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    Re: May 2011 Purchase Thead

    Originally posted by Buster Blader 126 View Post
    - Genkaku Picasso Vol. 1-3
    - Lychee Light Club
    - Peepo Choo Vol. 1-3
    I found some pretty rare manga at Anime North this weekend, on top of purchasing a Tokyopop title I really enjoyed reading through the library these past few months, finding recent stuff for $5 and finally finishing a Korean manwha title whose first volume I received for free in a game show years ago:

    - Detroit Metal City Vol. 7
    - Forest of Gray City Vol. 2
    - Kamen Tantei Vol. 4
    - Kimi ni Todoke Vol. 2
    - Karakuri Odette Vol. 1-6
    - Maison Ikkoku Vol. 2, 8, 11
    - Otomen Vol. 10
    - Saikano Vol. 1-7

    Maison Ikkoku 8 & Saikano 7 were $5 each. Eat it, scalpers.
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      Re: May 2011 Purchase Thead

      • 20th Century Boys volumes 11, 13-14
      • Bokurano: Ours volume 3
      • Yakitate!! Japan volume 26 [final]

      Glad to finish up Yakitate!! (this last arc has really dragged), and of course, it's just my luck that volumes 10 and 12 of 20CB (TCB?) weren't in stock.
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        Re: May 2011 Purchase Thead

        Omamari Hamari 1-3

        Preorders from the Viz sale at TRSI:

        Fullmetal Alchemist 25-27
        Cross Game 4-6

        Just shipped:

        Highschool of the Dead vol. 2
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          So I bought some manga this month. It was, in no particular order...
          • Black Lagoon 4 (I bought 1-3 in April)
          • Black Lagoon 5
          • Black Lagoon 6
          • Black Lagoon 7
          • Black Lagoon 8
          • Black Lagoon 9
          • Higurashi When They Cry: Demon Exposing Arc Omnibus
          • Instant Teen 1 (yeah I know, but it's hard to turn down $1.49 a volume)
          • Instant Teen 2 (it's a guilty pleasure)
          • Instant Teen 3 (I'd feel less bad if I'd bought hardcore yaoi; that's sad)
          • Instant Teen 4 (shoot me, shoot me now)
          • The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya 2

          In reality, not as nasty a hit as in some past months, but a worse hit than what I took on the anime side of things. It all adds up to 12 books: 6 from Viz (yeah I still buy from them; got a problem with that?), 4 from Tokyopop (maybe the last TP purchases I'll ever make), and 2 from Yen Press.
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            Re: May 2011 Purchase Thead

            Just this:

            20th Century Boys Vol. #13
            20th Century Boys Vol. #14
            Skip Beat! Vol. #23


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              Re: May 2011 Purchase Thead

              All of mine were purchases from a local convention:

              Volumes 1-5 of Juline
              Other random volumes of Narumi Kakinouchi manga - Vampire Princess Miyu 2 & 4, Charmer 1-2, and some Japanese volumes of some of her series that I'd never even heard of before. The Miyu, Charmer, and Juline volumes were all just purchased as a set, and the seller just threw in the import volumes as well.
              Arisa Volume 2 - From Kodansha! It actually looks pretty nice next to Del Rey's Volume 1 of this series.
              Apothecarius Argentum Volume 1 - one of those CMX series that will never be finished, but I wanted to try reading it anyway.



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                Re: May 2011 Purchase Thead

                With TOKYOPOP closing, I looked wround to see if they had anything in their back catalog I wanted to track down now, and I ended up ordering the entire run of Sorcerer Hunters. What's sad is that I used to have the original Mixx Entertainment release of the series back in the early 00's but sold them and always kind of regretted it. It's a really fun series. This time around, I picked up the 10 volumes TP managed to release of the "authentic" unflipped release and then ordered the original flipped versions of the final three volumes. It will look a little mismatched, but it was easier than trying to track down a complete set of the old, flipped volumes.

                And in browsing Amazon shopping for volumes of SH, I came across listings for the first volumes of Indian Summer and Kurogane Communication. I love both of these anime series, but somehow completely missed their manga counterparts getting released in the US. Sadly, only the first volumes of either series ever came out, but that's better than none at all, I guess...
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                  Re: May 2011 Purchase Thead

                  Originally posted by pluvia33 View Post
                  Arrivals so far this month:

                  Future Diary 8 (went out of stock at Right Stuf, had to buy from Amazon)
                  Future Diary 10
                  Highschool of the Dead 2
                  Higurashi: When They Cry 12
                  Kimi ni Todoke 8
                  We Were There 12

                  Should be receiving more later. ^_^
                  A bit more for May:

                  The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya-chan 2
                  Negima! 29
                  (nice to see its print style pretty much unchanged from the DEL REY releases)
                  Spice and Wolf 4
                  Sumomomo Momomo 8

                  New Pre-orders:

                  Detroit Metal City 9-10
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                    Re: May 2011 Purchase Thead

                    Ai Ore! Love Me! 1
                    Amnesia Labyrinth 1
                    Black Bird 8
                    Blue Exorcist 2
                    Oresama Teacher 2
                    Story of Saiunkoku 3

                    With Tokyopop out of business, my list of new purchases is significantly smaller than usual.
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                      Re: May 2011 Purchase Thead

                      My May purchases:

                      Detroit Metal City Volume 5
                      Yotsuba&! Volume 5
                      20th Century Boys Volumes 12 & 13
                      Natsume's Book of Friends Volumes 1 & 2


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