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  • Penguin Highway | 120 min | publisher: Fuji Creative Corp.

    Movie licensed in the UK (Anime Limited)


    • Haven't done one of these in a while...this time it's for Enoki (http://enoki-films.co.jp/index_list.php). There have been plenty of Enoki licenses picked up recently by Discotek Media. There are still a couple OOP titles that could still be picked up.

      A few unlicensed titles to look at:

      The original Captain Tsubasa series could be interesting pick-up if available (maybe a SD BD candidate).

      J9 trilogy could be another possibility and there are also BD releases in Japan.
      - Braiger (Cosmo Runner) | http://www.tc-ent.co.jp/products/detail/BFTD-0223 & http://www.tc-ent.co.jp/products/detail/BFTD-0224
      - Baxingar (Cosmo Ranger) | http://www.tc-ent.co.jp/products/detail/BFTD-0247 & http://www.tc-ent.co.jp/products/detail/BFTD-0248
      - Sasuraiger (Wonder Six) | http://www.tc-ent.co.jp/products/detail/BFTD-0266 & http://www.tc-ent.co.jp/products/detail/BFTD-0267
      [B]Licensed / released:[/B]
      - 8 Man After | Discotek Media
      - Ayakashi | Discotek Media
      - Babel II OVA | Discotek Media
      - Beast Fighter - The Apocalypse | Discotek Media
      - Cinderella Boy | Discotek Media
      - Cosmo Warrior Zero | Discotek Media
      - Demon Lord Dante | Discotek Media
      - El-Hazard: The Wanderers | TRSI / Nozom Ent.
      - Eternal Alice | Discotek Media
      - Fighting Foodons | Discotek Media
      - Gakuen Alice | TRSI / Nozomi Ent.
      - Gokudo | Discotek Media
      - Gun Frontier | Discotek Media
      - His & Her Circumstances | TRSI / Nozomi Ent.
      - Ikki Tousen | Funimation
      - Izumo | Discotek Media
      - Koi Koi Seven | Discotek Media
      - Lost Universe | TRSI / Nozomi Ent.
      - Revolutionary Girl Utena | TRSI / Nozomi Ent.
      - Saiyuki | AEsir Holdings
      - Slayers (Seasons 1 to 5) | Funimation [seasons 1 to 3 in/out of print]
      - Soul Hunter | Discotek Media
      - Soul Link | Discotek Media
      - Supeer Gals! | TRSI / Nozomi Ent.
      - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz | Discotek Media
      - Wild 7 - Another | Discotek Media
      - Babel II: Beyond Infinity [13 eps] | was Media Blasters
      - Capricorn | was ADV Films [VHS]
      - Fortune Quest L [13 eps] | was Media Blasters [incomplete]
      - Genma Wars [13 eps] | was Media Blasters
      - Metal Fighter Miku [13 eps] | was Media Blasters
      - Monkey Magic [13 eps] | was Bandai Ent. [incomplete]
      [B]Previously streamed:[/B]
      - Giant Killing [26 eps] | was Crunchyroll & Gong
      - Acro-Bunch
      - Barom One [13 eps]
      - Bit the Cupid [48 eps]
      - Bucky the Incredible Kid [26 eps]
      - Captain Kuppa! Desert Pirate [23 eps]
      - Captain Tsubasa [128 eps]
      - Captain Tsubasa ~Road to Dream~ [52 eps]
      - Don de la Mancha [28 eps]
      - Dream Racers!! [24 eps]
      - Firestorm [26 eps]
      - Forza! Mario [26 eps]
      - Gorilla Force [52 eps]
      - Hanako-san ga Kit!! School of Horror [33 eps]
      - Honey Honey [29 eps]
      - Inspector Fabre [26 eps]
      - J9 Trilogy 1: Cosmo Ranger [39 eps]
      - J9 Trilogy 2: Cosomo Runner [39 eps]
      - J9 Trilogy 3: Wonder Six [43 eps]
      - Jun and Sara - Sacrifice of the Evil Spirit
      - Kappa Maki and Sushi Kids [130 eps]
      - Little Pollon [46 eps]
      - Little Women [26 eps]
      - Mars the Terminator [13 eps]
      - Mask Battlers [52 eps]
      - Mock & Sweet [52 eps]
      - Nana the Supergirl [39 eps]
      - Pegasus
      - Pilgrim of Arcana -Secret of the Tarot [26 eps]
      - Prince Mackaroo [1420 eps]
      - Prince Mackaroo - Adventure of Fullmoon Road
      - Prince Mackaroo - Call of Milkyway - A Journy to Wish Star
      - Prince Mackaroo - Who's Back is Comfy and Snug?
      - Puss 'n  Boots [26 eps]
      - Rainbow Samura [39 eps]
      - Rocky Rackat! [170 eps]
      - Romance of Three Kingdoms - Great Conquest
      - Romance of Three Kingdoms - Part 2
      - Romance of Three Kingdoms - Part 3
      - Shooting Starlets Musumet [13 eps]
      - Submarine Super 99 [13 eps]
      - The Adventures of Scamper the Penguin
      - The Adventures of Huck Finn [26 eps]
      - The Adventures of Huck Finn
      - The Galaxy Adventures of Oz [26 eps]
      - The Galaxy Adventures of Oz
      - The Journey of Puss 'n Boots
      - The Life of Confucius
      - The Quest of Three Kingdoms [47 eps]
      - The X-Treme Team! [25 eps]
      - Thumbelina [26 eps]
      - Thumbelina
      - Tomato Man and the Knights of the Salad Table [50 eps]
      - Willow Town [26 eps]
      - Willow Town
      - Willow the Robot Kid [52 eps]


      • Will everyone stop ignoring Submarine Super 99 already!? lol. Seriously I'm dying to add that to my Leijiverse collection regardless of its quality. I mean with Beast Fighter and Wild 7 getting picked up I swear Discotek are just trolling me and other who want this from their Enoki Films haul.

