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  • 1 & Only Voice Actor Comparison Thread

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    Here is a thread where you can compare different English dub voice actors from different regions with each other in terms of vocal ranges and typecasting. This is almost similar to the Sound-alike voice actor thread in the BTVA website and numerous BTVA voice comparisons. If there are two voice actors in different series that shared the same character role, you can also discuss it here as well. If you want to compare the Japanese voice actors to the English voice actors in terms of shared roles, vocal ranges, and typecasting, you can discuss them here. You can even compare voice actors who aren't even regulars in anime as well. Keep in mind that much like the Fantasy Dub Thread, opinions here are highly subjective (unless if you are discussing about shared roles between the Japanese voice actor and the English voice actor), so keep it in a civilized discussion. Much like the Fantasy Dub Thread, discussions here aren't limited to anime, and can include western animation and video games.

    This is NOT a discussion about dub casting ideas, this will go to the Fantasy Dub Thread.

    This is also NOT a discussion about cast announcements, this will go to the 1 & Only Cast Announcement and Rumors thread.

    The main purpose of this thread is to discuss any voice similarities between voice actors, or similarities due to shared roles and typecasting. This will also help other forums members understand their fantasy dub casting choices in the said Fantasy Dub Thread and decisions as well as understanding why the casting director casted X voice actor into this role when the original voice actor wasn't available.
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    Re: 1 & Only Voice Actor Comparison Thread

    So, I'm going to start off here.

    Japanese VA: Rina Hidaka
    English VA counterparts: Brittney Karbowski (in terms of shared roles such as Last Order from A Certain Magical Index, Anko from Tamako Market, and Yoshino Hide from Battle Girls - Time Paradox), Christine Marie Cabanos (vocal range, typecast, and shared the role of Silica in Sword Art Online), Caitlynn French (typecast and vocal range), and Margaret McDonald (typecast and shared the role of Mei Sagara in Nakaimo)

    I consider Christine Marie Cabanos, Caitlynn French, and Margaret McDonald to be the English dub counterpart to Rina Hidaka mainly because the said three voice actresses are known to either be typecasted into lolis, or in Caitlynn French and Christine Marie Cabanos's case, very similar vocal ranges. Brittney Karbowski is considered to be Rina Hidaka's English dub counterpart in terms of shared roles since she shared a total three roles I've mentioned. However, Brittney Karbowski main forte is usually the tsundere typecast, but Karbowski's recent roles have her typecast into the loli character (particularly in Sentai Filmworks side of things).
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      Re: 1 & Only Voice Actor Comparison Thread

      Here's my list

      * Johnny Yong Bosch (LA), Erik Scott Kimerer (LA), Dave Wittenberg (LA), Micah Solusod (Dallas), Chris Patton (Houston), Blake Shepard (Houston), Brad Swaile (Vancouver)
      * Todd Haberkorn (LA/Dallas), Blake Shepard (Houston), Brad Swaile (Vancouver)
      * Dave Wittenberg (LA), Grant George (LA), Justin Cook (Dallas), Leraldo Anzaldua (Houston), Andrew Francis (Vancouver)
      * Lucien Dodge (LA), Aaron Dismuke (Dallas), Leraldo Anzaldua (Houston), Andrew Francis (Vancouver)
      * Nicholas Roye (LA), Greg Ayres (Dallas/Houston), Matt Hill (Vancouver)
      * Yuri Lowenthal (LA), Jason C. Miller (LA), Steve Staley (LA), Josh Grelle (Dallas/Houston), Clifford Chaplin (Dallas), Tyler Galindo (Houston), Samuel Vincent (Vancouver)
      * Brian Beacock (LA), Yuri Lowenthal (LA), Josh Grelle (Dallas/Houston), Vincent Tong (Vancouver), Kristian Ayre (Vancouver; he no longer does voice acting though, but I'd like to mention him)
      * Bryce Papenbrook (LA), Sean Michael Teague (Dallas), Clint Bickham (Houston), Gabe Khouth (Vancouver


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        Re: 1 & Only Voice Actor Comparison Thread

