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New RightStufAnime.com Specials 10/12- Ghost & Yokai Weekly Specials

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  • New RightStufAnime.com Specials 10/12- Ghost & Yokai Weekly Specials

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    Ghosts & Yokai Weekly Specials!

    These Ghosts & Yokai Have No Body to Love Them But You... Up to 40% Off!

    No Promo Code Required!

    Shop Now!

    Funimation Sale!

    Limited Time Only!

    At Least 40% off select DVDs & Blu-rays!

    Promo Code: FUNI2017

    Shop Now!

    Live-Action Horror Sale! Last Day!

    Scream your heart out with these Live-Action Horror titles!

    No Promo Code Required!

    Shop Now!

    When They Cry Season 1 Blu-ray Giveaway Contest!

    The Month of Spooktober contest kicks off with a horror anime classic! win a chance to experiecne the twisted paths fo the mysterious town of Hinamizawa with a copy of When They cry Season 1 Blu-ray. Can you solve the riddle behind the town's string of horrifying murders? This contest is not for the faint of heart so enter at your own risk! Thanks to uor friends at Sentai Filmworks for the great prize!

    Entries will be accepted until October 12! Last Day!

    ​​​​​​​Enter Here!

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    ADULTS ONLY: Fakku & Icarus Sale - Save up to 20% OFF Manga, Novels & Books, For a Very Limited Time


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      MEDIA BLASTERS SALE - Starts Now! Save Up T 40% OFF Select DVDs & Blu-rays*

      *Prices as marked.


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        Zombie Weekly Specials - Up to 35% Off!


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          THREE-DAY CUTE SALE - Up to 35% Off!


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            introducing anime haul!

            do you like surprises? Here at rightstufanime.com we do too! So many anime and manga titles are released every month it's difficult to decide what to add to your collection. Problem solved! Join our monthly anime haul and be surprised every month.

            Anime Haul Features:
            • $60+ retail value
            • monthly themes
            • will contain at least 1 anime and/or 1 manga based on the monthly theme
            • other items will be selected from our vast merchandise category and may contain plushes, keychains, cards, or figures but will be awesome
            • also includes $5 stuf bucks to be used on a future order
            • anime haul will have extremely limited quantities, so be the first to order each month
            • we will accept orders for 2 weeks or until they are gone
            • anime haul has to be purchased alone and all sales are final


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              I'm not one for mystery boxes, but I'm glad to see they are starting up a service of their own. They seem to be pretty popular between the various services that offer them on subscription, and I'm sure RightStuf will make them worthwhile. Hopefully they perform well for them.
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                Kodansha Comics & Vertical Inc. Sale - Save at Least 33% OFF Manga, Novels, & Books

                PROMO CODE: VERT17


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                  HALLOWEEN One-Day Sale! TODAY ONLY


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                    Definitely like what Right Stuf is doing here, their own version of Loot Crate with a specially-themes mystery box of goodies. While I'm not the person who goes for these things, it's quite a nice addition for those who enjoy the thrill of getting random stuff. Anyway, it's going to be three months before my wallet sees any activity since the holiday sales begins later than it has been in the past.
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