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What Manga Releases Did You Get? [February 2022]

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  • [Manga] What Manga Releases Did You Get? [February 2022]

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    I ended up getting 23 volumes in February as I continue to fill in my Dr. Stone run. The last few volumes that I need should arrive soon as they get reprinted.

    What did you get last month?

    February 2022
    Aposimz 8
    Assassin's Creed Dynasty 1
    Dance in the Vampire Bund ASO 5
    Dr. Stone 2,3,6,7,11,13,14
    Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai 1
    Golden Kamuy 25
    Hayate the Combat Butler 39
    Marginal Operation 8
    Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt 17
    My Hero Academia 30
    Platinum End 14
    Teasing Master Takagi-san 13
    Toppu GP 6
    Urusei Yatsura 13
    When Will Ayumu Make His Move 3
    World Trigger 23
    Yowamushi Pedal 19

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    Last month I did manage to get a volume from Denpa that's been a long time waiting to be printed and shipped (although it's still only the penultimate instalment of its series). Inspired by an anime I was getting around to streaming, I also managed to pick up the back volumes of its manga version.

    Bakemonogatari 12
    Blood on the Tracks 8
    Bloom Into You Anthology 2
    Inside Mari 8
    Kageki Shojo! The Curtain Raises
    Kageki Shojo! 1-4
    Kase-san and Yamada 2
    Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! 3
    Lupin III Greatest Heists
    Urusei Yatsura 13

    I also received the sixth High School DxD translated light novel.


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      Been very busy at work but I did manage to get 1 volume in February:

      Urusei Yatsura Vol. 13

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