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Anime Limited licenses Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.)

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  • [4KUHD] Anime Limited licenses Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.)

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    Although no official announcement has been made it’s seems that Makoto Shinkai’s animated romance film “Your Name” will receive a UK theatrical release from the 18th November 2016 with both Showcase Cinemas and Vue Cinemas expected to show the film throughout the UK.
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    Re: [UK] Your Name (Kimi no Na wa)

    It's been fairly heavily hinted that Anime Limited have it (I'm forgetting whether it was the latest UKA podcast or Anime Limited's own that talked about it).
    Second link is broken FYI.


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      Anime Limited licenses Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.)

      Announced via their main website and heavily implied after submitting the film to the BFI London Film Festival competition, Anime Limited have acquired the rights to release Makoto Shinkai's film Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.) for the United Kingdom and Ireland.

      We’re concluding this week with some very exciting news! We (Anime Limited) are delighted to announced that we are bringing Your Name, the latest and great film from Makoto Shinkai (The Garden of Words, 5 Centimeters Per Second, The Place Promised in our Early Days) to the United Kingdom and Ireland!

      We’re going to be doing this in a very special way as there will be the opportunity to see this on the big screen across the United Kingdom and in Ireland from 24th November, with cinemas open for ticket sales right now! But that’s not all as it’s been announced that the film will be the first animated film to ever be in competition at the world famous London Film Festival in October, and will be in competition at Scotland Loves Anime 2016 too. All the details on these can be found below.

      As if that wasn’t enough we can also confirm that we (Anime Limited / All The Anime) will bring this wonderful film to both Blu-ray and DVD in 2017. More details will follow on that specifically as they become available next year.
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        Re: Anime Limited licenses Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.)

        Press release for the BFI London Film Festival notice (see thread link for the source).

        The 60th BFI London Film Festival announces that for the first time in its history, it will host a Japanese animated film in competition.

        Blending comedy, drama, heartbreak and wonder, Your Name is directed by Makoto Shinkai, who is often hailed as Japan’s successor to Hayao Miyazaki. In Your Name, Shinkai creates a film which leaps between the urban bustle of central Tokyo and the rural beauty of a country backwater, presented in the radiant detail that have made Shinkai’s films beloved by animation fans.

        Your Name is the story of a teenage boy and girl who have never met, but who start to magically swap minds and live each other’s lives. Mitsuha, a teenage girl student, lives in a small mountain town, but longs for the bright lights of Tokyo far away. Then she is astonished to wake one morning in the body of Taki, a teenage Tokyo schoolboy – who in turn wakes up in Mitsuha’s body!

        Switching back and forth between two lives, locations and genders, Mitsuha and Taki must cope with their fantastic shared situation. At first they are outraged and mortified by what’s happening, but soon they start enjoying their double lives, though they never meet directly. Eventually, though, one of the youngsters will learn the devastating truth behind what’s happening…

        Released in Japan this August, Your Name was an instant hit, shooting to the top of the box-office charts. Both the modern and traditional sides of Japan are shown with extraordinary realism, the modern infrastructure of Tokyo and the ancient Shinto traditions of Mitsuha’s rural home. (The traditional way of making “sake” is shown – it’s not what you’d expect.)

        Shinkai’s previous films include The Garden of Words, Journey to Agartha, 5 Centimeters per Second and The Place Promised in Our Early Days. Typically, Shinkai shows young protagonists with a spiritual link who are kept tragically apart – a motif taken to metaphysical levels in Your Name. As well as directing, Shinkai created Your Name’s story, and handled the film’s script, storyboard and editing. He also wrote the film’s novelisation, already published in Japan.

        In addition, the director employed the talents of acclaimed animation professionals. Your Name’s Animation Director is Masashi Ando, one of the three Animation Directors on the Oscar-winning Spirited Away, directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Ando took the same role on Studio Ghibli’s Oscar-nominated When Marnie Was There, and on two celebrated films by the director Satoshi Kon, Paprika and Tokyo Godfathers.

        Your Name’s Character Designer is Masayoshi Tanaka, who took that role on the animated Anthem of the Heart, which was shown in this year’s Japan Foundation touring film programme.

        Ryonosuke Kamiki voices Taki, Your Name’s male protagonist. Back at the age of seven, Kamiki voiced the giant baby Boh in Spirited Away. Kamiki also featured in Howl’s Moving Castle, Arrietty, and he voiced the hero in Mamoru Hosoda’s film Summer Wars.

