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  • lockmastah
    started a topic 1 and Only Rightstuf.Com Thread/FAQ

    1 and Only Rightstuf.Com Thread/FAQ


    Please post any Rightstuf.com unanswered questions / issues in this thread.

    If you have a specific problem with an order, please contact Rightstuf.com customer support ( call 1-800-338-6827 or e-mail info@rightstuf.com ). Do NOT post order #s in the forum as it is a security risk.

    The Fandom Post Affiliate Links
    General Link
    Direct Item Link - http://www.rightstuf.com/<item #> (i.e. http://www.rightstuf.com/fp/rsdvd1156)

    Additional FAQs


    Print Catalog and Coupons

    Got Anime Monthly Coupon

    List of Previous Sales (maintained by karen0586)

    Search Engine Option for Firefox users
    When you visit our homepage, click on the dropdown for search options in the search box on the upper right corner of your browser. Most likely you will have Google as your default search, so you'll see the Google "G" and then a down arrow where there is a dropdown. You can then see a list of all of the search engine options that can be used in the search box. Click on "Add Rightstuf.com" Now, you're ready to go! Just change the search engine to "Rightstuf.com" and then key in anything on the site you'd like to search for. Quick, super easy way to get to the search on the site. Enjoy!

    (Q) Can I use a coupon and my Got Anime membership discount on an order?
    (A) Yes, your Got Anime membership will "stack" with other coupons. The 10% discount will be applied after coupon discounts. For example, a dvd set ($50 MSRP) is on sale on Rightstuf.com for 40% off MSRP, so the sale price is $30. With Got Anime, the final price is $27 (total discount on dvd is 46% off).

    (Q) Can I use my Got Anime membership discount on preorders?
    (A) Yes, the Got Anime discount will work on item preorders.

    (Q) Can I use my Got Anime membership discount on weekly / bargain bin specials?
    (A) No, your membership discount does not apply to these specials, which are already heavily discounted. It also does not apply to prepacks and import items, as well as some items which we are not allowed to discount. If an item is not discountable, it is noted as such.

    (Q) Will the 10% discount be applied if I buy the Got Anime membership when placing my order?
    (A) Yes. Your confirmation e-mail should include a line that says the following: "Thank you for being a Got Anime! Purchasing Club Member! On this order, you saved $X.XX."

    (Q) Why is my Got Anime discount not showing when I place an order on the web site?
    (A) The system currently provides this information on your confirmation e-mail. In the e-mail, there should be a line that says the following: "Thank you for being a Got Anime! Purchasing Club Member! On this order, you saved $X.XX." If the e-mail doesn't contain this line, please contact customer service.

    (Q) The e-mail confirmation does not list the 10% discount for my Got Anime membership. Instead it says, "There was no membership discount applied to this order." How can I get this corrected?
    (A) Contact customer service. CS can credit you the discount amount, however this can only be done before anything in the order ships or until it has been completely shipped.

    (Q ) If I move, how do I make sure the billing address associated with my Got Anime membership is updated?
    (A) The best thing to do is to update your address on the web site when you place your first order to the new location. In the special instructions, clearly indicate that this is a new address, and that your former account needs to be merged with this one (the system that actually fills the orders matches customers based on your address - so changing your address on the web site will create a new customer in its eyes, without a GA membership). Then, customer service will merge everything together and it should work painlessly in the future.

    (Q) How will I know my membership has expired?
    (A) You can check the expiration date of your membership on the Got Anime web site.

    (Q) How do I renew my Got Anime membership before it expires?
    (A) Place an order with only the Got Anime? Membership Renewal item. The renewal order should be processed and shipped within 1 to 2 days. Ordering other items with the renewal may cause a delay in the membership renewal being applied to your account. The new expiration date will be 12 months after the previous date, so you should not wait till the last minute to renew.

    (Q) My Got Anime membership expired, can I still renew it?
    (A) Yes, follow the directions in the above question. However, the new expiration date will be 12 months after the ship date of the renewal order. New purchases should also be made after the renewal ships, otherwise the Got Anime 10% discount won't be applied to those orders.

    (Q) Does Rightstuf.com ship items as they come in stock, or hold a shipment until all items are available?
    (A) For US customers, we make an initial shipment of any items that are in stock when the order is placed. For international orders, we ship when all items are available.

