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  • Not sure if this applies to anime or not...

    https://blog.tubi.tv/2019/08/28/tubi...e-in-australia (Aug 28)



    • Promare Australian Premiere - Madman Anime Festival

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      • Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl - In Cinemas October 10


        • Children of the Sea | In Cinemas December 12


          • Event Cinemas is listing something titled the "Crunchyroll Anime Show" for release on December 15, 2019. There's no bio on the page and the run time is listed at 120 mins. Mystery movie perhaps (Konosuba is likely) or something else...CR Anime Show Event.PNG
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            • EDIT: https://www.facebook.com/HanabeeOffi...33662723416874

              per email blast:

              Whatever Happened To Hanabee?

              TL;DR: Hanabee's all good. Black Friday sale codes valid from Thursday-Monday but stock is limited:

              50% off anime: 2019BLACKFRIDAYANIME
              10% off Kojima Productions: 2019BLACKFRIDAYKOJIMA


              As you may have noticed, Hanabee hasn't been overly active throughout the last few months. I owe you an explanation.

              I founded the company nearly eight years ago. From the very get-go, Hanabee had a dual-purpose: representing anime as well as Rooster Teeth in Australia. The brilliant and talented staff - Karen, Zi, Cameron, Claire, Miki, Carl, Tambo, Maddie, John, Andrew, and Tero - took on whatever challenges came about in stride. Working with that group has - by far - been my most cherished part of the company's history to date.

              The first challenges were a lot of fun. The conventions, RTOZ events, boat cruises, pub crawls, YouTube channel, animation lectures, and afterparties created something. It established a bond with Hanabee and an incomparable group of people known as "Roo Teeth." Collaborating with Caiti, Nelly, and others on these events, which themselves founded lifelong friendships and memories, satisfied me to no end.

              Then I think about RTX Sydney, and it blows my mind. We stumbled through the first one, made a lot of mistakes, and reflected heavily on them. With a lot to prove, we regrouped and rebounded strongly in year two with Hideo Kojima, the Nintendo Switch, and air conditioning. This was probably the most impressive accomplishment our small team was able to achieve, and the result I'm most proud of (except for that time I pissed off Karen...sorry Karen!)

              RTX 2017 Industry party - from left: Cam, Kojima-san, Eric, Patrick from Supanova
              After all this time and all these projects, we found our team was getting more and more focused on Rooster Teeth, who became our biggest client. I took on a new project with them in the UK, and the team took over the responsibilities in Australia, embracing the chaos.

              It became clear over the last year that Rooster Teeth's global growth would lead to a crossroads. Their merchandise team is world-class, and they started pumping out a range of products as fast as Zara. Even Amazon struggles to keep up with those logistical demands.

              Although we fought like hell, ultimately, the Australian store couldn't keep up. So the hard decision was made, and we started the process of untying Hanabee and Rooster Teeth's long-standing relationship. That lead to a restructure; the original staff since moved on to a variety of new challenges. I know what they're capable of, and I am certain they will all do amazing things.

              Xmas 2015 - from left: Karen, Tambo, Koichi, Miki, Eric, Cameron, Zi, Carl
              Hanabee survived. There are some bruises and scars, but also wisdom and maturity. The company is more sustainable, and at the end of 2019, we have a clear agenda:
              1. Replenish and bring in new products in support of Kojima Productions, in time for Xmas.
              2. Work with Rooster Teeth to initiate a final store closure. Everything (I mean everything) must go.
              3. Replenish the anime range and identify what new opportunities there may be in that highly competitive space.
              4. Expand our product offerings and distribution; market them more effectively.
              5. Establish a regular cadence of communication, primarily through our newsletter.
              6. Offer solutions for companies looking to grow their businesses in Australia.
              7. Attend the odd convention, but not 16 per year like before.
              Fundamentally, you are the only reason Hanabee exists. Our 2020 goal is a simple one: improve each day.

              Starting now, then, here's our Black Friday offer, valid from Thursday - Monday:

              50% off anime: 2019BLACKFRIDAYANIME
              10% off Kojima Productions: 2019BLACKFRIDAYKOJIMA

              Thanks for reading and be safe during this year's silly season!

              Very best,
              Eric Cherry
              Founder & CEO
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              • https://twitter.com/Madman/status/1206365031320834049
                KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson EXPLODES in cinemas from January 30, 2020. Limited Season only! Tickets will be on sale in the new year! http://konosuba.com.au

                Get ready to go PLUS ULTRA! In cinemas in early 2020! My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising will be coming to cinemas across Australia and New Zealand! Stay tuned for more details soon!
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                • off-topic...


