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    What is your favorite dub or dubs? List as many or as few as you like, though please try to say something about them. They can be old or new favorites. Also, don't feel the need to just keep updating and editing your first post in this thread. If three months later you come across a new dub which you would definitely rank among your favorites, feel free to make a new post to tell the world.

    I've done quite a lot of thinking about this in times past, including three columns with 6 Comedies, 5 Action shows, and 5 Dramatic shows that had really great dubs up to 2011. One of those dubs is about to get a new lease on life as we have the blu-ray release of Cowboy Bebop coming in a few months.

    Out of them all, though, my favorite one still is His and Her Circumstances. There's just something so natural and believable about the performances.

    For the period from 2011 to now, there have been a few dubs that have impressed me with how well they are crafted, especially Princess Jellyfish and The Devil is a Part-Timer! from Funimation, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia from Sentai/Seraphim/You-Know-Who-They-Used-to-Be and K-On! from BangZoom! So these would be among my recent favorites.

    So, what are your favorites dubs?
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    Re: Dubs You Like (ET Forum Favorites)

    One of my recent favorites is Bang Zoom's dub of Toradora! Standout performances pretty much across the board which is really highlighted at the climatic scene towards the end. Cassandra Lee Morris really nailed it as Taiga and was my favorite performance in the show.
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      Re: Dubs You Like (ET Forum Favorites)

      For QUALITY, I think my top 5 would be Hellsing Ultimate, Death Note, Black Lagoon, One Piece, and Space Dandy.
      However, the 5 that I PERSONALLY ENJOY the most (for sentimental/personal reasons) are Slayers, Ranma 1/2 (Seasons 1-3), Dragon Ball/Z/GT, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Tenchi Muyo.

      I'm also really enjoying Sailor Moon's new dub, and Sgt. Frog and Case Closed are up there too. I purposefully refrained from mentioning Cowboy Bebop since it's, well... always on these lists.
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        Re: Dubs You Like (ET Forum Favorites)

        That's a very hard question to answer for me because there's a lot of dubs that I genuinely do enjoy.

        Dubs that I've seen recently that I really enjoyed include Sword Art Online, Wolf Children, Attack on Titan, and Ghost Hunt. The first, in particular, has a lot of TERRIFIC chemistry, mainly between Bryce Papenbrook and Cherami Leigh. It makes their relationship as the two characters really come alive. That was what I most enjoyed about the dub. Children Who Chase Lost Voices wasn't too bad either, and I also recently did enjoy the dub for Tenchi Muyo OVA. Old school though it may be, it still has some charm to it.

        For the record, though, my favorite dubs will always be Castle in the Sky (Disney), Princess Mononoke, Totoro (both versions), Nadia (ADV), Record of Lodoss War (OVA), Slayers, and World of Narue. All seven of these dubs I grew up with and I still stand by them today, even with their occasional weak points.


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          Re: Dubs You Like (ET Forum Favorites)

          Virtua Fighter remains one of my favorite English dubs (Coastal Carolina Sound Studios). The characters have excellent chemistry with one another. The narrator's voice for the fighter's special moves is just awesome as well.
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            Re: Dubs You Like (ET Forum Favorites)

            Godannar - It's big, loud, over the top, colorful and full of retro style that both dubs capture perfectly. Full of GARRR and GIRRR...and awwws and sighs.


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              Re: Dubs You Like (ET Forum Favorites)

              I am a big fan of liberal dubs and older shows so my list includes some obscure stuff.

              In no particular order we have

              Zone of the Enders: Dolores
              Scrapped Princess
              Shikabane Hime
              Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars
              Samurai Champloo
              Seirei no Moribito
              Read Or Die TV
              Le Chevalier D'Eon
              Last Exile
              Full Metal Panic!
              Eureka Seven
              Ergo Proxy
              Heroic Age
              Tsukuyomi -Moon Phase-
              Gunsmith Cats
              Kaze no Stigma
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                Re: Dubs You Like (ET Forum Favorites)

                This is tougher to think of than I thought it would be but if I had to list some of my dubs in no particular order (excluding the obvious like Cowboy Bebop):

                Yu Yu Hakusho- It's an extremely liberal dub (though not to the point of the original DBZ dub which came before it) but something about it clicks. The dub managed to capture all of the strengths of it's source material and avoid being a completely different show, while having having enough snark and wit to avoid making it feel too generically shonen. The performances themselves are also really great and have aged fairly well. Justin Cook does a really great Yusuke and even Chris Sabat's gravel sounding Kuwabara sounds a lot better than it should. Really fun dub all around and one that's always a blast to rewatch

                Tiger and Bunny- I kept up with the simulcast for the show closely and was hoping that Viz would deliver on the kind of strong dub the show needed here, and it exceeded my expectations. Wally Wingert made for a much better Kotetsu than I was intially expecting given how much younger he sounds compared to Hiroaki Hirata's performance but while his delivery is a bit different it still fits the character perfectly and the show is filled with strong performances all across the board. The show also has a pretty good english script and it did a good job of making the show sound a lot more natural in english while still keeping everything in character.