        The J9 trilogy is something that would be wonderful, getting to watch Sasuraiger is a dream that I would love to come true.
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        • I think Submarine Super 99 has as good a chance as a number of Enoki titles. The longshot titles are probably titles aimed toward younger audience.


          • Of the remaining unlicensed Enoki titles, these are the ones I'd be most interested in:
            -The J9 Series
            -Jibaku-kun: Twelve World Story (Bucky the Incredible Kid)
            -Shin Seiki Den Mars (Mars the Terminator)
            -Submarine Super 99
            -Mitsuteru Yokoyama's Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Quest of Three Kingdoms)
            -Giant Killing

            And maybe Captain Tsubasa, depending on what Viz will be doing with the current adaptation being made (& what exactly this newest version covers).
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            • https://twitter.com/PONYCANUSA/statu...68197545259009
              【KENGAN ASHURA】Teaser PV (with ENG subtitle)
              Introducing a PV of KENGAN ASHURA (with ENG subtitle). KENGAN ASHURA is an action packed manga series getting an anime adaptation for release scheduled in 2019.
              Introducing a PV of KENGAN ASHURA (with ENG subtitle). KENGAN ASHURA is an action packed manga series getting an anime adaptation for release scheduled in 2019.
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              • Looks like HiDive got Armored Trooper Votoms. They shared this on their Twitter earlier today but then deleted the tweet. Someone might've jumped the gun on their social media.
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                • Good to see! Hopefully that means that either Sentai or Maiden Japan will be putting it on home video too.


                  • Originally posted by Rukiia View Post
                    Looks like HiDive got Armored Trooper Votoms. They shared this on their Twitter earlier today but then deleted the tweet. Someone might've jumped the gun on their social media.
                    Just after I finally got the DVDs. I swear this happens every single time I track down an old show these days.
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                    • Funimation may have SSSS.Gridman. It's listed under their AX panels & screenings info. It may also just be a promotion for Studio Trigger.



                      • Fantasia Film Festival is hosting North American premiere screenings of Penguin Highway and Aragne: Sign of Vermillion.


                        It's not as telling for North American licensors as it is for live-action Japanese films, but you never know.


                        • Looks like Crunchyroll has Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc and the Alchemist Knight, a show that's airing this fall. Expect that show to get officially announced at the CR panel at AX, and it is probably going to get a simuldub as well. This is mentioned in the guest description for the show's director that will be coming to Crunchyroll Expo.

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                          • Originally posted by WTK View Post
                            Some interesting development with Dentsu titles with Discotek's latest announced on Friday (Tokyo Underground and Star Ocean EX).

                            Other known titles handled by Dentsu...

                            Previously released on DVD by Geneon
                            - Ayakashi - Samurai Horror Tales
                            - Human Crossing (licensed by Maiden Japan)
                            - Mermaid Forest
                            - Rumiko Takahashi Anthology
                            - Saiyuki Gunlock
                            - Saiyuki Reload

                            Previously released on DVD by Media Blasters
                            - Tweeny Witches

                            Previously partially released on DVD by Viz Media
                            - Hikaru no Go | Viz probably still have rights since series is still streaming

                            Previously streamed @ Crunchyroll
                            - Yumeiro Patissiere (licensed by Maiden Japan)

                            Previously streamed @ Viewster (outside of U.S.)
                            - Basquash! (licensed by Maiden Japan)
                            - Hataraki Man (licensed by Maiden Japan)

                            Never licensed in U.S.
                            - Saiyuki Reload Burial

                            ...and for reference purpose, these series have SimulDub by Funimation
                            - Convenience Store Boy Friends
                            - Fuuka
                            - SAIYUKI RELOAD BLAST
                            ^ After today's announcements by Maiden Japan.


                            • https://twitter.com/asagao_anime/sta...92009369497600
                              Thank you for coming to the US premiere of Kase-san and the Morning Glories!! We are so glad for your support, and can't wait to release this movie to our American audience!! #AX2018 #asagao_anime


                              • https://twitter.com/discotekmedia/st...69715197255680

                                -too bad @discotekmedia doesn?t have a panel or announcements, I don?t think we could handle it today...

                                -Hey now, we have a panel with great insights and LOTS of announcements!!

                                ...next month, at @Otakon. Hope you can make it!!

                                In the meantime, @AnimeExpo attendees can find us selling BD and DVD goodies at booth 315 in the dealer's room. Come and say hi!!
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