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Media Blasters closing Rareflix.com?

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  • Media Blasters closing Rareflix.com?

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    Noticed a couple of updates on the Media Blasters Facebook page from within the last hour stating:

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: For those who want to purchase our DVDs please search the ebay account fever_dreams_llc. We are taking down rareflix.com and starting some new website adventures in the future!

    IMPORTANT UPDATE PART DEUX: You can all go to our YouTube channel "mediab" to watch trailers and episodes for free. This is ofcourse the YouTube store that will have movies for rental also.
    So took a wander over to the Rareflix site which is now displaying the following:

    IMPORTANT: Rareflix will not be taking any more orders!

    We'd like to thank everyone who supported Rareflix throughout the years, and helped us make this a great place to find cult films, anime and other hard-to-find DVD's and Blu-Rays.

    Don't worry, we won't be shutting our doors for good.

    We're re-organizing and rebuilding our web presence to better serve our customers, and will announce several new sites in the near future.

    For now you can buy our DVD's on ebay search the ID: fever_dreams_llc

    Keep an eye out!

    All outstanding orders will be honored. If you need help with an outstanding order, please email us at:

    (email address provided as an image on site)
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    There have been bad reports of how rareFLIX.com was operating. No replies on emails from CS and such. This is not much of a surprise.


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