                Shaman King- Admittedly this one is a bit of a guilty pleasure being a 4Kids dub, but similar to YYH, to me it captured the spirit of the series pretty well while also being pretty liberal in it's scripting (for pretty obvious reasons). Part of the entertainment for me is how ridicuously unedited it is for it's period/timeslot but the acting itself has some strong merit as well. Sebastian Arcelus nails Yoh down to a tee and his Hao/Zeke is pretty solid as well as it has just the right amount of chill and sinister to the character. The other performances in the dub are pretty solid as well for the most part with the biggest flaw being a barrage of British accents on some of the Chinese characters (why this is, I'll never know) but that's thankfully not enough to take too much away from the dub.

                Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood- There's not much I can say about these dubs that hasn't been said already but they're considered classics for a reason. While Vic Micgonia's Ed isn't quite as strong as Romi Park's performance he still nails the character down where he needs to and the other performances in the dub more than make up for it with Travis Willingham's Roy Mustang, Colleen Clinkenbeard's Hawkeye and Chris Sabat's Armstrong being among some of the standout roles. Even with some of the cast changes made for Brotherhood, the cast doesn't lose any of their steam and some of the replacements like J. Micheal Tatum for Scar and Maxey Whitehead for Alphose are more than worthy successors to the original english performances.

                Black Lagoon- Another one that's received a lot of praise already, but even among some of the best dubs produced by Ocean, this one easily eclipses them. The dub is filled to the brim with strong and extremely cool sounding performances with some such as Tabitha St. Germain's Roberta and Patricia Drake's Balakia sound as awesome and horrifying as every aspect of their characters are. Though even among an exceptional strong cast the standout role goes to Maryke Hendrikse's Revy who has all of the above in spades and then some, being able to go from broken down to downright terrifying at a moment's notice.

                Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex- While it's not a particularly emotion driven show in, the dub is still pretty standout for having a lot of extremely cool sounding performances similar to Black Lagoon. Mary Elizabeth Glynn's performance as Major Kusunagi projects the kind of authority you'd expect from the character well, and Richard Epcar's Batou is a staple for the franchise as a whole making him sound like a real war-torn veteran.

                Toradora- This is an extremely recent dub, but it left enough of an impression on me to consider a favorite. Bang Zoom's mostly been involved in action shows so I was curious to see how they'd handle a slice-of-life drama, and the result was pretty exceptional. Cassandra Lee's Taiga does a good job at capturing both the outer frustrations and inner turmoil of the character and Erik Kimerer's Ryuji covers those bases pretty well too. Christine Marie Cabanos also delivers a surprisingly strong performance for Minori and Erika Harlacher shows off a bit more of her range as Ami. There’s no one role that particularly stands out the best but each performance is fantastic and even if you’ve already seen the show before, it’s a dub still worth checking out.

                Monster- Up until the point I saw this dub, I was pretty used to hearing Liam O'Brien in villain or anti-hero roles so it was interesting to hear him play a much more heroic character and he does a fantastic job of portraying Tenma's struggle with his morality throughout the series. Keith Silverstein's Johan is also really well done and has the perfect blend between the suave charm and the soul crushing evil that embodies the character. The other performances in the dub are solid all across the board and it's a dub worthy of the stand out nature of the show itself.

                Welcome to the NHK- I've always been a bit mixed on Houston dubs but this one is pretty standout among them. All of the performances do a good job of capturing the mental instability of each of the characters, and while I've always been a fan of Chris Patton's work, his role as Sato is my favorite performance from him as he provides a great mix of snark and ham befitting the character.

