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New RightStufAnime.com Specials 9/14- Pet Weekly Specials

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  • New RightStufAnime.com Specials 9/14- Pet Weekly Specials

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    Pet Weekly Specials!

    We're bringing cute and fluffy back!

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    Section 23 Sale

    Save at least 40% off DVDs & Blu-rays! Plus, for every order over $75 of Section 23 items, GET 5 STUF BUCKS! (available to use in Spooktober)*

    Promo Code: SENTAI-17

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    Save at least 33% off select DVD-ROM games!*

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    New York Comic Con Exclusive Numbered Attack on Titan Anthology Giveaway Contest!

    Thanks to our friends at Kodansha Comics, we have been fortunate enough to obtain a numbered copy of the Attack On Titan Anthology (Hardcover) that was a New York Comic Con Exclusive last year. If you are selected as the lucky winner, this fabulous book will be sure to make all of your friends jealous because there were only 500 numbered copies that were printed for the event in NYC.

    The manga megahit Attack on Titan, reinterpreted by some of comics? top talent!

    Featuring original stories by a long roster of comic superstars such as Scott Snyder (Batman, American Vampire), Gail Simone (Batgirl), Michael Avon Oeming (Powers), Paolo Rivera (Daredevil, Amazing Spider-Man), Cameron Stewart (Fight Club 2, Batgirl) and Faith Erin Hicks (The Adventures of Superhero Girl)! This unprecedented, full-color collaboration between East and West will be released first in English, making it indispensable for Attack on Titan fans and curious comic fans.

    Entries will be accepted until September 21st.

    Click here to enter!

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    I already bought everything I wanted Section 23 during the RS birthday sale.


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      QUESTION!!! If I make an order of $150 do I get $5 or $10 in Stuf bucks? (In other words, do I need to make one big order or 2 small orders to get $10 in Stuf bucks?)


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        Originally posted by Art-chan View Post
        QUESTION!!! If I make an order of $150 do I get $5 or $10 in Stuf bucks? (In other words, do I need to make one big order or 2 small orders to get $10 in Stuf bucks?)
        In the past, and with the way it's worded, it's usually on a per qualifying order basis. So with your example it would net $5 in Stuf bucks. I think they may have worked it out for people last time due to the confusion, but you're probably best off splitting up the orders into separate $75 groupings just to be safe.
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          Competition Sale - This Weekend Only!


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            Last edited by gpn; 09-15-2017, 10:24 PM.


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              Welp, ust placed two separate orders for Food Wars! PE and the Chihayafuru PE. Thinking about placing one more. Debating whether to get the Flying Witch PE or the GATE PE.
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                So for this sale, the plan is for me to get just the Flying Witch LE. Unlike the last time, I know exactly how I'm going to use my Stuf Bucks after struggling to figure out how to use them the last time around, ultimately using it towards renewing my Got Anime membership. In figuring this out, I pretty much limited the stuff to get to one LE item that's either a preorder or a recent release knowing that the holidays are just around the corner, and of course I can pick up any SE-only releases somewhere way down the line. Not to mention, the savings are quite tremendous during the holiday sales. So in using this thought process to cut the list of potential buys down to size, that left me with Haikyu, Squid Girl, Sakamoto, and Flying Witch, Chihayafuru, and Ushio and Tora, and of these I went with Flying Witch as I have serious interest while I'm willing to wait on Chihayafuru, and everything else I only have mild interest.
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                  Saaaale, Ho! One-Day Pirate Sale!


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                    SLICE OF LIFE Weekly Specials


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