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Anime Limited licenses Angelic Layer

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  • [UK BD] Anime Limited licenses Angelic Layer

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    Another CLAMP series makes it way to the UK! The series was released by ADV a long time ago but it?s coming back to the UK on Blu-ray with a limited collector?s edition release in both English & Japanese audio with English subtitles. The artwork and specs have been revealed including a rigid box, digipack and 40-page book. The series is currently set for release in 2018.

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    Also unveiled today is our intention to bring a classic CLAMP series to the UK on Blu-ray in the form of Angelic Layer - expect to see this series arrive in full late in Q3 this year as a Limited Collector?s Edition Blu-ray sporting a rigid case, 40-page artbook and the full series on three Blu-rays contained within a Digipak.

    EDIT FROM JEREMY - Following on from a question during the Q&A segment of our panel yesterday (Sunday 27th May) about whether there would be any audio commentaries on the discs, we can confirm the on-disc extras for our release of the series will be as follows:
    • Episode 1 Audio Commentary with Jessica Boone (Misaki) & Andy McAvin (Icchan)
    • Episode 6 Audio Commentary with Kevin Corn (Kotaro) & Monica Rial (Tamayo)
    • Episode 11 Audio Commentary with Shelley Calene-Black (Madoka) & English ADR Director, David Williams
    • Episode 15 Audio Commentary with Tiffany Terrel (Kaede) & Tiffany Grant (Sai)
    • Episode 17 Audio Commentary with Sasha Paysinger (Hatoko) & Mariela Ortiz (Ringo)
    • Episode 23 Audio Commentary with Christopher Patton (Ohjiro) & English ADR Director, David Williams
    • Episode 25 Audio Commentary with Christine Auten (Shuko) & Kelly Manison (Shoko)
    • Production Artwork Gallery
    • Clean Opening Animation
    • Clean Closing Animations


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