                  The Australian Film Industry Bushfire Appeal

                  Like all Australians, we have been rocked by the deadly bushfires burning across our beautiful country. The level of destruction is almost beyond comprehension, and our hearts go out to all those who have been affected.

                  The Australian Film Industry has banded together with a number of initiatives to support the charities who are working tirelessly to protect and assist in our country’s recovery. Thank you to everyone in the community who has already opened their hearts, and donated their money and time to the cause.

                  If you are looking for any ideas on what you can see visit www.madmanfilms.com.au, as now is the perfect time to head to the cinema and support a great cause.

                  We will update this post with any additional fundraising events or appeals as they come to hand.

                  $1 from each ticket sold from January 11-12 will be donated to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal. Find tickets here

                  Village Cinemas
                  $2 from every ticket sold on January 19 will be split across three charities: The Salvation Army Bushfire Appeal, The Red Cross Bushfire Appeal and The RSCPA Bushfire appeal. Village Cinemas will also be donating an additional $20,000 to the pot. Find tickets here

                  Hoyts Cinemas
                  From 16 January – 19 February you have the option to round up your transaction at the box office, with all donations going to the The Red Cross Bushfire Appeal. In addition, Hoyts will be donating $50,000 to the The Red Cross Bushfire Appeal.

                  Classic, Lido, Cameo & Ritz Cinemas
                  Classic, Lido, Cameo & Ritz Cinemas are running Bushfire Relief screenings at their cinemas on January 11, with all money raised going to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal.
                  Classic Cinemas book here
                  Lido Cinemas book here
                  Cameo Cinemas book here
                  Ritz Cinemas book here

                  Reading Cinemas
                  You have the option to round your transaction to the nearest dollar at every Reading Cinema location. Every cent donated will go to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal. Reading Cinemas will also be donating an additional $20,000 to the appeal. Find tickets here

                  Sun Theatre
                  The Sun Theatre in Yarraville is collecting non-perishable food for Foodbank Victoria. To donate, please visit the cinema at 8 Ballarat St, Yarraville VIC

                  Wallis Cinemas
                  Wallis Cinemas will be holding a fundraising event at their outdoor cinema. They will be donating $5 from each ticket sold to the Adelaide Hills Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary. More information to come soon.


                  • Ride Your Wave in cinemas on February 27th! https://youtu.be/RMB7SpEvxOI

                    A heartfelt and moving story from the director of DEVILMAN CRYBABY, Ride Your Wave comes to cinemas on February 27th, 2020.

                    Upon entering university, Hinako moves to a coastal town. She loves surfing, and when she’s on the waves she’s fearless, but still feels uncertain about her future.

                    When a fire wreaks havoc in the town, Hinako encounters the young firefighter Minato. As they surf and spend more time together, Hinako feels drawn to someone like Minato who devotes himself to helping other people. Hinako also holds a special place in Minato’s heart.

                    Winner of multiple 2019 Best Animated Feature awards, this charming, heartfelt and beautifully animated story comes to cinemas on February 27th, 2020.

                    Learn more about Ride Your Wave at the website: https://www.madmanfilms.com.au/ride-your-wave/


                    • In relation to the Persona 5 Anime dub and Blu-ray announcement.

                      We'll be getting this too! Stay tuned for a local release date... #Persona #P5A
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                      • Filmink Presents (film distribution label of the movie magazine) is bringing Lupin III: The First to Australia and New Zealand cinemas on January 14:


                        EDIT: They're partnering with Hanabee Entertainment to release the film.

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                        • Event Cinemas is listing 2 separate pages for the first Fate/Grand Order Camelot film, with the release date of April 8, clearly cause its official & lengthy subtitle (Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot Wandering;Agateram) is giving them some grief



                          Very much safe to assume it's Madman releasing it.
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                          • https://twitter.com/Madman/status/1390207222270070791
                            The movie that was postponed by an entire year is finally here! Detective Conan The Movie: The Scarlet Bullet hits Australian cinemas in just one week!



                            • Totally passed me by from a month ago but Mamoru Hosoda's Belle was sold to a totally new company for Australia/New Zealand.


                              Charades also sold the movie to Troy Lum’s new banner Kismet in Australia and New Zealand. It marks Kismet’s first acquisition.

                              Website nor social media accounts make any mention of them acquiring Belle (and are pretty sparsely updated, Twitter hasn't been used since May at the time of this post). Also can't find much indication of the other films in their catalogue getting digital/home releases after their theatrical releases which does not inspire much confidence. Would not want another repeat of Half Symbolic Films hogging Massaki Yuasa's Lu Over The Wall and Night is Short with no home video release in sight.
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