    Revised 2/08: This is our current policy for when we will make automatic partial shipments for orders that you have with our company. From time to time we do revise this depending upon the season (during Christmas we'll release orders a lot more frequently, for example) and other circumstances. Right now, we only make partial shipments for orders being shipped to a US address - international shipping costs prohibit us from doing it elsewhere.

    We are doing partials worldwide based on many factors, mostly including time - holding orders indefinitely isn't good for us. In general, if your order is more than 3-4 months old, we will ship the portion of your order that is in stock, along with anything else that may be in stock on other orders to keep your customs charges as low as possible.

    If you have an order that you would like to request a partial shipment for, you may contact our customer service department, and for a small fee, we will release your order. Otherwise, your order will be subject to the following conditions, assuming that product is available:
    • We will make a partial shipment if 50% of the unshipped products are available.
    • We will make a partial shipment if there have been no shipments made on the order within the last 45 days. This helps make sure that you'll receive preorders in a timely manner if they are several of them on the same order.
    • If $100 dollars of an order is in stock and available, those items will be shipped.
    Rightstuf.com will also try to combine multiple partial shipments for different orders into one shipment. Here are some additional notes about partial shipments:
    • If you have a lot of open orders with us, we are going to hit your card one time for each order that we're ready to ship. The example given above would result in 9 different credit card changes on one day. This might freak out a few card companies or even our customers.
    • These partial shipments will cost you nothing extra - they are done at our expense. We have had people ask us to refund their shipping charges when we choose to combine their orders into one box, we will not be doing that. What we're saving by combining orders is allowing us to make these partial shipments, and hopefully giving you better service.
    • There is currently no way to opt out of partial shipments, or having your shipments combined.
    (Q) Does Rightstuf.com charge extra for multiple shipments for an order?
    (A) If you do not ask a CSR to partial ship an order, then no. The shipping cost quoted in your order confirmation is what you pay in the end. That amount is prorated for each shipment based upon the cost of the shipped items. If you specifically request a partial shipment on an order, then there will be extra charges.

    (Q) How does free shipping work?
    (A) Only US and Canadian customers are eligible for free shipping. If the total cost of shopping cart is $49 ($150 USD for Canadians) or more (before coupons), then your order is eligible for free Economy Shipping. All items on the order count towards the $49 required in order to receive free shipping. The $49 is the pre-coupon total - if you apply a coupon that takes the total for the items on your order below $49, you will still receive free shipping. Just as a reminder, for Canadians the Free Shipping threshold is $150 USD.

    (Q) Why is Rightstuf.com's international shipping so expensive?
    (A) The shipping method recently changed from Deutsch Post to Fed Ex Mail International.

    (Q) What does the it mean when an item in my order is listed as "Reserved For Your Order"?
    (A) This means the item is in stock and set aside to be shipped to you. Rightstuf.com may still hold your order until several items are available to ship all at once, but during that time, they will have all those items specifically set aside for you. There is, however, an extremely small chance that if Rightstuf.com may have a problem with inventory you may not get your product, but those occurrences should be extremely rare.

    (Q) What do the Product Availability phrases mean?
    (A) You can find the answer here at the TRSI Product Availability page. Below is a copy and paste of each different line.

    In Stock and Available: This item is currently in stock and will usually ship immediately. Depending on the shipping method, you should have this in your hands within a matter of days.

    Note: If you place an order for this item along with other items which are not currently in stock, the order may not ship until all items are in stock, or may ship at our option in multiple shipments. You may at any time request your in-stock shipments be sent for a small fee; however, you will not be charged for partial shipments made at our discretion.

    Pre-Order, Not Yet Shipping:
    This item has yet to be released for sale by the manufacturer. If you order this item, it will be shipped as it becomes available and your credit card will not be charged until it actually ships.
    Release dates for pre-order items are located on their product page under 'Release Date'.

    More Arriving Soon!: We don't have this item in stock at the moment. The time required for our supplier to provide us with this item varies widely from a few days to several weeks.

    We'll Get It for You!: We don't have this item in stock at the moment, but if you want it, place your order! (This item is in short supply at the wholesale level, and if it is still available, we'll get it for you. Please be aware that, if it is still available, our supplier may take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to send us more.)

