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    Re: [UK] Patema Inverted

    AoL also have limited amounts of the Ultimate:

    Patema Inverted - Ultimate Edition Combi (PG) DVD
    - Bespoke packaging, including never used before artwork designed specially for the UK!
    - 136 page design works book in English, not available anywhere else in the world!
    - 48 page short story booklet from the original Japanese anime
    - Audio commentary from the director and Japanese voices for Age & Patema
    - Imagine Life Upside-down: A look at shots from the other perspective
    - Cross-talk: Digital version of the written interviews from the Japanese DVDs
    - Original Japanese spots
    - Greetings from the Tokyo International Film Festival
    - Interview with the director, Mr Yoshiura
    - Interview with the Japanese voices of Age and Patema.
    - Special message to UK fans from the director, Mr Yoshiura
    - Exclusive interview with Mr Yoshiura recorded in the UK
    - UK trailers

    Publisher: Anime Ltd
    Released: December 15th 2014
    Classification: PG
    Language: English, French, Japanese
    Subtitles: English, French
    Running Time: 99mins

    Product Code ANI0024

    Retail price: £89.99

    Oh, and the Ultimate Edition has been removed completely from Anime Limited's site (the page is 404 but currently still in Google's cache)
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      Re: [UK] Patema Inverted

      Very good release with no problems for video/subs. However, the subs get messed up during the ED. They get scrambled between the staff credit subs and the song lyrics, then the song translation stops about 1/2 way in.
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        Re: [UK] Patema Inverted

        Patema Inverted Kickstarter backers! We know you’ve been waiting patiently for your backer rewards and we’re happy to confirm they’ll be making there way to you very soon! (Keep an eye on your email inboxes over the next week or two for an update relating to this.)


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