I realize this is normally reserved for DVD/BD stuff, but I figure this was... kinda important.

As of this month, there are reports surfacing that Sailor Moon Crystal in Portugal has been cancelled and pulled from the network. What caused this? Apparently Uranus and Neptune are the culpurate, which lead to several scenes being censored, including Sailor Uranus kissing Sailor Moon on the lips.

Although I can't find a full report, some sites are reporting the censorship and removal of the said program:



(Original links are available in respected links)

I'm also hearing from a friend from Portugal, unrelated to the topic at hand, that Crayon Shin Chan may have also recently fell victim to similar circumstances.

All I can say, good god. Thought we were past this in western areas.

Then again, given how Turner's European branch has been censoring Steven Universe for similar content, I guess something like this in Portugal shouldn't be too terribly surprising, but still.