                Solty Rei- While I've never particularly disliked Chris Sabat, I was never too big on most of his work as I usually saw him play the same kinds of characters, and sometimes to the point of being miscast. His role as Roy Revant in this series though is a pretty strong exception and by far my favorite performance from him. He does a really fantastic job of making the character sound like a depressed middle aged man and a distressed parent and the other roles in the dub are all solidly delivered. This dub is also the one that mostly introduced me to Carrie Savage and Colleen Clinkenbeard as performers and both are among my favorite VA's
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                  Re: Dubs You Like (ET Forum Favorites)

                  Mushishi will always be one of my favorite dubs. Not only did Travis Willingham absolutely knock it out of the park with his portrayal of Ginko, but I felt that all of the voice actors for the supporting characters (and there were a lot of them) were excellent matches.
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                    Re: Dubs You Like (ET Forum Favorites)

                    Nice to see Solty Rei mentioned. Sabat really invested in the Roy character and it is also for me the defining Carrie Savage role.

                    Other top-notch favorite dubs over the years have been commonly cited efforts such as Baccano!, Cowboy Bebop, Black Lagoon, FMAB. To those I would add Corpse Princess and Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom, the latter with great lead work by the less-heard Newton Pittman and Lindsay Seidel. Also, the recent Berserk movies find the returning English dub cast members at their best ever.

                    Personal favorites that may not be among the best in overall quality include the Slayers series, Heroic Age, The Big O, Gungrave, Witchblade. This is also where lots of lighter shows end up. Shows like Rosario + Vampire really benefit from fun performances such as Brina Palencia as Kurumu.

                    Now, most of my citations so far have been more or less Western in character and world but then some of the more recent winning dubs include Shiki, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Blood-C...each set in Japan but with the English cast eclipsing the jp dub cast to my ears. Of course, returning to the Western-influenced (and popular), both Attack on Titan and Space Dandy are clearly new contenders for favorite dubs over the long term.
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                      Re: Dubs You Like (ET Forum Favorites)

                      A number of my favorite dubs are already listed here so I thought I'd throw out a couple of somewhat recent shows:

                      Baka & Test (specifically season 1) - Funimation really nailed it with this dub. I think the casting was perfect and the English script made all the right adjustments for the North American audience.

                      B Gata H Kei - Funimation also did a great job on this dub but Brittany Karbowski was the big highlight, she ususally brings a lot of energy to her acting but she was absolutely perfect as Yamada.


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                        Re: Dubs You Like (ET Forum Favorites)

                        All of the old stuff people always say is a given for me (Cowboy Bebop, Champloo, Gits, etc) but for newer stuff I really really enjoyed Pani Poni Dash. That's probably my favorite modern era dub. All of the voices felt right to me and they really nailed the characters. I love PPD and if they made a sequel, I honestly might hesitate to watch the streams because I'd rather wait around for a license/dub, something I pretty much never do.

                        A lot of people hate Naruto but I really don't see what's bad about. I haven't watched Toonami in years but I watched it at a hotel last weekend and it seemed as fine as I remembered it being I thought they were doing a solid job with the series. The same goes for One Piece. I like the Japanese version more solely because I don't think any VA can handle Luffy as well as that particular Japanese VA does but I didn't hear anything off about it, other than Sanji not being as suave as I would have thought he'd be.


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                          Re: Dubs You Like (ET Forum Favorites)

                          I've got a few

                          Beck is fantastic. I'm kind of in the middle about Greg Ayres, but he was just perfect in this dub as was Brina Palencia and the rest of the cast. I actually find the music in the dubbed version to be better than the original Japanese.

                          Bebop is obligatory but absolutely deserves the praise, Spice and Wolf is another good one with a clever script and knockout performances from Tatum and Palencia, the K-On! dub isn't without its flaws but in terms of 'cute girl' shows it doesn't get much better (Makes me glad that Tony Oliver is handling the Love Live dub), Tiger & Bunny felt so natural that it actually makes it difficult for me to watch the show in Japanese, Haruhi is a show I much prefer in English mostly thanks to Crispin Freeman, Lucky Star is a perfect example of a faithful dub done right and has a fantastic cast to boot, Fate/Zero had a jaw droppingly good cast and shows what Bang Zoom is capable of when they bring their A game, Welcome to the NHK is another good one with Chris Patton giving what I find to be his absolute best performance to date, Azumanga Daioh hasn't aged well in some areas but is still incredibly charming, and there's probably more but that's just off the top of my head.

                          And since people are mentioning good dubs for not so good shows, I'd like to give a shoutout to Rosario + Vampire and High School DxD. The former for it's ridiculously good cast, the latter for its absolutely hilarious script.


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                            Re: Dubs You Like (ET Forum Favorites)

                            Newer shows of past few years, Spice and Wolf always comes to mind. I really loved it! Same with Baccano!


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