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  • Originally posted by Animefan1995 View Post
    but I think the latter character is Michelle Ruff.
    Okay, so it turns out that it was actually Reba Buhr who provided the voice of Mosquito from last night's episode.

    So Touche, since for some reason she sounded a lot like Michelle Ruff for a few seconds.
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    • Okay quick recap before tonight's episode cast.

      Last week, Episode 80 aired, but unfortunately I can't say for sure who provided the voices for Pike, the Gun-toting Ant (the one who killed Ponzu) and Gyro's father in this Episode since their names and presumably their actors went uncredited. :/


      • Originally posted by Alphanega View Post
        Rammot was definently Tony Oliver
        And your right on target. Rammot - Tony Oliver (Officially Credited)

        From the End credits of Episode 81 and the characters making their debut:

        Hagya / Leol - Taylor Henry
        Flutter - Mark Whitten
        Hina - Kimberley Anne Campbell

        and also:

        Pike - Paul St. Peter (Officially Credited)

        Can't say for sure who voice Bihorn given that his Japanese voice actor who voiced Bihorn was credited as Flutter instead during the credits. It's the same situation with Pike and Rammot when their Japanese voice actors were ONLY credited as the other character they portrayed in previous episodes, so it would be a while till he's OFFICIALLY credited in episode 91.


        • From the End credits of Episode 83 and the characters making their debut:

          Frog - Bill Rogers
          Rhino - Jalen K. Cassell

          Although Baro isn't listed in the credits, I'm pretty sure that it's Tom Fahn who's voicing him since he sounded a lot like the Kiriko's in the earlier episodes.

          Also been a while since the End Credits credit their voice actors with two roles since usually they have the actors be credited as just ONE specific character or go uncredited which has been the case for it's later episodes.


          • From the End credits of Episode 84 and the characters making their debut:

            Neferpitou - Sarah Williams

            Pig Ant - Johnathan Fahn

            It's awesome to see Johnathan Fahn in a new anime role outside of his role as Shikaku Nara in Naruto.


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