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Anime Limited licenses Violet Evergarden

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  • [UK BD] Anime Limited licenses Violet Evergarden

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    Screening of first episode this week weekend ahead of its broadcast in 2018

    We're just days away from MCM London Comic Con and we've got special news to share with you that's hot off the press, so to speak. Today we're delighted to announce that this Saturday at the event there will be a UK Premiere screening of the first episode of the upcoming anime series from Kyoto Animation, Violet Evergarden.

    The series doesn't start airing until early year and you'll be able to watch it on Netflix in 2018, but you can catch the UK Premiere of the first episode in the Platinum Theatre at 1:30PM on Saturday, 28th October at MCM London Comic Con this weekend! Please note the screening will be in Japanese with English subtitles.

    Worth noting, and likely to confirm what some suspect given this news, that we (Anime Limited / All The Anime) can confirm that we have acquired the home video rights to this series. But we want to stress that given the series has not started airing in Japan yet - and won't be until early next year - so more than likely don?t expect to hear any news about our release until late 2018 at the absolute earliest.

    We also want to make note of the fact this screening is not part of the current "World Tour" for the series; this is only a screening of the first episode specifically and no guests will be present.
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    Just announced at #CloudMatsuri

    We (All The Anime) are bringing Kyoto Animation's, "Violet Evergarden: The Movie" to the UK in 2021!

    Expect some theatrical screenings (all going well) and a home video release to follow. Please stay tuned for details as we can bring them!


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      AllTheAnime.com order update
      20th December 2020
      Violet Evergarden Collector's Edition

      Dear Violet Evergarden buyer,

      We know many of you were looking forward to receiving shipping notifications imminently for this series - however it’s been brought to our attention that the video quality is not up to our usual standards for a release.
      As a result we’re pausing the release to work with a specialist authoring house to look at the masters and see if we can improve them. Assuming the answer is yes, we’ll get the disc reauthored and replaced in the set as soon as we can before shipping your order to you.
      Anime Limited remains committed to delivering the best possible edition on first release we can, which is why we’re delaying it not just shipping then offering a replacement scheme. As soon as we’ve evaluated the video masters vs the Blu-Rays, we’ll update again on timeframes.

      We thank you for your understanding, and we will continue to endeavour to have Violet Evergarden out to you as soon as possible!

      All the best, and Seasons Greetings
      The Anime Limited Team
      DVDaf :Collection


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        Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto-Memory Doll - Blu-ray Collector's Edition
        RELEASE DATE: 9th August 2021

        Packaging and Physical Contents:

        Comes packed in a rigid case with an Amaray case to hold the disc.

        Includes an 80-page book packed with interviews, information and artwork about every aspect of the film, culminating in a set of storyboards complete with commentary from director Haruka Fujita.

        Also includes a an all-new 28-page Violet Evergarden short story written by original writer Kana Akatsuki translated from the Japanese release, which adds even more emotional context to the contents of the film.


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