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Anime Limited licenses Psycho Pass Season 2 & Movie

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    Re: Anime Limited licenses Psycho Pass Season 2 & Movie


    All the Anime says "RELEASE DATE - 3rd October"
    Anime on Line says "Released: October 31st 2016"
    Amazon says "This title will be released on August 29, 2016."


    Previous updates:

    Looking ahead, we have details on our upcoming release of Psycho-Pass The Movie to share with you! First of all we’re releasing this as a Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray/DVD set and on standard DVD. Here’s what our Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray/DVD set will look like:

    [Psycho-Pass The Movie – out 5th September]

    To give you a breakdown of what’s included, the entire release comes packed in a rigid case. Inside that will be a digipack to hold the two discs, 1 x Blu-ray + 1 x DVD, and you’ll also find a 32-page booklet packed full of content. On-disc extras (exclusive to the Blu-ray disc only) are a U.S. Cast & Staff Commentary and Japanese trailer for the film.

    But what’s in the booklet? Well, there’s a lot. Inside there will be:
    • Character art and information with comments from the Character Designer, Naoyuki Onda
    • An interview with the Tomokazu Seki and Kana Hanazawa, the Japanese voices of Shinya Kogami and Akane Tsunemori
    • An interview with Character Designer Naoyuki Onda
    • An interview with the screenplay writers of Psycho-Pass The Movie, Gen Urobuchi and Makoto Fukami
    • and an interview with the director of Psycho-Pass The Movie, Naoyoshi Shiotani

    This will be getting released on Monday 5th September. We will note that this date is different to what’s being listed elsewhere, and will be reflected with online retailers shortly. The reason for the date change is a delay in the BBFC certification of the film. Some of you might be wondering why this needs to be certified when it already had been it’s UK Premiere last October at the Scotland Loves Anime Film Festival. The simple reason being that theatrical certification and home video release certification are two entirely different things. So film has to be certified for release on home video specifically.

    You can pre-order your copy of Psycho-Pass The Movie today from the likes of Amazon UK, Zavvi, Base, Anime-on-Line and our own web shop now.
    Following on from us revealing details of what to expect from our release last week, another title that has been hit with an unexpected production delay is Psycho-Pass The Movie. This is now set for release a month later than what was mentioned last week and will now arrive on 3rd October.
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      Re: Anime Limited licenses Psycho Pass Season 2 & Movie

      Ding ding ding! Anime-on-line are the winners!

      For those of you looking forward to our release of Psycho-Pass The Movie, the wait is going to be a few weeks longer now. Unfortunately a printing delay has meant we’ve had to push this back to 31st October now.


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        Re: Anime Limited licenses Psycho Pass Season 2 & Movie

        The DVD and Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray of Psycho-Pass The Movie are track for its 31st October release. So expect to see an unboxing of that in the next week or so. Also worth noting that we will have some advance copies of this at MCM London Comic Con at the end of the month.


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          Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System - Blu-ray Collector's Edition
          RELEASE DATE: 30th August 2021

          All three films on a single Blu-ray disc, in Japanese with English subtitles. Extras consist of textless opening and ending credits, and "Case Interview" cinema introduction videos with director Naoyoshi Shiotani.

          Comes packed in a rigid slipcase with a Digipak to hold the Blu-ray disc.

          Also included are two booklets - a 100-page "case files" booklet featuring all manner of character and location artwork alongside comprehensive interviews with members of the production staff on the films, and a 196-page storyboard book taking you through the entire set of storyboards for one of the three films to give you a comprehensive look at this fantastic set of additions to the world of Psycho-Pass.


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