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    We don't seem to have a general UK news thread, at least not a recent one, and there's a bunch of interesting Twitter tidbits that don't really have a place or deserve their own thread. Since Tweets are volatile and hard to search and my Twitter favourites lack context and any sort of ordering...

    Manga titles

    Further sub-only releases?
    "for what I know Usaga Drop, OreImo, AnoHana, Bakemonogatari,.. are sub-only releases. I wouldn't expect them from @MangaUK."
    "I wouldn't be so sure of that."

    Specifically CCS:

    "Madman licensed Cardcaptor Sakura???? @MangaUK need to license this!"
    "It would be good wouldn't it?"

    "That's a sub only release that makes a lot of sense. 70 episodes, 2-3 double disc releases and an eventual complete series coll'."

    "Cardcaptor is a great series. We'd love to bring it to UK."

    "Cardcaptor Sakura is getting released in Australia by #animemadman soon. What are the chances for licensing it here?"
    "Is it? Awesome sauce. Let's hope a UK release is imminent."

    Steins;Gate BD:
    "I am sure Steins Gate is a safe bet for Blu-ray as it is a short run series."

    "If Steins;Gate is actually on the table here: based on the extremely strong positive reaction this show got, I'd push for BD here!"
    "It would make sense."

    Hellsing Ultimate
    "if I get more hellsing I'll send you a christmas card with thor on. but it's the thought that counts+I'd be grateful!"
    " I'll definitely be getting it then. "
    (they initially announced it before FUNimation, but later denied it)

    Akira on Syfy
    "We paid them to screen Akira."

    Demon King Daimao?

    Kanon and Air?

    "Prob with licensing on Bakemonagatari. Tried to get it."

    "We lost Millennium Actress and Perfect Blue."

    "we will not be releasing #DriftersoftheDead as a solus DVD or BD release as it is only 20 min long. If there is a 2nd season we will include it on our release."

    "We gave up on this license some time ago. Issue with access to English dub. Sorry!"

    Honey and Clover
    "once we factored in cost of converting masters from NTSC to PAL, BBFC and authoring + marketing spend. It didn't work."

    MVM titles

    Haibane Renmei and Lain:
    Both have both expired but were good sellers and they may consider getting them back, but probably not on BD

    "his licence for this expired and when he went back to Kodansha, he was told it had been bolted on to the Funi US deal."
    https://twitter.com/animeonuktv/status/21147639061 (prior to the re-license"

    Beez titles

    "no plans for a Durarara! blu ray release? "
    "we will match whatever Aniplex USA do for that so stay tuned . But yes, we'd like to do it!"

    "Aniplex, who we licensed DRR from, are very progressive and supportive of BD - so it should get a timely BD release "

    Sales data

    Dance in the Vampire Bund
    "has shipped 1K units and sold thru 700 copies"
    https://twitter.com/MangaUK/status/140077734918500352 (25 Nov 11)

    "a show like Dance in the Vampire Bund will sell about 600 BD units to the 2000 DVD units we've sold"
    https://twitter.com/MangaUK/status/225505423594225664 (18 Jul 12)

    Ninja Scroll
    "Over 200,000 DVD and VHS sold in the UK to date."
    https://twitter.com/MangaUK/status/218352664352800768 (28 Jun 12)

    "We've sold nearly 12,000, so i'd say BD and stelbook is a great combination for sales."
    https://twitter.com/MangaUK/status/143086537129734145 (3 Dec 11)

    "We've nearly sold out of the Akira BD steelbook almost a year to the day since it was released."
    https://twitter.com/MangaUK/status/215710734431170561 (21 Jun 12)

    "sub. Only DVD sold under 1,000 units to date!"
    https://twitter.com/MangaUK/status/204914336899145729 (22 May 12)

    "5,000 on DVD and BD combined"
    https://twitter.com/MangaUK/status/143085597995696129 (3 Dec 11)
    "1,000 [BD] copies so far."
    https://twitter.com/MangaUK/status/155301404217585664 (6 Jan 12)
    "Over 2500 Blu-ray and 4,000 DVD so far."
    https://twitter.com/MangaUK/status/203592354106589185 (18 May 12)

    FMA: Brotherhood
    "we have only sold 750 FMAB Part 2 blu-rays to date" (12 Aug 11)

    "only sold 100 copies in 3 weeks"
    https://twitter.com/MangaUK/status/101619363706187776 (11 Aug 11)

    Fairy Tail
    "Part 1 DVD sold 500 copies week 1"
    http://www.twitlonger.com/show/gqna3j (5th April 2012)

    Evangelion 1.11
    "It has sold nearly 9,000 copies in the UK in 12 months"


    "Over 5,000 in its first 3 weeks of release."

