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    I didn't realize they are still doing this...or that a number of non-FYE retail stores are still open (Coconuts Music & Movies, Sam Goody, Spec's Music, Suncoast).


    Sunday, January 20, 2019 at 11 AM - 7 PM EST

    Animania is Back! Join us for a full day of all things Anime! Cosplay, Trivia, Special Sales, Prizes & More! Stop by your local FYE and get in on the action!

    These stores are hosting Animania Events! Is yours on the list?
    FYE Colonial Mall Gadsden
    FYE Parkway Place
    FYE Hot Springs Mall
    FYE Arizona Mills
    FYE Park Place
    FYE Tucson Mall
    FYE Bakersfield
    FYE Westfield Carlsbad
    FYE Sunvalley Mall
    FYE Parkway Plaza
    FYE Bayshore Mall
    FYE Fullerton
    FYE Hanford Mall
    FYE McHenry Ave Modesto
    FYE Montclair Place
    FYE at The Shopps at Montebello
    FYE Moreno Valley Mall
    FYE Yuba Sutter Mall
    FYE Colorado Mills
    FYE Meriden Westfield S/T
    FYE Connecticut Post Westfield S/T
    FYE Trumbull Westfield S/T
    FYE Brass Mill Center & Commons
    FYE Crystal Mall
    FYE Dover Mall & Commons
    FYE Concord Mall
    FYE Altamonte Mall
    FYE Boynton Beach Mall
    FYE Coral Square
    FYE Volusia
    FYE Edison Mall
    FYE The Avenues
    FYE Treasure Coast Square
    FYE Lakeland Square Mall
    FYE Santa Rosa Mall
    FYE Melbourne Square
    FYE Merritt Square Mall
    FYE Coastland Center
    FYE Paddock Mall
    FYE Orange Park Mall
    FYE Pembroke Lakes
    FYE Cordova Mall
    FYE Port Charlotte Town Center
    FYE Tyrone Square
    FYE Mall @ Wellington Green
    FYE Houston County Galleria
    FYE Arbor Place
    FYE Sugarloaf Mills Mall
    FYE Southern Hills Mall
    FYE Fox Valley Westfield S/T
    FYE Stratford Square Mall
    FYE Eastland Mall
    FYE River Oaks Shopping Center
    FYE Gurnee Mills
    FYE Northwoods Mall
    FYE Quincy Mall Shopping Center
    FYE Woodfield Mall
    Coconuts Music & Movies
    FYE Glenbrook
    FYE Greenwood Park Mall
    FYE Castleton Square
    FYE Markland Mall
    FYE Tippecanoe Mall
    FYE Southlake Westfield S/T
    FYE University Park Mall
    FYE Muncie Mall
    FYE Honey Creek
    FYE Oak Park Mall
    FYE Ashland Town Center
    FYE Greenwood Mall
    FYE Florence Mall
    FYE Fayette Mall
    FYE Jefferson Mall
    FYE Mall at St Matthews
    FYE Kentucky Oaks Mall
    FYE Southland Mall
    FYE Acadiana Mall
    FYE Pecanland Mall
    FYE Auburn Mall
    FYE Silver City Galleria
    FYE Holyoke Mall at Ingleside
    FYE Emerald Square
    FYE Harford Mall
    FYE Country Club Mall
    FYE Lakeforest
    FYE Valley Mall
    FYE Arundel Mills
    FYE The Centre at Salisbury
    FYE TownMall of Westminster
    FYE Great Lakes Crossing
    FYE Birchwood Mall
    FYE Rivertown Crossings
    FYE Westwood Mall
    FYE Lansing Mall
    FYE The Lakes Mall
    FYE The Crossroads
    FYE Fashion Square Mall
    FYE Lakeside Mall
    FYE Grand Traverse City
    FYE Oakland Mall
    FYE Burnsville Center
    FYE Miller Hill Mall
    FYE Independence
    FYE Bonita Lakes Mall
    FYE Northpark
    FYE Cary Towne Center
    FYE Concord Mills
    FYE Berkeley Mall
    FYE Four Seasons Town Centre
    Suncoast Jacksonville Mall
    FYE Triangle Town Center
    FYE Hanes Mall
    Suncoast Westroads Mall
    FYE Pheasant Lane Mall
    FYE Fox Run Mall
    FYE Brunswick Square
    Suncoast Monmouth Mall
    FYE Livingston Mall
    FYE Moorestown Mall
    FYE Paramus Park
    FYE Rockaway Townsquare
    FYE Ocean County Mall
    FYE Cumberland Mall
    FYE Woodbridge Center
    FYE Cottonwood Mall
    FYE Rio West Mall
    FYE Crossgates Mall
    FYE Boulevard Mall
    FYE Walden Galleria
    FYE Arnot Mall
    FYE Oakdale Mall
    FYE Hudson Valley Mall
    FYE Smith Haven Mall
    FYE Chautauqua Mall
    FYE Sangertown Square
    FYE Newburgh Mall
    FYE Olean Center Mall
    FYE Champlain Centres
    FYE Queensbury
    FYE Wilton Mall at Saratoga
    FYE Viaport Rotterdam
    FYE Eastview Mall
    FYE Salmon Run Mall
    FYE Mall @ Fairfield Commons
    FYE Eastgate Mall
    FYE Dayton
    FYE The Mall @ Tuttle Crossing
    FYE Summit Mall
    FYE Lima Mall
    FYE Great Northern Mall
    Sam Goody Ohio Valley Mall
    FYE SouthPark Westfield S/T
    Sam Goody Rogue Valley Mall
    Suncoast Lloyd Center
    FYE Salem
    FYE Logan Valley Mall
    FYE Neshaminy Mall
    FYE Capital City Mall
    FYE Palmer Park Mall
    FYE Millcreek Mall
    FYE Westmoreland Mall
    FYE Park City Center
    FYE Oxford Valley Mall
    FYE Beaver Valley Mall
    FYE Montgomery Mall
    FYE Philadelphia Mills
    FYE The Mall at Robinson
    FYE Plymouth Meeting Mall
    FYE Viewmont Mall
    FYE Susquehanna Mall
    FYE Stroud Mall
    FYE Lehigh Valley Mall
    FYE Wyoming Valley Mall
    FYE Berkshire Mall
    FYE York Galleria
    FYE Warwick Mall
    FYE Haywood Mall
    FYE Kingsport Town Center
    FYE West Town Mall
    FYE College Square
    Suncoast Parkdale Mall
    FYE Lakeline Mall
    FYE Bassett Center
    FYE Sunland Park Mall
    FYE Grapevine Mills
    FYE Valle Vista Mall
    FYE Irving Mall
    FYE Town East Mall
    FYE Ingram Park Mall
    FYE Provo Towne Centre
    FYE Salt Lake City
    FYE Super Store - Family Center
    FYE Chesapeake Square
    FYE Southpark Mall
    FYE Fair Oaks
    FYE River Ridge
    FYE Valley View Mall
    FYE Lynnhaven
    FYE Apple Blossom Mall
    FYE Potomac Mills
    FYE Tacoma Mall
    FYE Southcenter Westfield S/T
    FYE Vancouver Mall
    FYE Regency Mall
    FYE Mercer Mall
    FYE Meadowbrook Mall
    FYE Charleston Town Center
    FYE Morgantown Mall
    FYE Frontier Mall
    Spec's Music - Plaza Las Americas