    Special Order: If it's in print and/or available from our suppliers, we can get it for you. This just happens to be one of those products that we don't usually keep in stock all of the time. Place your order, and let us do the the work. (The time required for our supplier to provide us with this item varies widely from a few days to several weeks. And you will receive status updates from us along the way.)

    (Q) What do all these status phrases mean?
    (A) For each shipment that is listed on an order on our web site, you will see one of the following statuses:

    Not Yet Shipped - one or more items is on order from manufacturer
    Shipped - the items on are on their way to you
    Processing - the order is being reviewed, or the order has entered the shipping process (card authorized, product being packed in the warehouse).
    Cancelled - the order has been cancelled
    Please contact Customer Service for status update - contact us at info@rightstuf.com, 1.800.338.6827 or 1.515.252.6116

    For each item that is in a shipment, you'll see one of the following statuses (these are the most common):

    Reserved For Your Order - the item you ordered is in the warehouse, and set aside for your order. Unless there is a serious error, you should receive it from us.
    Processing - part of an order that has entered the shipping process
    Shipped - item should be on its way to you
    On Order From Manufacturer - backordered, and we're working on getting it for you
    "Canceled by manufacturer or per your request" or "Canceled" - for some reason, this item was removed from your order
    Order has been received - part of a new order with us, that is in the process of being reviewed
    Gift product - something you're getting for free from us (possibly a catalog, flyers, etc.)
    "Authorized for Return," "Partial Exchange" or "Item exchanged" - if you have requested an RA # for this item
    Item Returned - we have received the item you requested an RA # for
    Refused shipment - the package was refused when delivery was attempted
    Item Undeliverable - there was a problem delivering the package

    (Q) Can I use a coupon more than once?
    (A) This depends upon the terms of the coupon.

    (Q) Can I use more than one coupon on an order?
    (A) No, only one coupon can be applied to each order.

    (Q) When do coupons expire? I tried to use a coupon before the deadline, but I wasn't able to.
    (A) Coupons run on Central Time and expire at 11:59 PM on the expiration day. So if you live on the West Coast (Pacific time) and wait till the last minute to use a coupon, the coupon has already expired.

    (Q) I tried using a X percent off coupon, but the actual discount is slightly smaller (i.e. 33% coupon seems to only discount 32%). What's going on?
    (A) Percentage off coupons take a percentage of a percentage (% off of the discounted price we normally sell at). For example, a 33% off coupon takes 24% off the already 10% off price (about 33% off the retail price).

    (Q) I tried to use a $X off $Y coupon, but got the following message even though the total cost was over $Y: "This coupon cannot be used on this order: this coupon has dollar amount or item quantity restrictions that have not been met."
    (A) Specials and heavily discounted items do not count toward coupon total requirements.

    (Q) I have a few orders that I used coupons on. Can I combine these orders together?
    (A) Coupon orders may be combined with other orders which have coupons on them, as long as no changes are made to pricing as a result. For example, order A has one coupon for $5 off, and order B has one coupon for $3 off. You would combine the orders together, at the prices from the original two orders, which gives $8 off. New coupons cannot be applied to combined orders. Items on orders where coupons have been combined MAY NOT BE CANCELED except in FULL, as canceling items from the orders will cause possible changes in coupon requirements. Shipping should be calculated as normal given the number of items on the order (for free shipping calculations). If you cancel an order which had a coupon on it, we cannot reinstate the order with the coupon on it later. You cannot use previously ordered items on a past order in order to qualify to use a coupon.

    (Q) How come ***** anime dvd is only 10% off MSRP instead of the usual 25%?
    (A) Titles from bigger companies such as Disney/Beuna Vista and Columbia/Tristar cost more for Rightstuf.com.

    (Q) When will <*insert title*> dvd/blu-ray be up for preorder (it was just announced)?
    (A) As soon as Rightstuf.com obtains the SKU # for the item, it will be added to the product list.

    (Q) Will I receive an e-mail confirmation for an order I just placed on the web site?
    (A) Yes.

    (Q) Can I use a different shipping address than the one I used for billing?
    (A) No. Even though you can specify different addresses on their web site, Rightstuf.com will contact you if you do so. Rightstuf.com's policy is to ship to the billing address. This is a policy they enforce in order to reduce credit card fraud. If you want Rightstuf.com to ship your order to an address besides the one associated with your credit card, then try contacting your bank / card company and request them to add another address to your account. This will allow you to use the same address for shipping and billing with Rightstuf.com.