    Summer Wars
    "has only sold 2,400 copies in 3 weeks"

    "only sold 14K copies in UK sub-only... about 30% of Appleseed's numbers"
    https://twitter.com/MangaUK/status/11443846034 (1 Apr 10)

    Appleseed Ex-Machina
    https://twitter.com/MangaUK/status/11443846034 (1 Apr 10)

    "#Naruto 350,000+ units. #Akira 500,000+ units #GITS and #SAC 400,000+ units."
    https://twitter.com/MangaUK/status/204914169718378496 (22 May 12)

    "We've sold over 300,000 #Naruto DVDs and over 147,000 #Bleach DVDs. Over 400,000 #Ghostintheshell DVDs..."
    https://twitter.com/MangaUK/status/114716765073838081 (16 Sep 11)

    "#Mangas #Top10BestsellingBlurays to date are:
    1. AKIRA 8.3K units
    2. Eva 1.11 4.5K
    3. Afro Samurai S1 5K
    4. Eva 2.22 4.6K
    5. Shigurui 4.2K
    6. Professor Layton Movie 3.8K
    7. Afro Samurai Resurrection 3.5K
    8. Summer Wars 3.2K
    9. FMA B'hood Part 1 3.1K
    10. Devil May Cry 2.6K"
    http://www.twitlonger.com/show/cavj8o (11th August 2011)

    "What has been your most successful DVD release? and VHS release? and Blu Ray release?"
    "DVD #GhostInTheShellInnocence 100,000 copies, VHS #GhostInTheShell, Blu-ray #Evangelion1.11"
    https://twitter.com/MangaUK/status/17980458290 (7 Jul 10)

    "we wouldn't even make £100K back on most anime."

    "Many anime BD releases don't even sell 1000 copies in the first 12 mnths"

    "Did you know that for the year to date approximately 750,000 anime DVD/BRs have been sold in the UK?"
    https://twitter.com/MangaUK/status/15424231521132544 (16 Dec 10)


    "Zetman is actually managed by a different licensor in Europe, we are looking at it though."
    "Happens at least once per season nowadays."

    "For every copy of Naruto Shippuden that we sell a royalty is paid back to TV Tokyo. The industry standard is 20% of the gross receipt. So, if we sell a DVD for $20, TV tokyo will get $4 back. "

    "13-19, 60% male 40% female"

    NTSC discs

    "Did you find out whether it is viable to release DVD's in NTSC format?"
    "I hit a big fat brick wall on that one I'm afraid."

    "got .hack/quantum today, noticed that its NTSC. Is this going to be a common occurrence from now on?"
    "Most likely a one off"

    "The reason we do not release all of our new anime series releases on Blu-ray is because we cannot sell enough of them to break even on the inception costs. BD costs three times more to produce and manufacture than DVD. But let's focus on sales levels. Fairy Tail Part 1 DVD sold 500 copies week 1. This is fine. We're happy with this. But, for a release of this kind we would expect a conversion rate to Blu-ray purchase of 30%. That means that if we sell 500 DVDs we can expect to sell 150 Blu-rays in the first week. This roughly translates to about 300 units for the first month, which works out to about 1,200 units for the first 12 months. I am afraid that this is less than half of our minimum order quantity we have to commit to on Blu-ray. There's no way we would be able to break even. We have to manufacture the BD discs ourselves in the UK because it is illegal to sell a DVD or BD here without a BBFC certificate on it. If we didn't have to do this we could just buy 500 copies of the Funimation BD and sell them to you via Amazon and Expo etc. But the BBFC rules prevent us from doing that, so on smaller shows like Spice & Wolf the UK fans only recourse is to import the Blu-ray. I don't want you to do that, but there's no point BS'ing you about it."

    "It's deeply flawed and too expensive for fans and small distributors to maintain."

    "Millennium Actress was our last UK produced dub and cost over £35,000."

    "It would cost Manga in the region of £15-20K to master and nearly £5/unit to manufacture [their own DVDs from scratch]"

    "It can cost us anything from £3,000-£6,000 to author 2 BR discs. Add to that the cost of manufacturing, AACS fees etc and before we have sold a single copy we have a double digit investment we need to recoup. We would need to sell through at least 1,500 copies at full price in order to recoup."