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      Apparently FYE's Facebook page isn't aware that they closed the FYE at Eastview Mall in NY about a decade ago... FYE's own homepage confirms it hasn't spontaneously resurrected from the dead since the last time I was at the mall. Weird.

      Loved that place, too. Prices were high (retail), but I could always count on finding Pioneer/Geneon lottery items there.


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        ^ It makes me wonder if that store list has other goof-ups as well.


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          Seeing that things have been happening almost exclusively online that it's no wonder the list might be out of date. It has been quite a long time since I last bought at FYE or Suncoast as ever since I discovered Right Stuf, they have just about fulfilled all my anime needs.
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            Originally posted by WTK View Post
            ^ It makes me wonder if that store list has other goof-ups as well.
            The one that used to be by me (Tyrone Square) closed years ago; they're also on the list.


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              Decided to look more @ https://stores.fye.com/search.html

              229 stores total

              of which includes:
              - 2 Manifest
              - 1 Record & Tape Traders
              - 2 Sam Goody
              - 1 SecondSpin
              - 1 Spec's Music
              - 4 Suncoast

              The rest are FYE. No stores in Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont.


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                Well it isn't listing the two that closed in Philadelphia, so it's at least been updated somewhat in the last three years... also I really miss those stores...


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                  The four Jersey stores in Paramus Park, Brunswick Square, Livingston Mall and Rockaway Townsquare are still open but the latter two have shrunk their anime sections a lot in recent months.

                  Seeing the Rockaway store the way it is makes me miss the Saturday Matinee store that used to be in that mall even more since it closed in late 2016. Livingston's store had been opened since 2014 and was not as bad in the beginning so going back there a few months ago and seeing it the way it is now was also sad.

                  One issue I noticed with each FYE is that they're selling a lot of Funko Pop figures to the point that there's no "New Releases" on the walls in the front of the store anymore.
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                    Join us for Animania in an FYE Store near you on Sunday, January 20th for a celebration of everything anime. Enjoy free giveaways, great sale promotions, and early access to the newest anime DVD and Blu Ray releases.

                    Are you excited to be watching Dragon Ball Super: Broly in theaters? FYE will have an exclusive, authentic poster featuring the Japanese movie art. The poster is free with a reservation of the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, while supplies last. Reserve your copy today!

                    Also, with each purchase of anime video or merchandise over $30 in stores, you will receive a free one-month subscription trial to FunimationNow. Stream Funimation’s complete library of anime shows and movies ad-free, anytime, anywhere. You’ll also receive early access to Home Video dubs and new SimulDub™ shows every season.

                    Plus, all regular-priced anime DVD and Blu-Ray and will be "Buy one, get one 50% off" as a special in-store promotion. Most anime merchandise will also be "Buy one, get one 50% off" with a few exclusions.* Check out some of our favorite Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super merch in-stores now.


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