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  • Now that Max Mittelman is now the King, here is the new cast introduced in Episode 91:

    Bihorn - Jonathan Fahn (Officially)

    Unfortunately, the voice actors who voiced the Bearded Octopus and the Panda Ant aren't listed in the credits, so don't know if they went uncredited or were voiced by the same voice actor in the same episode.


    • From the end credits of Episode 92:

      Small Bear (Panda Ant) - Chris Hackney
      Octopus - Marc Diraison

      Dr. Lee - Allegra Clark


      • It came to my attention that I haven't been keeping up with the latest English voice cast from Episodes 93-99 as of now. Sorry about that guys
        • Episode 93:
          Diego - Doug Erholtz
          Announcer - Danielle Hartnett
        • Episode 95:
          Commentator - Taylor Henry
          Female Announcer - Danielle Hartnett
        • Episode 96:
          Bonolenov - Doug Erholtz
          Small Beetle - Ted Sroka
          Stag Beetle - Chris Niosi
          Gun-toting Ant - Frank Todaro (OFFICIALLY Credited)
          Man from Meteor City - Mark Whitten
          Zazan's Servant (Blue) - Xanthe Huynh
          Zazan's Servant (Green) - Lauren Landa (uncredited)
          Female Announcer - Danielle Hartnett

          Not sure who's voicing the Gorilla Ant
        • Episode 98:
          Marcos - Paul St. Peter
          Snake Ant - Jonathan Fahn (uncredited; although he sounds very similar to Baro)
        • Episode 99:
          Army Spokesperson - Allegra Clark

          Not sure who's voicing the Owl and Bat Chimera Ants since they went uncredited, although I believe the former is Marc Diraison.


        • From the End Credits of Episode 100:

          Ikalgo - Greg Chun
          Carabid Beetle (Bombardier Beetle) - Ted Sroka

          From the End Credits of Episode 103:
          Komugi - Ryan Bartley
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          • Hey Guys, I apologize I haven't been updating this page for a while but I want to bring it back now that the Chimera Ant Arc has ended.

            Now for the cast from Last night's episode:

            Episode 136:
            Kite (Chimera Ant) - Laura Stahl


            • From the end credits of Episode 137:

              Cheadle Yorkshire (Dog) - Cherami Leigh
              Pariston Hill (Rat) - Kyle McCarley
              Mizaistom Nana (Ox) - Armen Taylor
              Kanzai (Tiger) - Alejandro Saab
              Saiyu (Monkey) - Christopher Bevins
              Geru (Snake) - Maureen Price
              Piyon (Rabbit) - Kayli Mills
              Cluck (Chicken) - Jeannie Tirado

              Unfortunately, the actors who voiced Saccho (Horse), Ginta (Sheep), and Botobai Gigante (Dragon) aren't listed as either they went uncredited or had to stay true to the original Japanese credits.


              • From the end credits of Episode 138:

                Alluka - Xanthe Huynh
                Mitsuba - Kayli Mills
                Kasuga - Jeannie Tirado


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