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The Interspecies Reviewers dub cast should be credited.

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  • The Interspecies Reviewers dub cast should be credited.

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    Yeah, I gotta rant a bit about this. So yeah, only Brittney Lauda is confirmed to do a mayor voice on Interspecies Reviewers, and while props to her to confirm it, I really, really don't like that it looks like the dub won't credit anymore. I say that is incredibly cowardly and honestly, kind of a way to insult possible fans of the show all because what, there's sex scenes in it? The double standard in this is unusually strange, too. Certain anime that contain rape or reape-ish scenes still have voice actors be okay on this, but the clearly consensual sex scenes from the third episode of Interspecies Reviewers, as hardcore as they are, at least they're fine for what they are; for sexual curiosity. It's harder than a typical ecchi, sure, but you shouldn't hide behind a fake name for something as silly as sexual stuff.

    This is a shame because, if anything, I'd rather thank the actors for actually taking on the roles, actually saying that it takes guts to go on an anime that's basically hentai, but instead it just feels like they're ashamed of it, even though I can totally see this show have a major cult following at this rate, especially from how much that third episode completely got on people. This show is getting reactions, and the Japanese seiyuus are actually credited, but the dub ones aren't? The levels of BS are outright off the window, honestly.

    FUNimation not revealing the cast is honestly a big middle finger to dub fans everywhere, for those who were curious on who was gonna be on this anime, and honestly, it's a bigger insult than them airing it censored in their streaming site.

    Anybody remember when Hilary Haag basically did a very orgasmic scene (it's for a joke, but she was really into it) in one of the later Ghost Stories episodes? Yeah, she clearly was fearless in this whole thing, but she no doubt showed that she didn't care if she was doing something naughty that was improvised in the dub, she didn't need to hide behind an alias. And as for the Samurai Girls dub, supposedly an interview with Emily Neves revealed that they were forced to use aliases, so they had no problem on the sexual content of that one.

    So TL;DL: they need to reveal the voice actors for Interspecies Reviewers and show that indeed, they can be gutshy in choosing these kinds of roles, because honestly, what's the point of dubbing it if they're gonna hide behind aliases for possible fans of the show? It's just ludicrous to me.

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    Let me explain something, and this is something that affects aspects of my life being a queer male, and this affects a lot of cis straight women notably and predominately, as well:

    The subject of sex and the topic of sex work, is still an extremely touchy subject here in the states. It doesn't matter what form it takes, be it actual work, public figures discussing it, or forms of media that explore this subject matter. There is a huge stigma, notably towards women (as well as the generalized Queer community, notably Trans Women in particular) about this subject matter. This is, absolutely, rooted in society and until this stigma comes to pass, you're going to still see a lot of these type of works "uncredited" or "aliases".

    Now, does it mean the voice actors are ashamed to work on it? Absolutely not. It has nothing to do with this. The problem is there's still a stigma and it can affect aspects of being casted in future roles, especially if an agency looks up a VAs prior roles. Even in Japan, some voice actors often will use different names (even going far as the staff itself) for erotica projects, to avoid association that they've done Adult projects. While the voice actors in the Japanese side feel this work is "safe-enough", there's still plenty of examples out there where they don't feel comfortable with the subject nature in the sense that could have a negative effect on their career.

    Shiho Kawaragi, for example, has only a couple roles to my knowledge, that she's been casted in that were All Ages projects (Tales of Graces as Cheria, Gelda's Mother in The Snow Queen, with the former being a lead role. Only other notable role is her playing a couple notable characters in the Sylvanian Families animation(s) that have been made). Although she uses a stage name for her Adult works, I have reason to believe she has difficulty getting those type of roles due to her previous experience being known in the industry despite this and the types of shows she's worked on, leading often only being able to get roles in Adult/Otaku targeted works.

    This is also another reason why it's incredibly dangerous to out Voice Actors in non-credited roles, be it due to Union issues or due to them working in Adult projects. You just simply cannot do this.

    Again, until society changes, this will not change. And as it stands, it's incredibly dangerous for voice actors to be outed for these type of roles, as I mentioned, it could cause huge issues.

    I don't agree that society still looks at it as such. I absolutely do not. But this is how things are for the time being. Maybe we'll eventually get to the point where this'll be a non-issue, but it's going to take a very, very, long time. Either way, at the end of the day, the voice actors are choosing to not be credited and you MUST respect their decision. For personal reasons, and especially because of the above reasons I laid out.
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      Our policy has always been to not "out" actors in roles for a range of reasons. If someone wants to be uncredited in a role, that is their choice and we respect that. It's been the same with Japanese voice actors who did hentai work and then managed to go mainstream.

      I'm also unsure about Funimation "giving fans the middle finger" so much as they're incredibly sloppy and slow about revealing anything about simuldub casts until a much later point. And part of that is because some things do get changed/re-recorded along the way and it's not a final set in stone piece.

      But as it stands, we request that people do not out voice actors in general and especially when it comes to adult works. If it's not in the credits, if the dubbing studio hasn't confirmed it, and if the voice actor has not claimed the role, let it rest.
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