        Your Name’s music includes more than twenty pieces by the hugely popular Japanese rock band RADWIMPS.

        Following its UK premiere at the London Film Festival, Your Name will open nationwide at 78 UK cinemas on November 24. The UK is one of the first countries outside Japan where the release plans for the film have been announced.
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          Re: Anime Limited licenses Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.)

          Cinema listings for the film. See thread link for the source. The announcement also states that the film will be available in subbed and dubbed.
          As we mentioned above you will have the opportunity to see Your Name in cinemas across the UK from 24th November 2016. You will be able to catch the film in 78 locations across the United Kingdom & Ireland and you can book your tickets today at the dedicated website for the film, YourNameTheMovie.co.uk

          You’ll be able to catch the film at:

          Aberdeen Union Square – Cineworld
          Basingstoke Festival Place – Vue
          Bath – Picturehouse
          Belfast Odyssey – Independent
          Birmingham Broad Street (Central) – Cineworld
          Birmingham, Star City (Out of Town) – Vue
          Bluewater, Dartford – Showcase CDL
          Bristol (Central) – Showcase CDL
          Bristol Cribbs (Out of Town) – Vue
          Cambridge – Vue
          Cambridge – Picturehouse
          Cardiff – Showcase
          Cardiff – Cineworld
          Cheshire Oaks, Ellemere Port – Vue
          Coventry – Showcase
          Crawley – Cineworld
          Darlington – Vue
          Derby – Showcase CDL
          Dublin, Ireland – Cineworld
          Dudley – Shwocase
          Dundee DCA – Independent
          Edinburgh – Cineworld
          Edinburgh Cameo – Picturehouse
          Enfield – Cineworld
          Exeter – Vue
          Gatehead – Vue
          Glasgow East (Out of Town) – Showcase
          Glasgow Renfrew Steeet (Central) – Cineworld
          Hamilton – Vue
          Hull – Vue
          Inverness – Vue
          Lancaster Dukes – Independent
          Leeds – Showcase CDL
          Leicester – Showcase CDL
          Liverpool – Showcase
          Liverpool, FACT – Picturehouse
          London Central, Central – Picture
          London East, Hackney – Picturehouse
          London East, Newham – Showcase
          London East, West India Quay – Cineworld
          London East, Westfield Stratford – Vue
          London North, Crouch End – Picturehouse
          London North, Finchley Road – Vue
          London North, Islington – Vue
          London North, Wood Green – Vue
          London North, Croydon Grants – Vue
          London South, Ritzy – Picturehouse
          London South, Wandsworth – Cineworld
          London West End, Leicester Square – Vue
          London West, Westfield
          Manchester – Showcase
          Manchester Road – Vue
          Milton Keynes – Cineworld
          Newcastle UL – Vue
          Norwich – Vue
          Norwich, Picturehouse
          Nottingham – Vue
          Nottingham – Showcase CDL
          Oxford – Vue
          Paisley – Showcase
          Peterborough – Showcase
          Plymouth – Vue
          Portsmouth – Vue
          Portsmouth No.6 – Independent
          Reading – Showcase CDL
          Sheffield – Vue
          Sheffield – Cineworld
          Southampton – Picturehouse
          Stirling – Vue
          Stratford East – Picturehouse
          Swansea – Vue
          Teeside – Showcase
          Walsall – Shwocase
          Watford – Vue
          York – Vue
          York – Picturehouse

          NOTE: At time of writing not all locations have tickets available to purchase. But they should be on sale soon.

          Please note that there will screenings in both Japanese with English subtitles and English dubbed screenings too! Please check respective cinema listings for details on languages the film be screened in.

          We will also add that if there is demand for more screenings, we will certainly investigate to see if anything is possible. But currently these are the 78 locations where you will be able to see the film.

          Everyone at Anime Limited is delighted we’re able to bring this film to the UK in our largest nationwide theatrical screening run to date! We really want to make sure as many people as possible have the opportunity to catch this film on the big screen, so we hope you’re looking forward to doing so as much as we are.

          Signing out~!

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            Re: Anime Limited licenses Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.)


            ~ First of all, in case you missed the announcement of us having acquired Your Name in the United Kingdom & Ireland, and the the fact it will be in cinemas from 24th November, CLICK HERE TO READ THIS.

            ~ We can confirm that Your Name has received a BBFC rating of 12A.