    "It will cost at least $30,000 to dub [Mai Mai Miracle]. add anpother $30-40K for advance + $10K production + $40K marketing..."

    "It takes 15 weeks to produce a DVD and Blu-ray."

    "It takes 12 weeks to produce and manufacture a DVD and 15 weeks for Blu-ray. Add 3-6 months for contracts..."

    "we usually use Madman's PAL masters (add 3 months to Aussie street date for UK)"
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    Re: General UK news/Twitter stuff

    "Well! If so many of you like it maybe we should find out more about the license availability"


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      Re: General UK news/Twitter stuff

      Great idea for this thread. It's always interesting to see what info gets revealed from Twitter (more often from Manga UK it seems like).


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        Re: General UK news/Twitter stuff

        Unfortunately, Jerome's pulling back from operating the MangaUK Twitter account as of today (other staff taking it on). Suspect it won't be half as informative / entertaining in future.

        (At work so can't access the relevant tweets, but if you check his timeline you'll find them easily enough..)
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          Re: General UK news/Twitter stuff

          I favourite anything that is interesting or might be useful, but Manga is so active in Twitter their older tweets will eventually expire. I have started archiving them through the API periodically, but you lose all context. I was just going to post the recent stuff about subbed titles but got into a rhythm...

          Jerome does provide a lot of useful tidbits, although sometimes his sales figures seem contradictory. He's hanging up the Twitter hat soon though and I don't know if the new guy(s) will be as forthcoming.


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            Re: General UK news/Twitter stuff

            Originally posted by maehara View Post
            (At work so can't access the relevant tweets, but if you check his timeline you'll find them easily enough..)
            Same problem here, but I posted a quotes to the "Manga needs to take a chill pill" thread on AUKN since it seemed relevant...

            "There's a fine line between being frank and being rude and even abusive to customers. That's why I will be retiring from official Twitter activities at the end of the week. We'll have some new bods in to help."

            He did say he'd still be tweeting from events and business trips etc, and that his replacement "is witty, funny and knows everything about anime".
            Given we've seen a lot of Andy Hewson on Twitter lately and he's on the podcast they just recorded also I wonder if it is him...


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              Re: General UK news/Twitter stuff

              via Manga UK Facebook
              From Manga HQ -
              Re: Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt DVD Issues

              “Thank you to all of the customers who notified us of technical problems on our recently released DVD box set, Panty And Stocking With Garter Belt.

              After investigating the many complaints we received via Twitter and Facebook we have examined the master tapes supplied to us and discovered faults on episodes 11, 12 and 13 of Disc 3. We run a vigorous quality control process at Manga Entertainment and unfortunately in this instance a critical error was made during the mastering process.

              On behalf of Manga Entertainment I would like to apologize for any inconvenience and disappointment this has caused you. I know that many of you have been highly anticipating this release for many months and it is deeply regretful that you have received an inferior quality product.

              Manga will be re-authoring both Discs 2 and 3 of the P&S set and creating all new stock. We will re-release the DVD soon, but an exact release date cannot be confirmed at this stage.

              In the mean time we advise any customer who is unhappy with their purchase to return it to the point of purchase for a refund or credit. It is my hope that we shall have a brand new and flawless DVD release of Panty and Stocking available online and on-shelf at all good retailers by the end of September.

              Please stay tuned for more information as it comes to hand. Thank you again for your patience and support.
              Jerome Mazandarani,
              Head of marketing and acquisitions,
              Manga Entertainment LTD.”


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                Re: General UK news/Twitter stuff

                Bunch of Manga no's and maybe's:

                No (current) plans / "nothing to report":
                One Piece (seems to be asked on a daily basis... depends on how well DBZ does)
                Haruhi S1
                Index/Railgun ("only because it hasn’t ever been offered to us")
                Eureka Seven: AO
                Heaven's Lost Property
                Squid Girl S2/OVA
                Dominion Tank Police
                Deadman Wonderland

                5cm/s BD
                Clannad BD
                Gunslinger Girl S1
                GeGeGe no Kitaro
                Shiki BD

                Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood BD ("If we can secure better rates for Blu-Ray manufacturing next year we'll re-investigate")
                Fist of the North Star ("Should an HD transfer become available")
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                  Re: General UK news/Twitter stuff