        Across from Brittney Karbowski, Christine Marie Cabanos, Caitlynn French, and Margaret McDonald being the English language counterpart to Rina Hidaka, here's another Japanese/English language counterpart list:
        • Nobuhiko Okamoto: In terms of vocal ranges and shared roles, it's Johnny Yong Bosch (Los Angeles), Blake Shepard (Houston), Micah Solusod (Dallas), Austin Tindle (Dallas). In terms of shared roles, it's Greg Ayres (Dallas and Houston), Josh Grelle (Dallas and Houston), and Michael Sinterniklaas (New York and Los Angeles).
        • Keiji Fujiwara: Steve Blum (Los Angeles), Erik Braa (San Francisco), Chris Sabat (Dallas), and David Wald (Houston) (they're all counterparts to each other because of this).
        • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka: Bryce Papenbrook
        • Yuki Kaji: Erik Scott Kimerer (Los Angeles) and Greg Ayres (Dallas and Houston)
        • Jun Fukuyama: Johnny Yong Bosch (Los Angeles), Brad Swaile (Canada) and Todd Haberkorn (Dallas/Los Angeles)
        • Mamoru Miyano: Brad Swaile (Canada), Vic Mignogna (Los Angeles/Texas), Todd Haberkorn (Dallas/Los Angeles), Johnny Yong Bosch (Los Angeles)
        • Hiroshi Kamiya: Johnny Yong Bosch (Los Angeles)
        • Sarah Emi Bridcutt: Kira Buckland
        • Ayane Sakura: Kira Buckland again
        • Yoshimasa Hosoya: Keith Silverstein (for characters requiring deeper voice), Todd Haberkorn (for younger characters)
        • Kenichi Suzumura: Todd Haberkorn
        • Yuuichi Nakamura: Keith Silverstein, Matthew Mercer, Johnny Yong Bosch (Los Angeles), David Matranga, Chris Patton (Houston)
        • Tomokazu Sugita: Matthew Mercer, Patrick Seitz, and Crispin Freeman (Los Angeles).
        • Takehito Koyasu: formally Troy Baker, but because Troy Baker is a union-only voice actor that currently works in AAA video game titles, he technically does not have an English counterpart right now. However, since Tomokazu Sugita is Takehito's "successor", all of Tomokazu's English counterparts listed above can apply with Takehito Koyasu.
        • Ryota Osaka: Orion Acaba, Bryce Papenbrook, Austin Tindle
        • Ayumu Murase: Clint Bickham
        • Kazutomi Yamamoto: Clint Bickham
        • Miyuki Sawashiro: Luci Christian (Texas), Michelle Ruff (Los Angeles), Laura Bailey (Los Angeles)
        • Junji Majima: Grant George, Johnny Yong Bosch
        • Junichi Suwabe: Travis Willingham, Liam O'Brien, Doug Erholtz (Los Angeles), J. Michael Tatum, Ian Sinclair, Brandon Potter (Dallas).
        • Daisuke Ono: Matthew Mercer, David Vincent (Los Angeles), J. Michael Tatum (Dallas)
        • Norio Wakamoto: Steve Blum, Michael McConnohie, Crispin Freeman
        • Natsuki Hanae: Max Mittelman
        • Kana Hanazawa: Stephanie Sheh, Brianna Knickerbocker (Los Angeles), Alexis Tipton (Dallas), Emily Neves (Houston)
        • Eri Kitamura: Sarah Williams
        • Hiro Shimono: Greg Ayres, Chris Patton, Joel McDonald, Micah Solusod, Johnny Yong Bosch, Ben Diskin.
        • Takahiro Sakurai: Yuri Lowenthal (Los Angeles), Chris Patton (Houston), Andrew Francis (Canada)
        • Ayako Kawasumi: Kate Higgins
        • Ami Koshimizu: Karen Strassman, Laura Post, Laura Bailey, and Lauren Landa
        • Yukari Tamura: Cherami Leigh
        • Kikuko Inoue: Bridget Hoffman and Megan Hollingshead (Los Angeles), Carli Mosier (Dallas and Houston), Maggie Flecknoe (Houston).
        • Yui Ogura: Christine Marie Cabanos and Faye Mata (Los Angeles)
        • Nana Mizuki: Cristina Vee
        • Chiwa Saito: Cristina Vee
        • Kappei Yamaguchi: Richard Ian Cox (Canada)
        • Jouji Nakata: Jamieson Price, Michael McConnohie, and Crispin Freeman (Los Angeles). Kent Williams and Christopher Sabat (Dallas). Paul Dobson (Canada)
        • Aya Suzaki: Brianna Knickerbocker
        Avatar: Sizuru Nakatsu from Rewrite! (if the anime and VN gets an English dub, Faye Mata should voice this character)


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