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  • [DVD/BD] [DE / ES / FR / IT] My Hero Academia

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    Thursday, 31 March 2016

    VIZ MEDIA EUROPE (VME) is thrilled to announce the acquisition of the animated TV series MY HERO ACADEMIA for TV, Home Entertainment/VOD, and Licensing & Merchandising rights for Europe (UK & Scandinavia excluded), Russia and Africa.

    MY HERO ACADEMIA is based on +3.7 million selling superhero manga series, serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump and created by Kohei Horikoshi.
    The TV series is being animated by Japanese hit-maker studio BONES, which has been behind various successful anime series like 'Fullmetal Alchemist,' 'Cowboy Bebop,' 'Soul Eater,' 'Space Dandy' and ‘Blood Blockade Battlefront.”

    VME will start presenting the TV series to broadcast partners at upcoming MIPTV 2016 in Cannes and has also striken deals with local SVOD and simulcast platforms in Europe.

    "We're thrilled to be launching in Europe “MY HERO ACADEMIA”, the much awaited new TV series adapted from Shonen Jump’s manga. We believe this new series should resonate well with European fans” says Pascal J. Bonnet - Senior Director TV Sales & Licensing, VIZ Media Europe.

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    Re: [DE / ES / FR / IT] My Hero Academia


    Kazé vient de nous faire parvenir un catalogue très complet concernant ses sorties DVD – Blu ray pour l’année 2017. Entre quelques rappels de titres déjà annoncés, nous retrouvons certa…

    French release listed for Kazé France (BD or DVD). And looks like like Season 2 is 2-cours.

    - S1 BD
    - S1 DVD
    - S2 Box 1 (of 2) BD
    - S2 Box 1 (of 2) DVD
    - S2 Box 2 (of 2) BD
    - S2 Box 2 (of 2) DVD


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      Re: [DE / ES / FR / IT] My Hero Academia

      VIZ Media Europe, the European leader in managing rights for Japanese animated series, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the second season of the...

      Viz Media Europe, the European leader in managing rights for Japanese animated series, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the second season of the most expected anime this year: My Hero Academia.

      Paris, March 10, 2017 — Viz Media Europe has acquired the distribution rights (Simulcast, TV, VoD, DVD, Bluray and merchandising) for the second season of My Hero Academia, in Europe (except United Kingdom and Nordic Countries), Middle-East and Africa. Adapted from the eponymous manga series that was created by Kōhei Horikoshi and published in France by Ki-oon, My Hero Academia takes place in a society where 80 % of the population possesses super-powers (also known as ‘'Alter'’). Izuku Midoriya, a student in the Oridera secondary school, has none. His powers have not emerged... and will probably never do. Next year, he will have to go to high-school, and even without an alter, he has decided on joining the esteemed Yuei academy where all the strongest superheroes have been trained...

      This second season of My Hero Academia will start to air in Japan on Nippon TV and Yomiuri TV, every Saturday at 5:30pm (local time) starting on April 1st, and will lead to a simulcast in several countries in Europe. For France and Germany, Anime Digital Network and Anime on Demand will respectively broadcast this exciting sequel.

      Some figures...
      My Hero Academia is currently one of the most expected animated series on the market. Prepublished since July 2014 in the biggest shonen magazine in Japan, (Weekly Shonen Jump, Shueisha), it has never stopped growing. The franchise is expanding globally with strong sales performances. In France, the first seven volumes of the manga have sold more than 280,000 copies in a few months (source: GFK), while the first anime season has generated more than 4 million views on French streaming platform Anime Digital Network.

      France's Anime Digital Network
      Germany's Anime On Demand


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        Season 1 Collection | August 30, 2017
        - BD: http://anime.kaze.fr/produit/saison_...ro_academia_br
        - DVD: http://anime.kaze.fr/produit/saison_...o_academia_dvd


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