                  I think we'll be required to lock subs on most future releases though. Especially for DVD.
                  Manga on older titles:
                  Unless a licensor comes to us with something special like an HD transfer from a telecine print of a classic anime movie like FOTNS, Wings Of Honnemise, Patlabor, etc, we are not interested.
                  Manga on Emma:
                  Not from us. Ask Revelation.
                  (This is one I can't comprehend. The only involvement Revelation Films have had with anime since FUNimation and Kiseki is Robotech Shadow Chronicles. Nozomi have UK rights for Emma as it is on their YouTube channel)

                  From Kaze at Amecon (via @ukanime and @animeonuktv)

                  "Moving forward, Kaze will be looking to pick up UK release rights for new licenses wherever possible alongside French rights for series, which could mean even more UK releases from the company in the future if this comes to pass." (source)

                  "Andrew also mentioned that he got a lot of questions like 'you got this title in France, can we have it in the UK?' He says the policy going forward will be to try and get UK licenses as well as French ones." (source, source)

                  "Madoka Magica became #2 in BluRay in Italy." (source)

                  "Kaze was #1 for DVD authoring in France, beating out Disney." (source)

                  "Someone asked how well Durarara worked out, Andrew says it did no worse than a lot of mid-tier Manga titles." (source; it was Andrew's baby while he was still at Beez)

                  At little off topic, but regarding Ni no Kuni:
                  "The voice acting was mainly done by a UK company who also worked on Dragon Age." (source)
                  "The Wizard edition is a special edition on preorder now, includes a plushie and the wizard book." (source; the book is the beautiful guide that came with the DS version in Japan)
                  "No plans for 3DS version here as yet. waters will be tested with ps3 version first." (source)
                  "Sounds like the original Japanese will also be available with English subs." (source)


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                    Re: General UK news/Twitter stuff

                    Originally posted by Shiroi Hane View Post

                    At little off topic, but regarding Ni no Kuni:
                    "The voice acting was mainly done by a UK company who also worked on Dragon Age." (source)
                    Ahhh, he's probably referring to SideUK, They were hinting at recording for a "big Japanese title" months ago so it makes sense. They were also responsible for the brilliant English VA for Xenoblade and The Last Story so this makes me very happy!
                    Man, what a bunch of jokers


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                      Re: General UK news/Twitter stuff

                      Via the latest Manga podcast

                      Will need a re-listen when not on the bus but a few points:

                      New pre-orders (e.g. Gintama) are solicited to online retailers as 18 prior to the BBFC classification (which takes 6 weeks for a 12-episode series) because they will no longer accept "TBC". The package shots, however, will show their best guess at the eventual classification.

                      Elfen Lied: Would love to, but as with all older TV series it is harder to fit into the budget since the advance is the same as for a newer show but the sales would be less.

                      Cowboy Bebop/Durarara/Haruhi: "Hell yeah!"

                      5cm/s: will ask again at TIFF in October

                      Inuyasha: would like to, but difficult due to rights complications.

                      Mardock Scramble 2: next year.

                      Digimon: Would need to look into; would have loved to get Pokémon.

                      Monster: too long/old/niche.

                      UBW: Been approached, but not high profile enough for the cost.

                      Perfect Blue on BD: maybe, but never sold well.

                      Streaming: The advertising for FMA:B didn't even cover the conversion fees, and they'd also have to pay a licensing fee to stream in the UK now. Stuff happening before the end of the year however (i.e. AoD)...


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                        Re: General UK news/Twitter stuff

                        Originally posted by Shiroi Hane View Post
                        Digimon: Would need to look into; would have loved to get Pokémon.
                        If I remember correctly from this morning, Pokémon is basically on Warner Brothers (but they're only dealing with the movies).


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                          Re: General UK news/Twitter stuff

                          I'll hold out on getting the Australian release of Durarara then, if they're looking at licensing it.
                          Avatar - 'Wink!'


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                            Re: General UK news/Twitter stuff

                            Originally posted by aku.chan View Post
                            I'll hold out on getting the Australian release of Durarara then, if they're looking at licensing it.
                            I assume you mean Blu-ray, as Australia's Siren Visual released it on DVD last year, and have quite recently released a complete series collection.


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                              Re: General UK news/Twitter stuff

                              Originally posted by WTK View Post
                              Originally posted by Shiroi Hane View Post
                              Digimon: Would need to look into; would have loved to get Pokémon.
                              If I remember correctly from this morning, Pokémon is basically on Warner Brothers (but they're only dealing with the movies).
                              I think you've remembered incorrectly since Buena Vista did the forth movie under the miramax label.


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