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  • I hope it won't take long to fix if it's a bug. They still haven't fix the New Items page issue (not all new items are listed) and has been broken since March (or earlier).

    The alternative right now for me is go to Reorder Items under Purchases. You can see items previously ordered (15 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 2021,...). You can sort it by Most Recently Purchased, Price, Name.


    • Looks like they are aware of the issue https://reddit.com/r/RightStufAnime/...ym8/?context=1

      I messaged them about the issue. They said it went down when they updated the website and are currently trying to fix the issue.


      • *Whew!* Good thing it's just a bug and not permanent.


        • Originally posted by WTK View Post
          I'm no longer seeing previous purchased item notation on individual product listings. It was a convenient feature to have on the site.
          I meant to post this before, but this was fixed. You have stay logged in to see the notation.


          • https://www.rightstufanime.com/form/got-anime-feedback

            Build Your Own Kit

            We've added a new feature to RightStufAnime.com that we're calling "Build Your Own Kit" and we'd love it if you would test this feature and provide us with any feedback that you have.

            Once you test the feature please come back to this form and provide your feedback.

            Build Your Own Kits are currently only available to our Got Anime? Members so please follow the steps below to check them out.

            1. Login to your RightStufAnime.com account (Remember, you must have an active Got Anime? Membership)
            2. Visit this URL: https://www.rightstufanime.com/availablekits
            3. Select a Kit and click on the “Go to Kit” button
            4. Add items to your kit
            5. Once you reach the maximum amount of items, add the kit to your cart
            6. Proceed to checkout
            7. Write down your order number
            8. Come back to this form and provide us with your feedback


            • Would be nice if I could alphabetize the products and have more products per page. I don't know if it's different for each person, but I only had the option of Tokyopop titles and all of them were things you could find in the bargain bin. (In other words, Out of Print titles with missing volumes). So useless for me, but a nice idea.


              • I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem with when trying to make a purchase. I receive a few 10% coupons by email from rightstuf each month but am unable to use them. When I enter the code at check out, it always tells me that the code is no longer valid or expired. When I log out of my account and try using them, they work but I don't get my membership discount. So, they do work and are valid. It's been about a year that I've been unable to use the codes.
                I was told once by customer service that I had used my allotted amount of codes. Does this mean that I can never use them again?


                • Thank you to everyone who took the time to test our new feature during the 1st round. We've made more changes based on your feedback. Help us test our 2nd round of changes!

                  *This offer is currently only available this weekend only to Got Anime? members.


                  • Does anyone know if rightstufanime keeps information on (very) old orders on your account? I've been trying to compile historical info on where and when I bought the discs in my collection over the past 20 years, and it would be helpful to check through my RSA orders from 2006-13 to fill in some gaps in the ol' memory. So I was going to ask through their Contact Us form, but thought I'd check here first to see if anyone else has had success doing the same thing.


                    • Hmm, my order history starts at Jan. '13 (been shopping here since '02), so at the very least you can access 2013 via the website. Anything beyond that, I think is gone. At least, that is my assumption from when the data was ported over from the previous site, but it's been a while. I suppose asking is worth a try though. Worse they can say is that they don't have it.

                      Edit: Did some digging. Do note that this post was from 2015.

                      Originally posted by shawnek View Post
                      Re: New RightStufAnime.com

                      If you want a full list of everything you purchased pre-2013, please contact customer care and they can dump a spreadsheet to you. I'm not planning at this point to import pre-2013 history.
                      Last edited by tigeress02; 02-14-2022, 03:41 PM.
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                      • "Imperfect Items" can be filtered out from the search results. You just have to click on "Hide Damaged and Imperfect" under "Imperfect Items" section.

                        Imperfect Items
                        Hide Damaged and Imperfect


                        • While that's a nice feature to have, it's not exactly what I would like to see the most in regards to damaged and imperfect items. The most useful feature in regards to those items would be photos of these damaged and imperfect items (or at least a description specific to such items) so that each buyer can see and judge for themselves if they are fine with buying it or not. In any case, it's quite useful for those who would rather take the deal and could live with it, but realizing that things will vary depending on the kind of damage or defect on it.
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                          • Behind the Scenes with Nozomi Entertainment, A Right Stuf Anime Company: The Vault

                            We keep an archive of everything we've worked on over the years. Everything. Take a tour of The Vault!


                            • From earlier today:

                              Happy Spring from our COO and the Right Stuf Team!

                              Happy Wednesday!

                              I hope this note finds you all well and enjoying the beginning of 2022 significantly more than the past 2 years.

                              Things have been going pretty well for us here at Right Stuf Anime, but super busy. While the supply chain continues to be sluggish and frustrating, everything that makes its way to our docks, we put much effort into shipping it as quickly as possible. However, we are running a bit behind at the moment.

                              We really hate being behind and not meeting or exceeding expectations, but a few challenges continue to plague us.
                              • Suppliers are sending some things but a lot of stuff continues to get pushed back. To help provide an example if an older titled manga needs a reprint but the demand for the new stuff is higher, the older one gets pushed down the schedule as all of the printing presses are running above capacity every day.
                              • Some suppliers were holding containers because the freight was so high in hopes that it would come down because of course it will cut into their margins. Sadly, freight prices are not going to be coming down any time soon if ever so they have started sending them.
                              • Staffing continues to be a bit stressful. We are recruiting daily to hire additional warehouse staff, but it continues to be a challenge. So, if you know anyone in our neck of the woods looking for a job, have them check out our open positions here

                              We are operating Monday through Friday with 2 shifts, but 2020/2021 took its toll on everyone here, so I’m trying not to push the RS family members into too much over-time. The Dark Lord and I feel it is extremely important to have downtime with family and friends to re-energize one’s soul. So, while providing you an update, I’m also hoping that you will help by understanding that we are pushing as hard as we can, but the health and mental well-being of our staff is of utmost importance to us. We are committed to getting your packages out as quickly as possible, we are just needing a little more time and understanding.

                              We appreciate your patience and as a little token of my appreciation here is 10% off* your next order. Use Promo Code SPRING2022RS at check out.

                              Christine Morgan

                              *Items marked “Not Eligible for Promotional Discount” are excluded. Promo code expires 4/20/2022.


                              • I'm curious, is Right Stuf still combining shipments for anyone else here? I last had an order combined in January, and since then I haven't seen it happen again, despite several orders completing. The order that partially shipped in January was from the Seven Seas sale last year, and with my preorders in that whole batch already having come in stock, I'm left waiting on a single backordered item, so I had kind of hoped a combination would happen again with that same order. I waited almost a whole year for Railgun Vol. 14 to come in stock. In those situations, I counted on other orders to keep a single item from holding an order hostage for such a ridiculously long time. Though now I'm starting to wonder if I can still count on it.


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