    **(Q) Can I place an order using PayPal as the payment method?
    (A) Unfortunately, Rightstuf.com doesn't accept PayPal payments. One of the main reasons we cannot accept paypal payments has to do with backorders and preorders. Paypal requires that your payment be used completely immediately, so if you were to order an item that was not in stock or backordered, we would have to refund portions of payments (which is time consuming.) Also, you are not supposed to accept paypal payments for adult products.

    You can use the paypal debit card, which debits your paypal account like a debit card deducts from your bank account.

    (Q) Usually the order status page is updated daily at around 1:00 AM Central time. However, it hasn't been updated today yet. What happened?!
    (A) The order status page isn't always updated at the same time due to system load, maintenance and/or upgrades. The web site is also not updated when inventory is done every few months.

    (** - recently added/updated entries)
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  • lk09
    I spoke to CS and they can?t do anything about it. So they suggested I call my bank. Disappointed with this whole thing especially with the weekend coming up where nothing gets processed. Eh, whatever. Back to B&N for books.

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  • Endymion
    Yeah, a couple of times they authorized for a couple of dollars more for some reason, but when the charge went through it was the correct amount. I don't have an answer for why they do that sometimes. When it happened to me I also contacted their billing support but basically had to just wait for the charge to go through at the lower correct amount. It would be nicer for sure if they would invalidate any previous authorizations when doing it again on an order and keep the authorizations to the exact amount. Their billing support will need to explain why on that one.

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  • lk09
    The whole thing has just been messy. Over the last 2 days they placed 4 separate charges on my account. 1 for the original whole order total, which luckily went away, then 3 more which are all still there and add up to more than my order total.

    That?s fine if they want to pre-auth everything, but not fine if they overcharge while doing it, because that money does disappear from my account, even if only ?for a few business days?.

    My account did not change this entire time they were doing all this pre-auth stuff. Even with their overcharge I still have enough. It?s the fact that their overcharge got my card declined elsewhere and then I have to figure out what the heck?s going on.

    I?m not okay with ?waiting a few business days? for money I did not spend with them to appear back on my account. I?m not okay if that causes me to be unable to use my card on another site.

    Pre-auths are fine if they pre-auth what I owe. Not fine if I?m losing money for days that I never spent. End of story.

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  • Endymion
    Are you sure the charges aren't still pending on your card? As they said RS will run a pre-authorization which will show up pending on your card. If the amount of products available to ship changes or is less than the full order, they will then charge the smaller actual amount when it ships, but it may take a few days for the original pre-authorization amount to disappear. So generally this means you won't be double charged, but it does cause the available funds for your card to be less than it should be until the pending items either finalize and/or disappear off the account. To avoid problems like this, unfortunately you'll just need to keep more available on your card to allow for this when you're planning other simultaneous charges. This is likely why they had a problem charging in the first place since when they ran the second amount you no longer had sufficient funds. If the amount to be charged didn't change there wouldn't have been a problem. From what I've seen they don't seem to be able to cancel the original pre-authorization to clear it off your card before charging again.... at least not automatically. Perhaps their billing department can do it manually when they tried again when you spoke with them.

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  • lk09
    I placed my first order in over 2 years at the end of January. It?s been a freaking nightmare. So much so where I?m coming back here, where I haven?t been active in nearly the same time, to try and address this another way.

    So I ordered 10 manga books. Pretty simple. 7 shipped out and I received them no problem. However, the last 3 in the order have been sitting there quite some time. I was charged for the full order at the time the 7 books shipped. But then that charge disappeared from my bank account. Figured it would come back eventually anyways. But, has not gone that smooth.

    Yesterday morning I received a call from an unknown number which turned out to be someone from Rightstuf. They said they were trying to process my order and my card was being declined. I said I?ve changed nothing with my account and the allotted funds are there for the entire order. I had to give my entire card number, expiration date, and security code over the phone as she said she would be consulting the accounting department.

    Minutes after the call I was billed off my account for just the total of the first 7 books. Ok fine with me obviously. But then later in the day I noticed a charge for only 2 of the remaining books, even though I saw all were in stock and none have been shipped out to me, so today (Wednesday) I called customer service just to check the status of my remaining shipment.

