to influence the way they interact with the shows and the people they enjoy.

                          In short, Viewster will continue to be a continually evolving major player in the video streaming scene and we are excited to have you on this journey with us.

                          Stay tuned for an exciting announcement in the coming weeks, and make sure to keep up with us on social media to be the first in the know!


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                            Re: 1 & Only Viewster General News Thread

                            Before I had a smart TV Viewster didn't really mean much to me. But since buying one I've downloaded their app and they have quite a selection of shows available for streaming. I'm glad that they will continue to provide their streaming services because between them and Crackle they are the most used apps I have on the TV personally. I've been watching Log Horizon there, which is a show that I wasn't necessarily interested in to check out when it was simulcating, and there's just a lot of different stuff they have on offer. So I'll continue using it as long as it remains supported. It's unfortunate that Crunchyroll's app isn't on Samsung TVs anymore, but it allows these other platforms more exposure I guess since I'd probably rely on CR otherwise. I'll be keeping my eyes on whatever new content they decide to add in the future.
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                              #Cinedigm Agrees To Acquire Global #VOD Services #Viewster and Viewster #Anime. Accretive Deal Bolsters Their Extensive OTT Content Portfolio with over 5,000 Films and Series Perfectly Complementing the Company’s Roster of Anime Offerings in over 30 Territories.

                              Cinedigm Agrees To Acquire Global VOD Services Viewster and Viewster Anime

                              LOS ANGELES, Dec. 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM) announced today the agreement to acquire the global OTT VOD service Viewster and its subsidiary platform Viewster Anime, in an important move that further bolsters the Company's already-extensive OTT content portfolio while adding an established and well-known property with trademarks in more than 30 countries around the world. Viewster and Viewster Anime's roster of fandom offerings will be immediately combined into Cinedigm's library of channels and content, with the Company taking over operation of all content, applications, and social assets belonging to both platforms. Ad sales will be handled in-house and through Cinedigm's network of partners. Cinedigm expects the acquisition to be consummated in January 2019.

                              Founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 2007, Viewster quickly emerged as a competitive force in the global Video On Demand industry. Cinedigm plans to make Viewster a core part of its ad-based content strategy, integrating the platform's eclectic entertainment library featuring over 5,000 films and series curated by a community of video creators and pop culture enthusiasts. Viewster offerings span across a wide array of genres, spotlighting cult classics, horror, comedy, gaming, documentaries, action, and more, including Night Of The Living Dead, Fists Of Fury, Gamers: Beyond The Game, American Grindhouse, Visioneers, Maricraft, Sparkles, Honest Trailers, and Happy Tree Friends.

                              Cinedigm will continue to distribute Viewster Anime as a standalone brand, featuring its impressive selection of acclaimed Anime films and series, ranging from classic favorites to fresh simulcasts delivered straight from Japan, providing viewers with instant access to top-tier premium full-length content. Highlights include hit films such as Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, and Fist Of The North Star, as well as popular series such as Mononoke, From The New World, and Gate, among many others. The platform offers programming in a wide variety of languages, and new content is added every week.

                              "Viewster and Viewster Anime are the perfect complement to the Cinedigm brand and will be integral in further cementing our impact in the fandom arena," said Erick Opeka, President of Cinedigm Networks. "In the OTT marketplace, there is an incredibly strong desire for the type of content that they specialize in, and this presents a great opportunity for future growth, especially in the quickly expanding ad-supported realm, where we are focusing much of our growth efforts. Viewster has built a strong and recognizable brand with a massive worldwide footprint on a number of different devices, and we look forward to continuing this proud legacy—integrating their diverse films and series into our premium programming offerings and providing even more quality content specifically designed for the Anime and fandom communities."

                              Viewster and Viewster Anime are the latest offerings to join Cinedigm's rapidly growing Digital Networks Group, which plans, launches and manages both owned-and-operated networks as well as partner networks. Currently, the company operates factual network Docurama, fandom lifestyle network CONtv, K-pop and Asian pop culture outlet HALLYPOP, gaming lifestyle network WHAM, family-focused Dove Channel, and combat-sports network COMBAT GO.
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