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Anime Limited licenses Production I.G. short films

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  • [DVD/BD] Anime Limited licenses Production I.G. short films

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    Anime Limited announced during their MCM Manchester 2016 panel on 30th July that they will be bringing a selection of Production I.G. short films to the UK as a Collector's Edition Blu-ray. Currently slated for Q4 2016.

    The collection will include:
    • Kick Heart
    • Pigtails
    • Anime Mirai short Li'l Spider Girl (Wasurenagumo)
    • Anime Mirai short Tansu Warashi.
    • Oval x Over

    Kick Heart will be available in English dub and Japanese audio with English subtitles. The rest will be Japanese audio with English subtitles.

    Also acquired is Production I.G.'s forthcoming short film set in the aftermath of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake Pigtails. Plans are to release this thirty minute film as part of a collection of Production I.G. shorts, including Kick-Heart, the studio's Anime Mirai project shorts and Oval x Over, the latter of which has never been released outside of Japan. Some of these shorts will also be screened at Scotland Loves Anime most likely.
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    Re: Anime Limited licenses Production I.G. short films

    Amazon UK Listing

    ""Pigtails"" Production I.G's animated short film based on Machiko Ky's Mitsuami no Kami-sama (Braided Pig-Tail Deity) manga, won the Platinum Remi Award in the Classic Cel Animation Category at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival.

    The story centers around a pigtailed girl who lives alone in a solitary house by the sea after an unspecified disaster.

    • Film on Blu-Ray and DVD
    • Collector's packaging
    Collector's Edition Blu-ray & DVD Combo Pack
    Release Date: ETA December 5th 2016
    Discs: 2
    Format: Blu-ray & DVD Combo Pack
    Language: Japanese with English subtitles (English & Japanese with English subtitles for Kick Heart)
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      Re: Anime Limited licenses Production I.G. short films

      Pigtails to be released as part of Production I.G shorts collection

      The next piece of news is that we’re going to be releasing the short film from Production I.G, Pigtails. This 30 minute short is an adaptation of a manga that won the New Artist Prize art the 18th Annual Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prizes in 2014. The story is set in the aftermath of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and ensuing nuclear disaster. The original manga by Machiko Kyo was a reflection of her personal feelings towards the events that happened in March of 2011.

      Pigtails features an all-star team coming together to bring you this very unique project including animator Toshiyuki Inoue (A Letter To Momo, Paprika, The Boy and the Beast), Studio Ghibli veteran Megumi Kagawa (Porco Rosso, Spirited Away) and background artist Hiroshi Ono (Miss Hokusai, A Letter To Momo, Wolf Children.)

      The short is directed by Yoshimi Itazu, who has previously worked on the likes of Miss Hokusai as character designer and supervising animator, and was also key animator on Hayao Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises. This is his directorial debut and we’re delighted to be able to bring this to the UK as part of a collection of short films from Production I.G that will also include Kick-Heart and Oval x Over. It should also be noted Oval x Over has never been released outside of Japan.

      You can watch a trailer for Pigtails this below.

      It’s also worth noting that some of these shorts will be getting screened at the Scotland Loves Anime film festival in October – stay tuned for details on that as we can bring it.


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        Re: Anime Limited licenses Production I.G. short films

        3rd part retailer listings have changed to March 27, 2017.


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          Re: Anime Limited licenses Production I.G. short films

          Originally posted by NormanicGrav View Post
          Looks to have been cancelled as it is now "currently unavailable" and I can't find it on Anime-on-Line.
          However, a new standard edition listing has appeared on Amazon, due April 24th:

          Pigtails and Other Shorts - Standard Combi [Dual Format] [Blu-ray]


          Looks like there may be a very limited release via their own shop and Zavvi(?) only, presumably due to low numbers of pre-orders:

          Did we kill a CE? Or did we just move it to produce in a more limited quantity to meet actual demand via our shop and a retail partner? As you're so keen to leap to conclusions, I leave it to you to figure out....

          And there's more:

          release that's a little way off Is it? We could get a newswire next week telling us it's out in three weeks, or that it's out in 2018. I have to treat AL titles as both coming imminently and coming eventually at the same time.

          Re Pigtails - We didn't update yet about that because, believe it or not, Q2 listings come up over time and we have 101 other projects to work on and talk about so wanted to wait til it was up to discuss.

          Like I said before a bit, we shifted it as we're playing with new models of release especially for specialist interest shows that allow folks both options (either a standard up front, like so many of you have demanded from me forever) and to do a Collector's in far more limited quantity (limited to 500 numbered units as an experiment) via our shop.

          Actually we have a lot of content for Pigtails so I'm working on a version with:
          • Collector's packaging, limited to 300 - 500 units (waiting to confirm what make sense price wise first).
          • Complete translated storyboards for Pigtails
          • Separate translated hefty book for Pigtails and the other short films in the set.
          • Blu-Ray and DVD versions of the set

          Subject to change based on approvals but that's what I am working on there - it makes more sense as short collections can be a hard sell and we still want to provide something at a good price for those who really want a copy .
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            Re: Anime Limited licenses Production I.G. short films

            Originally posted by Andrew Partridge
            Pigtails, just finished work on the 160 page storyboard book, onto the main booklet.


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              Date for the standard edition is now 18th December on third party retailers.


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