    The guy was very polite and helpful and said he thinks it?s a pre-auth for 2 of the 3 remaining for whatever reason. He said he was gonna check with someone else to make sure I don?t get double charged.

    Lo and behold late today I was charged for the entire remaining order, only problem being I am still charged with that previous charge. So essentially I am being double charged for 166% of my remaining books. If not for a fluke that I made a deposit tonight I would?ve overdrew my account on that spot. Welp, before I even looked at my account I placed an Amazon order only to have my card be declined tonight. That?s what made me discover all this.

    So for the time being, so much for my Amazon order, and I?m gonna have to contact CS again tomorrow.

    Just highly displeased with this because it?s never happened with any other shopping I?ve done. I hate having to take calls, write emails or forum posts, just to try and get a simple issue resolved. Trust me, I don?t like typing this much. Who would.

    I buy big/bulk orders of manga from Rightstuf because the prices beat the competition. Although, this being my one and only experience in the past 2 years with you guys, and having spent 4 digits for numerous years in the past with you guys with minimal issues, just makes me irked. Will probably going back to B&N for book purchases to avoid a headache and having to be in contact with CS numerous times, despite the 20% higher price.

    Will be calling tomorrow tomorrow to get this solved hopefully. Just wanted to make this known. I remember having some issues when you guys changed your website years back, and your processing/shipping system along with it.

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  • Slowhand
    Per Email:

    Greetings from the Right Stuf/AnimeNation Forums!

    You are or were a member of the AN forums. If you're no longer interested in forum news, hit that delete button, quick. Poof, we'll be gone.

    After almost 20 years online, the forums may be shut down soon. We're sending this note to alert members, and see if there's enough interest to keep them alive. We'll discuss for a couple days, then decide what to do.
    We'd like feedback from as many members as possible, so if you want to contribute to the conversation or see what's going on, feel free to head over to the thread:


    Thanks! Gene AnimeNation / Right Stuf Forums

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  • chrisc1978
    Can RightStuf list the new adult Skytube figure so I can buy it.

    Edit: Thanks for adding the figure, I already ordered it.
    Last edited by chrisc1978; 01-23-2019, 07:06 PM.

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  • Asrialys
    When do these "Holiday is Coming" coupons expire?

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  • Digi_Michael
    Originally posted by gpn View Post
    Is RightStuf going to carry the Akira Toriyama Dragon Quest art book from Viz?
    Yes, we will!

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  • gpn
    Is RightStuf going to carry the Akira Toriyama Dragon Quest art book from Viz?

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  • Spoofer
    Well I certainly knew it could be some hella old random volume Geneon DVD (if they haven't burned through them all yet), but I had figured they had so much of all that old stock they wanted to unload that I could at least expect something different with each Blind Box. Maybe encourage me to hunt down the rest of the volumes of an old unrescued series or something, heh.
    Last edited by Spoofer; 12-13-2018, 08:49 PM.

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  • t-Roy
    Those Blind Boxes are simply a way for RS to get rid of the excess singles from incomplete series with OOP volumes in their old Bargain Basement stock, which have been sitting on the shelf for years and not moving. There is very seldom anything of worthwhile value in a blind box.

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  • Endymion
    I also ordered 4 $5 blind boxes as part of the promotion within minutes of each other. Unfortunately they chose to ship them all separately. So far I've received 3 copies of Ghost Hound Collection 1 DVD. I fully expect when my 4th shipment arrives to have a 4th copy of Ghost Hound. What a waste. They really need to fix how this works when you order close together. Especially when they encourage it as part of a promotion.

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  • Spoofer
    Heyo, the free $5 Blind Box promotion tempted me to make four $50+ orders, which all came together in a giant box to my house. I was a little surprised that I got two sets of duplicates, though. =x Two Short Peace and two Ghost Hound vol. 1 DVDs. I could understand not being able to keep track of which customer got which Blind Boxes across numerous shipments, but someone in the warehouse specifically placed two copies of each into the same box, literally in order right next to each other. I mean I shouldn't be complaining about something I got for free, but I did specifically make those orders because of the promotion, and it's a little weird to see duplicates that a customer would never have any personal use for. ^_^;; I wish I could say I could at least gift them to somebody, but sadly none of my close friends are really into anime (or at least physical collections).

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