            ~ As we mention in the link above, your first opportunity to catch the film on the big screen will be as part of the BFI London Film Festival and tickets are selling VERY well for this. (At time of writing) one of the screening has sold out with the others catching up very quickly. if you’re wanting to catch the film at London Film Festival we strongly suggest booking your tickets sooner rather than later. Book your tickets HERE.

            ~ Don’t forget that Your Name will be getting screened at 78 locations across UK & Ireland from 24th November. We’re delighted with so many of you wanting to catch the film on the big screen. You can book your tickets today at YourNameTheMovie.co.uk and includes all the locations it will be screened at too!


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              Re: Anime Limited licenses Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.)

              Home video confirmed

              Next year's home release of Makoto Shinkai's film your name. will include the film's soundtrack by RADWIMPS. This month's cinema screenings (dubbed and subtitled) can be booked at the film's UK website. Some cinemas are showing one dubbed screening and one subbed screening on the same day. Most of the screenings will be on November 24, though there are some screenings from the 18th and there may be some 'holdover' screenings after the 24th.

              Wait, no, we had that already (I was thinking of Silent Voice). The soundtrack is new news though.
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                Re: Anime Limited licenses Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.)

                You can pre-order our release of #YourName on @AmazonUK right now: http://amzn.to/2hqsnVL
                NOTE: date listed for our release of Your Name is strictly a placeholder at this time.
                We’ll have more details on contents in the future
                Your Name - Collectors Edition (Blu-ray + DVD) (£24.99)
                Your Name [Blu-ray] (£16.99)
                Your Name [DVD] (£14.99)

                Said placeholder: October 30, 2017


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                  Re: Anime Limited licenses Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.)

                  An Ultimate Edition is something we’d like to do, but at this time waiting to see materials will be available to us. ^JG


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                    Re: Anime Limited licenses Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.)

                    WHAT’S THE RELEASE DATE?
                    At this time we can’t confirm this. The date in the listings highlights October 2017. This is due to holdbacks in Japan as part of the terms of our licensing agreement. However, we want to stress now that we do not anticipate this to be available before October 2017 and it could even be potentially later than that.

                    Obviously once we know more we’ll make it known, but we to highlight this from the get go.

                    At this time we don’t know. Releasing an Ultimate Edition for the film is something we would absolutely LOVE to do, but we have to wait and see what materials will be available to us. We in good conscience could not get a listing on Amazon.co.uk unless we were 100% sure we can definitely release an Ultimate Edition. We are huge fans of the film ourselves and believe me when I say if we can release an Ultimate Edition, we will.

                    However, we can tell you that should an Ultimate Edition be possible, it will be in addition to the already listed DVD, Blu-ray and Collector’s Edition Blu-ray+DVD versions you can see on Amazon UK.

                    Yes! No matter which version of Your Name you purchase it will include both the English language and original Japanese language audio with subtitles.

                    WHAT WILL THE EXTRA CONTENTS BE?
                    At this time we can’t confirm this as we need to see what materials will be available to us. (Please refer to Ultimate Edition questions above for reference.)

                    Again, until we have the materials delivered to us we cannot answer this right now. But as soon as we know we’ll be sure to make it known.


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                      Re: Anime Limited licenses Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.)

                      According to Anime on Line the RRPs are actually £17.99, £19.99, and £34.99.


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                        Re: Anime Limited licenses Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.)

                        Originally posted by anime_andrew
                        My plan at least is three versions:

                        1. Japanese with original songs + subs
                        2. English dub with original songs
                        3. English dub with Radwimps English songs

                        For theatrical, I preferred 1 + 2 but was aware 3 was coming early this year.


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                          Re: Anime Limited licenses Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.)

                          Same in Jeremy-speak via an update to the earlier blog entry:

                          UPDATE, 18th January 2017 – Following the news that this week the North American theatrical run of Your Name will include a soundtrack with RADWIMPS, the group who wrote the soundtrack, performing all the songs in the film in English, we want to make it known that this version of this film will also be included in our home video release. So there will be the following language options in every version of our home video release –
                          • Original Japanese with English subtitles
                          • English language with original Japanese version of the soundtrack
                          • English language with English version of the soundtrack


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                            Re: Anime Limited licenses Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.)

                            It will be interesting to see if FUNimation does the same for their home video release.


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                              Re: Anime Limited licenses Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.)

                              Anime Limited store listings:

                              Your Name - Blu-ray + DVD Collector's Edition
                              Your Name - Blu-ray
                              Your Name - DVD
                              RELEASE DATE: TBC

                              NOTE: Complete contents, artwork, design not final.


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